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Moms & Toddlers: Top 14 Relaxing Activities To Do At Home

It is not possible to do all activity that moms think to do but there are lots of relaxing activities that moms do with their kids. In between teaching, cooking, working and domestic responsibilities, moms need a break. Check out all the activities and these are so entertaining that you can do them with your toddler 100 times. But, you need something unique and creative of your own.

1. Coloring to cope with uncertainty

Lounge out or bit lip, whatever your coloring style, it can take the edge off like crazy. Several adult coloring books will blow your mind and feel you relaxed in no time. Forget about the dirty dishes, spelling words, and emails. Studies reveal that coloring is the most stressful beating activity you can do at home. By refocusing on your brain, you get time for a much-needed break from wasteful overthinking. A similar concept of meditation is that refocusing ‘one’s attention instead of ‘thinking mind’ can be breathing or art. In 2006 study reveals that focusing on coloring by cancer patients reduces their stress and calms their mind nerves during their treatments.

2. Play games

I cannot forget those golden days of playing ‘Parcheesi and Bogle’ with my parents and brother on weekends in my pre-teens years. I visited Amazon with my parents to have an idea about the future. And for surprise, gaming is lots of fun with the family. My toddlers are at the stage where they can play most games. We wanted something out of the Candyland and start with ‘Uno’. We got a tremendous amount of laughter in the room. From Uno, we move to the kid’s version of ‘Clue’ and found it was good. We also set up winner’s games and prizes for the games and enjoy so much laughter with my toddlers and husband. If you feel fatigued or tired between games, while feeling thirsty and fatigued, have a Yerba Mate energy drink for a quick energy boost.

3. Research and reading

I love reading books and I would love to pass this habit on to my kids. I make a rule in the house that when they are reading, I read too. While they are doing homework, I usually rushed to the kitchen to make dishes for them. But, now I start making reading a habit in front of them, and surprisingly, after some time, they start reading in their spare time. Children are good at coping with things. If you start reading, they will surely follow you.

4. Meditation

Dr. Joe Despenza has written a lot about meditation and geared meditation towards kids. Doing meditation with kids can be a lot of fun activity and can enjoy a lot. They can listen to the meditation and I can listen through headphones. Like reading, we are again together and not interacting. After the meditation, we discussed a lot about our weird visions and enjoyed the meditation together.

5. Make Crayons

Playing with crayons can be a great fun idea. Place your crayons into molds and heat them and melt them together to create new multicolored ones. This DIY toddler activity is great for your toddlers with themed crayons. 

6. Shape sorting for toddlers

Mess for less is a great activity for your toddlers to make them familiar with the shapes and a great way of fun for them. You can use an ice cube for this to play this game. Your boy will love them when you are on a break. His love for shapes will leave you mesmerized and will teach him to recognize different shapes in a fun way.

7. Make a mailbox

Create a mailbox decorating your spare shoe box and fill it with your old mails and let your child open the door and have some fun playing with them. It will improve the fine motor skills of your child as he opens the envelopes and takes out what is inside the mail. This way, you can teach basic skills to your child. You can ask him to sort the mails by colors, pictures, or count the pieces. 

8. Imagine a boat

You can lay out a towel or blanket for this and let your child sit on it and can gently pull him to various places in the room and can tell him about different places like the zoo, grocery store, or your favorite restaurant. This activity for your 2 years old will help him improve his balance.

9. Trace their bodies

Have your child sit on a large piece of paper and trace the outline of his body. Because you are outlining your child, it will help him learn self-control. Now, you can ask him to recognize two eyes, one nose, mouth, teeth, and other parts of the body. Don’t impose anything on them, just let him play and have fun. 

10. Play Simon Says

Start with simple directions saying like touch your toes and after that go for some complex and silly routines like a tug on your left ear and after this right ear. You can ask him to jump, catch, dance, and various other activities to make him learn and have fun together.

11. Gardening

Lastly is gardening. We can always do it if we have the weather and space for it. Take outdoors and plant. My kids and I enjoy gardening with pulled weeds and planting old seeds I found in the garage. The feeling of dirt on our hands and the sun on our backs were awesome. It is not always the option but make sure sometimes you find time for it. It will give your toddlers a great habit of gardening for future benefits. If you are tired out after so much gardening work, drink an energy drink for a quick energy boost.

12. Craft a collage

Cut different types of noses, ears, eyes, and hair from old magazines and give them to your child. Encourage your child to make funny creatures from them or silly faces with the feature and glue them on paper. Talk to your child and make him understand to glue them down but do be much more directive to him. Ask different types of questions to the child like “what would happen if you put the pictures without glue” I wonder why the glue is getting all over the table”. This way you will have lots of fun with the child and it will be a new fun idea for him.

13. Pass a ball

This fun activity for 2 years old boy will need a play tunnel. Standing at opposite ends with your child, take a turn lifting each end to roll a softball back and forth. Let your kids do some trials and errors to get the task done but it is a great motor planning practice and takes teamwork. It will be a great fun exercise for both of you. 

14. Draw a song

Sing a favorite song of your child and draw the pictures of what is happening in the lyrics hand your child the paper and draw something else related to the lyrics. It will be a great fun exercise for you and your child.

Wrap up

There are lots of relaxing activities that a mom can do with her toddlers. Apart from these, it can be cleaning, painting, playing musical instruments and fun activities are good for relaxing your busy mind sometimes with your toddlers. Get some time and spend it with your kids for growing them psychologically and creatively for being better.

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