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Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai This Summer

Dubai is known for its magnificent architecture and its mesmerizing landscapes at the same time. Summer is one of the times of the year to cherish Dubai as nature is at its best.

Here are the best 10 places that you must not miss on your summer trip to Dubai.

1. Kite n Surf

Kite n Surf is a leading name in Kite surfing in Dubai. No Water sports lover would ever want to miss out on kitesurfing. Ever since its inception, kite surfing has been a very popular water sport in Dubai as well as across the globe. Kite surfing is a thrilling water sport wherein you get a chance to surf on the board in the water and fly a kite both at the same time. It is sure to give you an adrenaline rush as you surf through water, flying kite in the sky. To make your adventurous trip even more exciting, you must venture out of this sport with one of the leading brands “Kite n Surf.” “Kite n Surf” not only offers Kite surfing but has many other events and activities such as windsurfing, Stand up paddle, Kids camp, electric foil, and many more. They have facilities like ladies’ paddleboarding club, kitesurf lessons, Kids, E-foil lessons, etc. You can plan an entire day out with family here, organize birthday parties or even hold corporate events here. 

2. Hatta Dam

Hatta Dam is a beautiful summer retreat, situated just a few kilometers away from the heart of the city. Hatta Dam is built at the centuries-old Hatta village, which is a heritage of emirates. A lot of traditional ancient architecture has been restored here. There are numerous tourist attractions at Hatta Dam such as spring water, Hatta pools, Hatta pools, Hatta fort, and the Hatta heritage village itself. You can drive by the sides of the lake or enjoy boat rides. You can also try out kayaking at Hatta Dam to add more thrill. The majestic view of the hills and landscapes can be witnessed the best from the middle of the lake. There are kayaks, water boats, pedal boats, and motorboats available. You can also plan a short one-night stay to soak in all the beauty of the serene ambiance.

3. Aquaventure waterpark

Waterparks are always fun, especially for children. Aquaventure waterpark is the best and the largest water park in Dubai with over 105 heart-pounding and thrilling rides. Adventure waterpark is not only about fun rides for children but also ensures a breathtaking experience of a private beach and Dubai’s famous aquarium. You just need to upgrade your pass to widen your access to the beach and the aquarium. You can experience the picturesque marine biodiversity at the Dubai aquarium if you have an upgraded pass.

4. Ski Dubai

It would be utter stupidity to be in Dubai and not experience Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai, being the abode of penguins, is full of snow. You can get a golden chance to meet the waddling friends closely and befriend them as they march along in queues, in the snow park. To watch these cute King and Gentoo penguins, walk and play together in the midst of snow, is a treat to the eyes. There are several packages that you can avail using Ski Dubai tickets and enjoy seeing the mesmerizing little friends.

5. Wild wadi

Wild wadi is another water park with many adventures water activities to fill your day with fun, joy, and thrill. It’s one of the best waterparks in Dubai which also gives complimentary access to the park if you are staying at certain hotels like Jumeirah Beach hotel or Burj Al Arab. It has the biggest adventurous water rides and activities for you and your family. It has fine dining options with family as well as an exquisite ambiance. Apart from this, there are many shops on the premises for gifts and souvenirs, swimsuits and other swimming accessories.

6. The Dubai fountain

Being the world’s tallest performing fountain located in Burj lake, the Dubai fountain goes up to 900 feet in height. It comprises various patterns and designs forming from time to time, like circles, arcs, and water nozzles that go really high. It works on some selective melodies. You can enjoy the enchanting fountain while on a boat ride in Burj lake or you may also cherish a stroll over the brand-new floating platform that has been recently built in the lake, known as the Dubai fountain boardwalk.

7. Dubai aquariums

It’s absurd if you visit Dubai and don’t visit the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. Dubai aquarium is an abode for millions of aquatic animals. Imagine watching seals, dolphins and many other aquatic animals swim past you? Isn’t it out of the world? Dubai aquarium also has well-planned activities which allow visitors to interact with animals such as penguins, king Croc, sharks, and many more under the careful supervision of trainers. It’s an awe-striking experience to be in the midst of water and meet the aquatic residents so closely.

8. Dubai Creek

Dubai creek is said to be one of the most beautiful places in Dubai and in the entire emirates. It is a natural saltwater creek that runs about 14 kilometers. Dubai creek has varying widths from 200 meters to 1200 meters.

There are two parts of the creek named Deira and Bur Dubai which are the two ends of it. While the entire city flaunts tall and giant modern architecture, this place still gives a vintage vibe due to its old-style architecture and serene lakes and greenery. It is a nice respite from the hustle and the bustle of the city. You can take boat rides in the creek, drive along the creek or just sit by the creek and absorb the tranquil beauty.

There is no entry fee at Dubai creek here unless you want to try out some paid activities or for some special tourist spots.

9. IMG world of adventure

This is a kid-friendly indoor theme park that has everything that a kid loves. From the pre-historic era of dinosaurs to all the international cartoon characters you can name, IMG world of adventure has it all. There are enchanting and adventurous Marvel-themed rides and attractions that will leave a marvel fan just spellbound.

It takes you straight into the world of Marvel’s universe. If you want to travel back in the dinosaur age, then Lost Valley is your place as it creates a virtual reality for you with dinosaurs roaming all around. Exciting and thrilling rides like Predators are also there to take you through the lost Valley, which will increase your adrenaline rush as it takes you up and down. It also includes restaurants, the world of candy, popcorn factory, adventure photography, theme-based shops for kids and all age groups, and many more activities.

A day’s time would fall short to explore the entire expanse of the IMG world of adventure. 

10. Burj Khalifa

Dubai is known for its iconic skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. It’s the tallest building in the world since 2009. It is 829.8 meters tall and looks like it touches the sky. Without getting a glimpse of Burj Khalifa, your Dubai trip is incomplete for sure. So, you must check out the famous engineering marvel standing tall and proud.

These ten places are a must-visit when you are in Dubai, this summer. They will certainly make the tour trip worthwhile.

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