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Myths And Facts You Should Know About Blinds And Curtains

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Ever since ancient time myths and rumours have been a part of the people’s lives. There are many speculations about plants, cities and even new products that might be true or not. We commonly believe what other people might say about something without trying it by ourselves. This is relatable to everything not just for blinds and curtains. In modern days we developed more interesting products on the market and we test it out on the public for them to have good feedback. Social Media are a platform that spread awareness to people about different issues and are used by different brands and business to promote their product. This kind of marketing strategy is effective to avoid backlash or misconceptions about the product being on sale. Myths bring fear to the community so we need facts to enlighten our minds. Let’s talk about some of the myths and facts about blinds and curtains over the past few years.


1. Blinds are hard to clean. This is not true. Blinds are washable and manageable. You can take it down any time you want to clean them. You can even just run a feather duster on them and they will be clean instantly. A damp wet cloth is also applicable to get rid of the deep stains or dirt.

2. Blinds are hard to match in home décor. This is one of the myths that people usually believe but of course, it’s untrue. Blinds come in different style and fabric. If you have classic or contemporary style home décor, you can match it with blinds that blend with a modern look. Neutral shade blinds go along with a modern and stylish look.

3. Finding the right size would be difficult. No matter what the size of your windows you can always have blind custom made. Some shops offer this kind of service. They would make blinds that are tailored fit to your window.

4. The bare window makes the room bright while windows with blinds make the room feel gloomy. It is wrong to say that all window treatments make the room feel dark. There are varieties of window treatments with different functions. Blackout shades are made to purposely block all the lights. Translucent fabric curtains are the best options to make the room bright.

5. Modern blinds are unaffordable. It’s not entirely true. The cost of the blinds depends on the fabric choice you prefer. Nowadays, their wide range of prices for blinds and curtains. Faux wood blinds or aluminium blinds would not cost you a fortune to buy. 

6. Use blinds or curtains but not both. This is a shocking myth. If you can enjoy both curtains and blinds. Go for it. They are equally admired and don’t let the stigma stop you from keeping both of them.

7. Vertical blinds are for offices only not for households. This is an unreasonable myth. First of all, you can opt for any kinds of blinds in your abode. They are the ultimate option for the patio door. Mixing them with light colour would echo a refreshing room.

8. Regulating light is not important in offices. This is wrong. The natural light that goes through windows or any openings in the offices improves productivity in the offices and helps improve overall performance. Window blinds may not be a top priority in the workplace but they play a significant role in natural lighting inside the office.


1. Roman blinds having a rich history was made for a specific purpose. It was created in ancient Rome. The streets of the room are too dusty that it goes through the opening of every residence. To solve this issue, the citizens would hang up their damp clothes on their window to intentionally block the dust. Simple but a clever move!

2. Colour scheme was too limited during the Victorian era; they commonly have dark hues such as dark brown, burgundy, and green because colour fabrics are more costly.

3. In the old days, rich families dress up their windows fully; this is one way to show off that they can afford a luxurious style and a way to show off their power.

4. Early blinds are made from plants. Ancient Egyptians bind reeds together and hang them up on their windows. While in China, bamboos are more common plant, they would tie it up together and use as blinds for absolute privacy.

5. If Roman blinds are from Rome, Is Venetian blinds from Venice? Answer: No, Venetian blinds are Persian creations however the Venetians discovered them around the 18th century and introduced them to the rest of Europe.

6. Window treatments help lower electricity bill.  There was a survey conducted by, about 30% of the heat inside the house got lost through windows during winter but 25% can be saved if you would put curtains on.

7. Blinds and curtains reduce carbon dioxide. How amazing it is that these things can help preserve the environment. Blinds and curtains are made of eco-friendly fibres that absorb carbon dioxide in your home. Knowing these benefits, parents would be ecstatic; they are already protecting their children from home by simply decorating their house with curtains and blinds.

Telling whether it’s a fact or a myth depends on people’s judgement. We can’t simply provide a conclusion without testing or trying it out first. In science, we state the problem first, afterwards we conduct experiments to test our hypothesis and then we gather data and explain the results, and finally, we come up with a conclusion. This should be the right process. Although not all of us are scientist, nevertheless before believing in any myths gather some facts too. 

The usage of blinds and curtains differs on a person’s style. It might work for some people but others may not. The contributing factors that would help people’s judgement are their characteristics like durability, comfort and costing. Empty your cup so you can fill it up again without hesitations. Sometimes our judgements are clouded by our doubts or uncertainties but surely if you have learned the truth or the goodness it may bring, you would never go wrong with choosing the rights ones.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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