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Rocking New Year Party Themes and Last-Minute Checklist

Once again, the circumambulation of the earth around the Sun has come to an end. It is the instance to bid adieu to 2019 and bang on the door of 2020. If you are in search of the perfect idea for welcoming the imminent year rather than strolling hither and thither, why not have a big party bash. 

The New Year’s Eve party theme can be anything from ludicrous to elegant. You may attempt all madness on this day or opt for sophistication if you have some special guests on the list. It’s just about playing rocking songs, dancing with friends, and having delicious beverages. Hence, with a little bit of planning, it is very easy to select a theme for this day. 

Funky Party Themes


Teenage is the best period of our life. So why not cherish that moment on this eve. Invite your guests mentioning to get ready as adolescent boys or girls. The background can be anything colorful and bright. You may use fresh blossoms for decorating the entrance. Your guests will appreciate coming to the event.


A Bollywood theme is another popular theme to carry on. Mentioning this remark denoted that everyone has to resemble any of the B-town movie characters get up. The party will look more starry when Mogambo, Gabbar, Paro, Chandramukhi will share the same stage.

Around the World

Give your family and friends a means to go round the world in a short while. Segregate the stage into small parts and embellish it as the world’s top tourist places such as London, France, Italy, etc. Arrange special cuisine of the respective destinations. Mention the names of the countries you are picking as your subject and everyone must come in the traditional attire of one of those nations.

Beyond the world

We often imagine the aliens. Why not dress up like those strangers on this eve. The decoration would also be quite easy if you choose this theme. The background of the party appears to be the solar system or space.  


If you want to give your guests leisure time, then there is no better idea than picking a casino theme. Organize games such as baccarat, 3-card poker, Vegas three-card rummy, etc. Assemble the premium quality cocktail and that’s all for the party.

Black Light

This is a really very trending theme you can choose. There are no additional props, setup, or getup required to enjoy the hoedown. Just putting up the lights and wearing white and neon-colored attires are enough to wield the rave-up.

Party checklist


Prepare the guest list as per your budget and the space you acquire for the party. Send the invitation card mentioning the theme of the party you have selected and the dress-up and props your guest needs to carry for the event. You may send a box of chocolates with the invitation cards. You can get a massive collection of chocolates online at Bloomsvilla.


Before planning the servings, decide the commencement time of the party. If the event starts after dinnertime, then you can arrange veg and non-veg snacks depending on the guests’ preference. You may include some of the following options in the menu:

  • Paneer tikka
  • Kabab
  • Dhokla
  • Bread pakora
  • ShahiTukda
  • Several kinds of Chaats
  • Vada Pav

Array cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages to meet everyone’s proclivity.

Music and Dancing

Approach a DJ to wham the floor asking him to play the year’s hit songs. There must be enough space for dancing so that your guests enjoy it with a full heart.

Have a Selfie Booth

Layout a special corner to take selfies in the unique getups. Place some props relating to the party theme and colorful streamers in that area.

Set up a Message Board

Place a board behind the party venue where people can write their New Year wishes for you. You can ask them to write down their New Year resolutions too. Keep a marker pen ready at the spot.

So, you flocked some of the great ideas and some canons to go for an awesome blowout on NYE. Have an illustrious fun night this 31st December.

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