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Pawna Lake Camping and Nearby Destinations You Should Visit

Camping is the dream of everyone who loves nature. This Pawna lake camping Pune is among the most enjoyable camping spots in pawn. Stay in the Tent close to the lake. Take in the views of the water that is spread out across the sky. Relive your experiences with family and friends in the open atmosphere, surrounded by the lightning star and moon.

Let go of all tension and dance near the lake Pavna river. See the reflections of the water in open skies and large hills. If you’re looking for this, then PAWANAI CAMPING is the ideal spot to camp on the lake. Pawna lake Camping provides you with the opportunity to experience the thrill of camping in the real sense.

Take a break from your daily routine to relax and unwind from your hectic schedule to enjoy a unique moment of camping on the lake—Hale, and inhalation of fresh, clean air. Enjoy a clear view of the sun rising from your eyes and feel the early morning sun rays over your entire body. Do some exercises in the morning light on the shores of lakes in clear skies with birds calling.

Learn how to pitch your Tent. You can set up barbecues and cook your barbecue. Make a campfire and spend time with your loved ones while sharing memories under the endless stars and doing other activities to make your camping experience more memorable and unforgettable.

Pawna lake is a vast, beautiful, famous, and stunning lake located in the Maval taluka in the Pune district because of its natural splendor. The camping area of Pawna lake is close to the hill spot “LONAVALA”. Lake is surrounded by four historic forts which are LOHAGAD, TUNG, TIKONA, VISAPUR. You can make the trek in the early morning hours on the mighty forts to add excitement to your story.

1. Tikona Fort

Tikona (also called Vitandgad) is the most dominant hill fort of the navy. It is situated near Pawna in Tikona Peth, situated around 70 km from Pune and about 120 km from Mumbai. The 3500 feet high hill has a pyramidal shape and its name Tikona is a reference to “triangular”.

The places to visit on the Fort tikonaThe Fort is a must-see for anyone who sees it.

The perimeter of the forts is not huge. It is possible to see the fortifications from all angles in less than the space of an hour. When you enter through the gate to the foot, take a left. After walking for a short distance, you’ll come across a tank and cave. The cave can accommodate up to 15 people. The shelter isn’t suitable for use during the season of rain. The path that leads towards the side of the cave will lead directly to the entry point of Bale fort. The steps leading to the entry point are spectacular.

If there are water tanks, they will be on the right as you walk via the entrance. The ramparts are visible to the left. Here are a few water tanks. From here, you can turn around and follow a straight line. The path will take you to broken steps. From here, you’ll find an ancient temple of Mahadev just in front.

There is a large moat that surrounds the temple. When we turn to the right, we are at the location that houses the flagpole. Tung, Lohagad, Visapur, and Pawna lake are all visible from the format. The top of the fortune can see the whole Maval region. This way, you can view the entire foFortithin 4 hours before starting your return trip. It takes two hours to visit each for

2. Tung Fort

Tung Fort has also been known as Kathingad fort. Its name “Kathin” in Marathi means difficult. When climbing, one may confront the daunting task to reach the foFortIt is a conical fort in shape and has steep climbs, with highly narrow routes along the edges of the mountain for the duration of.

From Lonavala, you can get to the village at the base of Tongue about 25 km via the Bushi Dam-INS Shivaji Peth Shahapur-more Phatha. The town is located in Tung village, reaching the overtakes of about 300 meters of climb.

The places to visit On Tung fort Pawna Camping on the lake

The forts are extremely busy, and you can walk through all the defenses within one hour. The road that connects Tungwali up to FoForts is close to the Maruti temple. The Maruti temple can be rented out to five to six persons. There are steps to get to the foRefront, just a few steps from the temple. Hanuman Temple is located at just a few steps. The next step is Gomukhi’s structure. Once inside, we can reach the highest point of the Fortwo. On the left, there is the Ganesha temple. From here, there’s an avenue leading to Balekilla. It is home to a Temple dedicated to Tungidevi in the fo, for the temple is located in front of it. It is a cave carved into the soil. It can hold 2 to 3 persons in different seasons, aside from the monsoon. So one could return to Lonavala and visit the foRefront a single day. The entrance to Tung Fort All access to the forts via the hills of Tungwadi. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the foFortrom this wadi.

3. Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort is a hill forts kind. Lohagad fort, located in the Lonavala mountain range of the Pune district, is regarded as a walk-in for those who want to. It is located about 8 kilometers from Malavli station, which is on the Pune-Lonavala railroad line.

In the distance, there is a Fort. Lohagad Visapur forts have been displayed on the platform of the station. The advertisement reads “Lohagad, Visapur Fort “. When you are done with the Malwali station, take the bridge over the expressway in place and continue over. After about 30 minutes then you will arrive at Bhaje village. From here, a step way leads you towards the caves of fate. The second train travels to Logan, located at the base of Lohagad. The bastions and ramparts of Lohagad draw the attention of Logan.

The forts are easy to climb and are easy to capture. It is beautiful with a clean water tank in the foFortIt is located in Pawna lake. Also, the guardian of Lonavala (Bor) Ghat, Lohagad, is easily accessible via the Mumbai-Pune highway. Within the forties, the famous Caves of Bhaje along with Beds. The train station is Malwali station along the Mumbai Pune – Pune railway line, and then walk to the fort

4. Karla Caves

The Karla Caves are situated close to the village of Karla, close to Lonavala, around 10 km away from Lonavala. It has a Temple for the goddess Ekvira Devi. Karla Caves are the most ancient caves in Maharashtra.

The caves are located in the hills over Karla, a village in Karla. Karla Caves is located right near the Mumbai and Pune highway. The caves are about two hours away from Mumbai and one hour away from Pune.

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