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Some Simple Magic Tricks You Can Try On Your Friend

The best way to impress your friends is by trying some simple magic tricks on them. This kind of magic is called table magic. It can be the best, most entertaining way at any party. Interestingly both adults and children enjoy these magic tricks. It makes them happy so they forgot about their daily life problems. These magic hacks are charming and captivating for all age groups. That’s why magicians never run out of business. 

Do you want to amaze your friends with some simple magic tricks? Do you want to move things with the power of your mind? If yes, we’ve got some simple magic tricks you can try on your friends.

These magic tricks are so simple and amazing that your friends think you are the real magician. These are not even virtual magic tricks; they are just some interesting science hacks! You can master them and be a wonderful magician.

1. You can Turn water into Ice: 

You can impress your friends with a simple ice cube trick. You can turn water into ice before their eyes!

What will you need?

  • Few water Bottles
  • Freezer
  • Some ice

What to do? 

It may look like Chris Mike magician but actually, it is a hack. What you need to do is place a water bottle in the freezer for a couple of hours. Take it out just before it is about to turn into ice. Take the bottle out of the freezer and start pouring water onto a piece of ice. Ensure that the audience cant see the ice. Now the water will turn into ice as soon as it hits the ice on the end of the bowl. Let the magic happen in front of your eyes. 

2. Pencil and water hack 

This amazing cool science hack seems like magic but it’s a cool science hack. You can push pencils through a bag of water without it leaking! Amazing!

What will you need? 

  • A few sharpened pencils 
  • A sandwich bag 
  • Some water 

What to Do?

Fill your sandwich bag with water and clip it shut. Hold up the bag and quickly push the sharpened pencils through the bag with water. The bag won’t leak because this bag is made up of particles that close up the new hole and stop the water from leaking out! Congratulate yourself on this amazing trick, isn’t it cool?

3. Water bottle and Ketchup sachet trick 

Prove your friends that you have the power to move things with your mind with this awesome trick!

What will you need? 

  • A large bottle which you can fit your hand around
  • Some water
  • A ketchup sachet 

What to do? 

You can fill a bottle with water and keep your ketchup sachet in the bottle. Now pretend to focus on the ketchup sachet and move one of your hands up as if to straight it. On the other hand, squeeze the bottle gently at the same time. This will move the sachet up and it seems like you have super spiritual powers. While doing the same you can move the sachet down but without losing your grip on the bottle!

4. You can’t crack an egg 

Very simple and smart hack for kids

What will you need? 

  • Egg

What to do? 

It is common practice to crack a raw egg by squeezing it with a bare hand. But you can show them it will not crack while you’re squeezing it. Because many people don’t know that the shape of the eggs allows them to endure the pressure that is applied over them. Make sure the egg is not cracked and do this before their eyes.

5. Make an egg slip through Flask

What will you need? 

  • A boiled egg
  • Two matches
  • Bottle with small neck

What to do? 

The main thing you need to perform this magic trick is a boiled egg, besides this, you also need a bottle or flask with a small neck and two matches. Keep the egg on the top of the bottle it will not fit through it. Now you can light these matches and drop them into the bottle. Keep the egg back on the top of the bottle now it will go inside the bottle. This is more of a scientific hack than a magical trick. Air expands in the bottle when matches are burning so the egg is forced inside the bottle. 

6. Make a drink change its color 

What will you need? 

  • Transparent drink
  • Ice
  • Cup
  • Food color

What to do?

The best idea to choose a drink that is translucent. Now place some ice cube on the end of the cup and food color under this ice cube. Mysteriously the drink will change its color when it mixes with food color. 

7. Make water disappear 

What will you need?

  • Water
  • Cup
  • Ice cube
  • Loofa 

What to do? 

Place a loofa at the bottom of the glass, then pour some water into a cup. Also, place the ice cube on the top of the loofa. When you turn over the glass no water will come out so you can amaze your audience by making them realize water has disappeared. 

Final Words 

As you may have seen, these magic hacks are amazingly simple. These are just simple hacks so everyone can try them. But what makes you a successful magician is your confidence, skill, and charm of your personality. You can always apply these magic tricks on your friends and leave them astonished. Maybe the praise you will get by these tricks will raise an appetite in you to become a known magician in the future. Who knows? 

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