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Spain To Morocco, A Diverse Travel Experience

Two countries in one trip? Yes and what if the combo is of Spain and Morocco? In my view, a wonderful trip to the world. Starting your trip by strolling into the archeological and culturally rich streets of Spain, eating the best traditional foods to the perfect time in Tangier, Agadir, Casablanca, and Marrakech would bring a very diverse travel experience in your life.

If you ask me, I traveled like this two years back through virikson holidays and believe me, I have no words for that very lovely time I have spent with my hubby. It is an opportunity for every westerner to have your perfect, warm, funny and lovely time eating, dancing, soothing and strolling into these two destinations.

Start with Spain’s Heart, Madrid:

You can start your trip to anywhere you want but if you ask me, our experience was like this. We started our trip from strolling into the artistic Museums and the streets of the destination. Prado Museum serves this purpose for the travelers who wish to have authentic artistic and historic experiences in the oldest land of Spain.

Why Spain is called Moorish? Because is the oldest destination and captured by many nations. It is famous for the longest Muslim rule. Sitting in the cafes of Madrid and have the warm sips with your local Spanish friends can give you a perfect overview of the place. Also, don’t forget to take the pleasures of the mouth-watering Spanish traditional dishes.

In Madrid, you will have Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace, and Retiro Park as the famous destinations to spend your good time. Next is the colorful Barcelona.

Barcelona is colorful, Full of life:

Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city having diverse colors and cultures in it. It is famous for its architecture and art so of course, your first activity would be to explore the artistic identity of the region.

Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, and Casa Batllo are the top destinations must visit in Barcelona to explore the original Spanish life. Paella is Barcelona’s famous dish you should taste. You should now take your flight to Tangier I guess.

Welcome to Morocco Through Tangier:

After Spain’s experience, Tangier would be your first traditional destination to have your holiday activities at. Your first thing to do is to visit the American legation Museum in the town, it will tell you about the influences and relations of America with Morocco. You will learn much more from the place so a visit is recommended. Dar el Makhzen would increase your Instagramable memories being in Morocco. Because it is a palace and you can explore the wall art, the old arab architecture and take the best pictures with them to show your experiences in Nort Africa’s first experience.

Sit in the Rif Kebdani and take the traditional eating experiences in town. After that you also have to visit Cape Spartal, it has something special for you to explore. The Herculese Caves also worth a visit when in Tangier. Now Head towards Your next Destination.

Chefchouaen, Your next Unique Experience:

It is almost 2 hours drive from Tangier, Chefchouen the blue gem of Morocco. You will amaze to know that the small city has not a single home, shop, mosque, restaurant or even a little plant pot painted other than blue. All the town is painted in more than a hundred shades of blue and it is amazing.

Hire a local guide and take a trip to the city’s ancient streets and the most visited places in town. By asking a question, why the city is amazingly blue as a whole? We got many answers including the Jews preserved tradition to color their homes blue. Some people were listened to tell that people do it to avoid mosquitos and so on. There are many reasons you will get to know and will enjoy it.

The most important aspect came now, You can have the best Instagramable pictures with the blue walls of all around. It gives a unique impact on your pictures. So dress up well and take your amazing pictures on the destination to put them on your Instagram.

Eating is common to experience, but also try taking the sips of fresh juices on the terraces of the local juice centers or take the warm sips of traditionally famous mint tea. Overviewing the whole city sitting on the terraces is a unique experience you have to take in Chefchaouen. What Next? Surprise.

Marrakech, The most Culturally Vibrant City:

Marrakech is welcoming you with its vibrant and colorful life. It is famous as a red jewel of Morocco and has its unique identity all over the country. Rabat is the capital of Morocco but culturally, travelers see Marrakech as the capital of Morocco.

Look, You have a lot of things to explore here. Because it is your last destination of the trip, it is an opportunity to get involved with the destination’s every activity. Your residence could be near Djema el Fna, the most famous place to visit. National Parks, the Old Medina, Museums, Zoo all are ready to embrace your trip with a lot of memories.

Don’t forget to taste the Lamb Tajine, a very famous dish in Morocco, especially in Marrakech. What actually makes it special is Morocco’s traditional mint tea. So have a great ending experience in Marrakech.

Have an excellently warm trip!

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