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.NET Core: The Fastest Way to Develop Applications

Last January, a lot of attention was paid to .NET Core during NDC London. At the time, only a prototype of this development platform could be seen, but our developers are already working on it, and the initial reactions are very positive. In this blog post, we already list some findings.

.NET is a programming framework from Microsoft that makes it easier for developers to build applications without writing a lot of code. Microsoft’s latest C# framework, .NET Core, is buzzing in the tech industry. It is developed so that it can run on any platform with the smallest possible footprint. The speeds, flexibility, and compactness of .NET Core make it possible to use C# for web applications that need to be responsive. 

.NET foundation development speed and fewer costs

The small footprint and speed of .NET Core applications make it possible to create multiple remote web services. Together these form an entire network of data providers so that the data can request from anywhere on various devices. In this version of .NET, it is possible to develop C # applications that work fine on Linux servers and even work on native C # Android applications. An entire Windows VM is no longer need on the Amazon Cloud with all association IIS provisioning. A small Linux VM is enough to run this, resulting in less cost per second and fewer administrators’ maintenance.

Flexible and always up to date

The standard .NET framework only works with Windows platforms ( excluding Mono ), .NET Core works on Windows, Linux, and ARM systems, reducing administrators’ commitment to a single operating system. The framework’s HTTP response times are simply phenomenal. More than a million requests per second are feasible: almost eight times faster than NodeJS. This is because frameworks developed on top of the .NET Core framework (ASP.NET Core or ASP.NET MVC 6) integrating as a separate library. For example, it is useful for banks that the response time is low so that the updates of, for example, prices are quickly updated.

Easier to manage

The great thing about this new framework is that it no longer has to be pre-installed but that all libraries are merging into the application itself. If not all libraries are installed now, this is unnecessary because the framework has a modular structure. This upgrade has made the application and the .NET framework much smaller than any other .NET application. This ensures that administrators can roll out applications faster and the server parks do not need to be continuously updated: this is done automatically.

Automation MemeLess license costs

MS Visual Studio is very suitable for developing with .NET Core, but there must be MS Visual Studio licenses. The great thing about .NET Core is that it can create with any editor. Think of Notepad in Windows, Atom, or Visual Studio Code. The compilation can be performed quite entirely using the command line.

What your developer still has to wait for

Because the .NET Web Application development team has focused on developing the framework, not all tooling is available on all platforms. But just because some tooling is missing doesn’t mean the developers can’t use it yet. Not all templates are available on every platform, but this is only a matter of time.

More agile to the market

The business applications are dividing into smaller pieces for the use of web services. In combination with .NET Core, it has now become easier to deliver parts of the application faster. This subsequently results in multiple systems of the organization being able to use it directly. This makes it much easier to follow the whims of the market and at the same time make the most of the possibilities of the latest technologies.

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