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Things You Can Donate and Recycle While Renovating Your Home

Trash is the most constant thing in home renovation. It tends to leave behind plenty of things like scraps of wood, screws, and sawdust. But do you know that you can donate or even recycle these things? Donating the renovation materials will keep it functional and desirable. Some people who can’t afford the things can get it and you will get rid of your trash. So, it can be a win-win situation for both of you. Go ahead and read on what are things you can donate and recycle. 

Why you should donate it?

There are several reasons to donate your construction materials and things to a non-profit organisation that is in need. It’s a great way to support essential services within your community, even you’re not in the position of contributing cash. So, here are a few of them which motivate you to donate things. 

  • Clean out the clutter
  • It is socially and environmentally responsible.
  • Instead of wasting, it helps people who need it.
  • It incorporates green living practices into your and others’ life. 

Things that you can donate or recycle

Bathroom vanities 

You can donate your bathroom mirrors, sinks, bathtubs, and toilets if they’re in good condition. It will be a great way to keep those bulky items out of your way. While donating the sink or bathtubs ensures that they are clean and not stained or have any chips in the porcelain. In case of renovating your old bath, you can collect some vintage fixtures from the architectural salvage store. 


You can also donate the appliances that are in working conditions such as your dishwashers, laundry machine, refrigerator or stove. It should be clean and in working condition. You can contact the electronic shops or people who deal with the second-hand appliances. They will help you to find a new home for the appliances. 

Shelves and cabinets

When you renovate your kitchen, you need to renovate your shelves and cabinets. Luckily, those cabinets and shelves might be required by someone. By donating it will also cut down the recycling and construction time. Also, ensure that the drawers pull and doors work properly. 


Generally, lumber comes with framing and home improvement projects at the time of recycling. You can donate that lumber without screws and nails on it for the safety of the people. Moreover, take care of the wood that is ripped or have a sharp edge. Shops that are salvage only accept wood which is plywood or two by four. 


You can replace your lighting fixtures with the local salvage shops or through other community organizations. Lighting fixtures are always high in demand and many communities give it to the people with low-income homes. Moreover, you can donate switches and switches cover, wiring, and many more things. Doing this will cut your construction waste down even more. 

Flooring & Tile

Many salvage stores recycle the wooden flooring and tile if they’re in good condition. They look for the floors that are clean, undamaged, and don’t have any nails and screws on it. They can even recycle the tiles boxes in case you have. But, before you give it to recycle, talk to your salvage store whether they accept your flooring material or not. 

Doors, windows, and screens

When you think about donating or recycling your doors, windows, and screens you need to take care of its condition. If you’ve glass screens, make sure it is no fogged or broken glass. Moreover, it shouldn’t be deep gouge, rot, bowing, major splits, or cracks. Generally, people who take this type of material ensure that they don’t take any damaged door, hooks, potholes, water damaged, or accordion doors. 

Work with a recycling program

You might have been having a recycling program running into your area. Take the advantage of this program if you don’t find any relevant resources. They specialize in the removal and recycling of the construction material and maintains a smooth process throughout the process. 

Generally, they know how to clean your appliances and materials before they send them from recycling. You can have faith in them, that your waste will be disposed of properly and the items that need recycling will be done properly and effectively. 

Different ways to dispose of the waste 

Wondering what you can do with your unwanted materials? Here are some tips to help you in disposing of the waste. 

Repurpose or recycle it

You can recycle or repurpose the scrap metal and broken tools by forming one of a kind décor that you can use to décor your garden or backyard. If you don’t want to recycle, you can sell all materials including appliances, and scrap. Besides, you can get some money by selling those materials.

Things like carpet are non-biodegradable so they can’t be broken down into the landfill. If you have a carpet that you don’t want and get rid of it, then you can check out some nearby places that can recycle or reuse it. You can also create a perfect work from home office desk by recycling your old wooden furniture.

Trash it

If you don’t want to recycle or salvageable, then throwing them is the last option. If you have some more waste compare to normal renovation waste, you can consider hiring the junk removal company to haul away the waste. Or even if you have a large vehicle, you can drop that waste to a landfill by yourself. You just have to pay some fee to dump your materials. Thus, by removing construction waste responsibly, you can enjoy your renovated space properly. 

Rent a roll-off dumpster

They are perfect for bigger projects. They come in different cubic yards, which is great for cleaning the site until a new construction project. Also, if you’ve got a big site make sure you have enough space to park the dumpster. Sometimes you also need to take the permit to put it on the roadside. You can also check out with the company about what type of materials you can put in it. It’s always a good idea to find out the restriction in advance. 


Generally, the donated items can be reused if they are good in condition. So, there is no need to investigate about the donating or recycling your home’s materials. You need to just ensure that the small parts of multi-piece items like lighting, plumbing, or doorknobs are kept together. Moreover, many communities and organisation accept donations that are clean and working conditions. It’s good for you and for others also you need those items. 


Author : 

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