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Most Helpful Apps For Students That Can Help Them To Make A Future

In modern days you probably won’t find a student who does not use educational gadgets today. This is the fact these days that most students use various mobile applications not only for financial problems, but they also use study helper apps.

Google and Apple provide various useful programs for college-going students.

These useful apps for students have several mind-blowing features requisite for them. With these apps, they can improve their overall performance.

Behind the success of these apps, the credit goes to eLearning app development experts. These apps for students will help in so many ways in your learning and any kind of subject-related queries.

In this digital era, various student apps are accessible, which have an extensive role and are equipped with useful features. If you are a student and searching for the best apps for study, we are here to tell you about them.


The first and the best app for the study is Scribd, a massive library online available for meritorious students who like to know new things.

Scribd, the best android app for students helps students get millions of documents and books that are necessary for better preparation for further studies.

At this platform, all those important data are available, shared by people from all over the world. Over 1 million books, audiobooks, and over a million documents are available at their site. The magazine and articles at their sites are from the reputed journalist.

With these available data, you can manage and curate your study material according to their topic. You can develop your library with this learning app.

Create your database with distinct notes, text, and books that you require with these eLearning apps. Share them with your friends and find all the information with this amazing educational app.


Now, no need to be afraid of losing important notes and other important coursework for a college student! Give credit to Dropbox, the best android app for the students. Dropbox is an app designed for students which allows them to upload unique documents, files, images, videos in the cloud.

You can use these files and documents whenever you require if you forget your smartphone at your home. The only requirement to access your files is a strong internet connection. Store your valuable files in the apps and share them with your friends with no stress of losing data.

Inbox by Gmail

Are you often facing an issue with your email account? Is it disturbing you to control your inbox because of unsatisfactory features? Don’t worry! We have an excellent solution for you to face such troubles.

To get good functionality from now onwards, just download Inbox to your mobile device and enjoy it with no issues for your email issues.

Inbox offers the user to see a collection of similar emails, snooze your reminders from calendars. It also allows users to have matters done instantly and help to get back to the old task at any time. For any college-going inbox is the best educational app for students.


Cliffnotes is another application for students, which is good enough for those who study the subject like literature and white papers on things they have studied.

This student app provides you with all the information about the character, theme, and plot of any subject and summaries of every book you read.

An audio version of this app is also available for the user that will enable you to listen to information during your relaxed schedule to get ready for literature tests.


Are you facing trouble in writing an essay? Essay writing is a common phenomenon for college students, and they face it while creating a list of citations. Essay writing requires some specific formatting for these students.

If you have such an issue, EasyBibs is the best study helper app for you. Download it from the play store and enter a book’s title and get the exact citation! Now, copy this citation into your bibliography.

Google drive

Google Drive is one of the most prominent applications for the student from Google packed with various useful features. Most android users are already using this eLearning app. You can upload files and folders to the cloud and can save important documents for later use.

You can create a new folder for yourself to save some most important files, which you can use anytime, anywhere. The app has an option to scan the documents and upload them.

The most powerful option at this site is quick access that enables you to show the files that it thinks will require you at some specific time. If so, you can turn it off in the setting option of this application.

In the option of Google photos, you can upload and store photos in a folder. With your Google account, you will find 15 GB of free storage. Another feature is Desktop clients that are functional on every platform.

You may get notifications for all your events, reminders, and goals which make it an essential tool for students.

Exam preparation app

The exam preparation app is the most advanced and the best android apps for students. Higher studies play a vital role for meritorious students for career growth. Today eLearning apps are also available for exams like GMAT, MCAT, and LSAT.

Many graduate schools use it as part of the admission process. These exam preparation apps use social networking functionality.

They allow users to connect with other students preparing for the exams. One can use these student apps to track the learning progress.

Few good exam preparation apps are the “Bench Prep and TCY” exam app. These study helper apps offer various study materials for high-grade exams like CAT, bank exams, and GATE.


“This is one of the renowned names that strike in the mind whenever I think of a to-do list. “Todoist” is a top application for students for managing various kinds of tasks. The best thing about this app is that one can customize tasks as per the particular aim. The app allows setting up everything as per your work plan.

The major attraction of this student app is that it adds efficiency with simplicity using its task-keeping features. It sets up a to-do list under different projects, creates reminders and priorities on your various important tasks.

Google Calendar

Another useful app for students is Google calendar which not only stores your study schedule but also that of your complete day. With this study helper app, you can create an event like any kind of webinar, set a reminder, or even set a goal.

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