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Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world which is visited by millions of people. In the awe of the city and the Eiffel tower, people tend to forget some of the necessary things to keep in mind. Read on to know about some of the most important ones.

Figure out the Public Transportation in Paris

Using Public Transport is one of the best ways to get around Paris. And it saves a lot of buck for what is the outcome. Trams, metros and buses are the most popular way of public transportation in Paris. You can use the Carnet which is a book of tickets for Tram and metro rides. If you have planned extensive exploration in Paris, getting a carnet makes a lot of sense as it saves a lot of money and makes transportation in the metro and trams that much easier.

You can also get something called a Navigo card which is a rechargeable card. This is yet another smart hack to enjoy the best of Paris Public Transportation. Getting a Paris Transport card or the Hop on Hop Off ticket is yet another way to explore Paris without paying a ransom for uber and taxis.

Unless you do not consider your two feet, Public transportation is the cheapest way to explore Paris. The advantage is that the metros are also open till late in the night, so you needn’t rush back in between a performance or a party or just a memorable moment.

Eat When the Locals Eat

One thing that we will have to keep in mind whilst visiting France is that the French do not do all-day dining. Except for a select few international cuisine places, most of the French restaurants and cafes stick to a certain lunch and dinner timing. If we are not aware of the same, we might end up in a tricky situation or worse a starving night.

The lunchtime for the french people is between 12 Pm to 2 Pm and the dinner is usually between 7:30 Pm to 10 Pm. If you are hungry in between you can visit the local bakeries or the boulangerie as they call it in France which often sell quick eats such as quiches, small pizzas etc.

Cherish the Parisian Boulangerie

The Boulangeries are lifesavers in Paris, On your visit to Paris, make sure you identify your favourite one nearby to where you are staying. The experience of a Parisian Boulangerie is something that should be savoured and cherished. Whilst you are at it know the difference between an artisan Boulangerie and a mere Boulangerie. The artisan Boulangerie is where the bread is handmade and baked right there. Some of my most favourite snacks are the baguettes, the croissants for breakfast and the delicious pain au chocolat.

Mind your manners and your actions

French men are world-famous for their gentleman manners. It is okay to be extra formal in France, as the country is such. You are not going to be weirdly looked upon if you are formal, but be sure to get some bad feedback if you behave otherwise. Always learn how to greet in the local language and always greet an elder with bonjour madame or bonjour monsieur before you ask for guidance or help or suggestions. It is polite to greet someone you pass by at an elevator, at the shop, at the lady serving your morning breakfast. Even if French is completely devoid of in your vocabulary, these manners can alone win the hearts of the French. They are pretty soft people on the inside 🙂

Find a View

When in Pairs, Always go in search of a View. This is the best tip that you can follow to enjoy Paris at its best. Some of the best views of Paris are from Montmartre. You can head to the terrace outside the Sacré Coeur basilica. This is one of the best places to catch a Parisian sunset. Another favourite is the top of the Galeries Lafayette department store in the ninth arrondissement. The views of Paris make us understand that the grandeur of the city and yet soak in the simplicity of it.

The beautiful Parks of Paris

Yet another way to experience the best of what Paris has to offer, one has to visit the parks of Paris. There are many parks situated in and around Paris that are worth a visit on your trip to Paris. Paris is one of those cities where the cemeteries are some of the most beautiful parks in the city.

Pere Lachaise cemetery is one such famous place, especially for celebrity tombs. If you are into windmills and flowerbeds you should visit Montparnasse park. The best of the lot is Jardin du Luxembourg especially for the lush greenery and classical statues.

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