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Must Have Essential Qualities Of Domestic Water Purifier

You can compromise with the luxuries of life but you just cannot do the same for the health of your family. It is very essential for most people to take care of all their family members so that they can live a healthy life without any fear of ailments. Drinking pure water is among those essential works and you cannot think of a normal Indian household without a domestic water purifier.

There are so many companies in the market with their own range of purifiers. Some of them have the Reverse Osmosis or RO technology and a few have Ultraviolet or popularly known as UV technology for purification systems. And there are so many opinions floating on the Internet about the pros and cons of the water purification system.

On the other hand, we can say that the quality of the normal tap water is so bad that it is very risky to directly drink it. Bottled mineral water is not an affordable solution for regular drinking and cooking. You have to buy the Domestic Water Purifier and install it at home to get continuous safe and healthy water.

However, how can you understand which purifier is good and what are the essential qualities that every appliance must-have? For that, we will here discuss the essential qualities of a purifier so that you can make an informed purchase decision.

1. Quality Filter

This is the most important factor in selecting the purification system. The filter will strain and remove all the impurities from the water. There are so many varieties of filters available in the market like activated carbon, RO, UV, or UF. The activated carbon is the process where the filtration is done by absorbing the method. Most of the RO and UV purifiers use this technique as complementary.

In the RO system, the water has to pass through the membrane so that bacteria and other pollutants will separate from the water molecules. The UV ray kills all the bacteria that can be harmful to your body.     

2. Multiple Stage Purification

In case the TDS of your local tap water is more than 500, you must install a purifier that has more than one filter. When there are many stages of the purification system, the assurance of getting pure water is higher. If you see the features you can see that the stages of purification are mentioned in the label of the product.

3. Taste Enhancer

When the membrane filters the impure particles, it will remove the essential and important parts as well. As a result, the water may feel tasteless. To solve the problem, many home appliance companies are coming up with taste enhancers or mineralizers to add back them so that you can drink tasty water.

4. Indicator

Any good water purifier must have an indicator to denote different things. There is a UV lamp indicator to signal any problem in the system. The advanced purifiers are coming up with many other things like level of water, carbon filter light, and TDS warning so that the customers will have a full understanding.

5. Good Storage Capacity

Modern-day purification is quite a slow process and for that, you have to store the purified water to get constant output from it.

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