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Top 10 Places For Digital Nomads

As the years go by, becoming a digital nomad has been gaining popularity. These people are workers who don’t want to stay in a single space. Preferably, they travel to different destinations and make the place their work station. Although some consider the words digital nomad as cliche, many still see that this industry will eventually reach a billion workers by 2035 because of an increasing number of work opportunities in remote areas.

Some may see this line of work as glamorous or comfortable, but in reality, being a digital nomad is hard, especially if you’re not in the comfort of your home.

Overall, no job is too easy for anyone, and you can only make it bearable by choosing the best places you’ll work in and stay. Lucky for you, this article gives you the top spots for digital nomads.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Digital Nomad Destination

Before anything else, keep in mind that the place you choose can make or break your work productivity. If you select a destination that’s dull and doesn’t have many activities for you to engage in, then you’ll inevitably struggle along the way, especially if your work involves vlogging or documentation. On the other hand, boring workplaces can affect your mood and make you feel lazy or sluggish. Although everything depends on the worker’s preferences, here are general needs that apply to all:

The Internet Connection

Having no internet connection means that you have no connection whatsoever to the world. It makes no sense to work if you don’t have the means to submit a project or upload documentation. As much as you want to stay in an excellent place, if they don’t have the basic necessity that you need to complete work, then it might be best to transfer and find another work area.

The Cost Of Living Is Bearable Or Low

Although expenses won’t be a burden for digital nomads that are well off and can afford most of their trips, there is still a majority of workers who are starting and are on a tight budget. Doing a background check will help you (and your pocket) along the way.

The Place Gives Inspiration And Motivation

As mentioned, being a digital nomad doesn’t mean that you’re living a glamorous life. While some have fun in their line of work, such as vloggers or Youtubers, others still have office work that requires the use of laptops, which can be a tiring task over time. Choose a place that can spark or trigger the creativity in you as well as the motivation to work. Also, seeing a great view adds to your work productivity.

To make things easier for you, here are 10 places that can help digital nomads in more ways than one:

1: Budapest, Hungary

One of the many things Budapest is known for is the exquisite architecture and culture it offers its tourists. Because of this, Budapest is one of the prettiest destinations you can find once you decide to visit Europe. Not only that, you have access to two cities at once! The river Danube lies between the old and new towns, which means you can experience the culture of both for the price of one trip. Safety is never compromised, and some cafes have stable internet connections that are perfect workplaces.

2: Lisbon, Portugal

This place openly welcomes digital nomads, which is why there are numerous places where you can work alone or work in groups and meet new people. Lisbon offers areas that help spark creativity by situating cafes near or in art galleries or museums. Although living here is a bit expensive compared to others, there is an assurance that non-work-related activities can help in relaxation and creativity triggers. You can surf, enjoy the nightlife, and enjoy the history of Lisbon during your stay.

3: Chiang Mai, Thailand

To keep the motivation flowing, why not try and stay at Chiang Mai? This area is a known UNESCO World Heritage site and has a cultural mix that anyone would enjoy. Although Chiang Mai overall is not as pretty and as Bangkok, you can be sure that your budget fits perfectly in this area of Thailand. There are free yoga sessions offered in almost the majority of areas in the city, and the prices are meager compared to most countries in Asia. Cafes operate for 24 hours, and the people of Chiang Mai openly embrace digital nomads from all over the world.

4: Canggu, Bali

Long before digital nomads became a popular choice of work for many, Bali has already attained the title of being the go-to place if you want to spark creativity, relax, or meet new people. The site highly encourages working in groups, which is why there are areas intended for co-working. Whether you decide to visit these cafes and offices alone or have a companion with you, one thing’s for sure: the internet connection is stable, and the culture helps inspire everyone. Also, it’s up to you if you want to spend a hefty amount on necessities, but it also isn’t impossible to live a frugal life while staying in Bali.

5: Mexico City, Mexico

Aside from Bali, as mentioned above, Mexico City is also starting to be a frequent place to visit for digital nomads. Because of the various businesses and opportunities available in Mexico, it also attracts the attention needed, especially for those working in the field of social media. The cost of living can be high or low, depending on the area that you choose. Although safety in these areas can be a problem for some travelers, there’s no reason to miss the vibrant culture Mexico has. On your days off, visit local museums and take the time to do a background check before you visit local markets. Tourists love the homey and vintage vibe overall.

6: Krakow, Poland

Staying in Poland could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make because of the great ambiance and the accommodating citizens. Although Krakow is not the capital city of Poland, this city magnetizes digital nomads because of the diversity of cultures as well as the cheap workplaces it offers. The cost of living is reasonable compared to other European areas, and the internet speed is outstanding. The only “bad” thing other tourists see about Krakow is the cold weather, but other than that, the stay is divine.

7: Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is in an area between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, so that you can imagine the mix of cultures and history of this place. Although branded as a competitive area because of the different contributions in literature by the countries surrounding Georgia (Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan), it’s still a must-visit place for most digital nomads. Tbilisi takes pride in welcoming the culture of co-working and has many cafes that have stable internet and a relaxing ambiance. Once you’re done working, you can explore the Black Sea or visit the mountains and hike back down to relax in beautiful lakes or beaches.

8: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Living the digital nomad life isn’t complete if you haven’t tried staying in Vietnam. Just like most areas in Asia, Ho Chi Minh City offers meager costs in hotels, activities, and tourist attractions. Since this place is a common ground for other nomads, Vietnam has numerous sites that allow collaborations as well as co-working areas that help you meet new people while enjoying the country’s rich culture. First-timers should make Vietnam one of the first places to visit.

9: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a place for the more established, successful digital nomads because of the high cost of living. Just like any other country, the numerous activities and rich history plus the food make up for all the expenses you’ll make once you’re there. There is a so-called Barcelona Silicon Valley that serves as the busiest place for digital nomads that allow co-working spaces and different relaxing cafes. Take a break and visit Barcelona if you wish to retire from the busy streets of other countries.

10: Prague, Czech Republic

Traveling to Prague may be synonymous with visiting a new, mysterious world. The Czech Republic is considered a treasure among Europe’s places. The place itself exudes a vibrant culture that’s sure to make you want to stay there forever. Although accommodations are not cheap, the food and activities that Prague offers are one for the books. You can also find places that citizens designed specifically for digital nomads like yourself. Because of this, these nomad-friendly places tend to get very busy, and it may be hard to find a place that’s quiet and serene.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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