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Top 7 Places in Dehradun for Bikers

Best places in Dehradun for biking either Motorcycle ride or bicycle ride to have a mesmerizing and exciting experience.

Biking In Dehradun

Dehradun is one of the popular tourist destinations among tourists all across the nation. It is the temporary capital of Uttarakhand. Being the capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun hosts many events. Biking is one of those events hosted by the government or other organizations.

Biking which includes both motorcycle rides and cycling has its own significance among people. Biking is one of the most sought activities which are done to show protest or raise an issue. Along with that biking is very famous among Doonites because of the experienced one gets by riding a bike. Most people ride a bicycle just to get fit and healthy.

Solo Biking In Dehradun

Solo biking is one of the experiences which one must get at least once in his/her life. A solo biking trip helps a person to get out of his/her comfort zone, which is important for self-growth. A solo bike trip requires a lot of self-planning, confidence, and knowledge.

There are many places in Dehradun that are famous for solo biking where one could go on a solo trip. It is wise to consult with an expert before going on a solo bike trip if it is your first time. Solo biking makes a person self-dependent and prepares a person to tackle all the problems which come on his/her way.

Here are the top seven places for biking in Dehradun, either Motorcycle or Bicycle:

1. Tapovan

Tapovan is one of the beautiful places in Dehradun which is surrounded by natural greenery and mesmerizing sightseeing. It is located at a distance of 7 KM from the clock tower, Dehradun. This place is a perfect blend of holiness and natural beauty.

There is a famous Tapovan Temple located here. This is an ideal choice for people who want to reach this place on a bike. Please carry a water bottle along with you if you travel on a bicycle. There are many sightseeing around this place which can be best explored if traveled on a bike. A motorcycle ride can also be exciting to visit this place. But if you want to go with many people then a bicycle ride would be great.

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2. Mussoorie


Mussoorie which is popularly known as “The Queen of Hills” is one of the favorite destinations among bikers. This place is located at a distance of 35 KM from Dehradun. A lot of bikers come here every year for an exciting road trip.

There are many places around Mussoorie that can be best explored if traveled on a bike. The way to Mussoorie from Dehradun is full of natural scenic beauty and sceneries which make people wanderlust.

The zigzag road of Mussoorie brings excitement and thrill into the bikers who travel here.

3. Maldevta

Maldevta is one of the best destinations for bikers. It is situated at a distance of 19 KM from Clock Tower, Dehradun. Though it is an ideal place for a picnic, spending quality time with loved ones, and office trip; it is also the best place to visit on a bike. Maldevta is surrounded by mountains and forests which make you refreshed and rejuvenated.

The way to Maldevta from Dehradun is an exciting journey that can be best experienced if traveled on bike either a motorcycle or bicycle. There is also a river in Maldevta which adds excitement to your trip.

4. Sahastradhara

Sahastradhara which is also known as “Thousand Fold Spring” is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Dehradun. Sahastradhara is located at a distance of 17 KM from Clock tower, Dehradun. It is an ideal place to visit on a bike with your friends. There are many natural sceneries and sightseeing which are full of breathtaking views.

If you travel to Sahastradhara on your bike then you can also take photographs and capture mesmerizing natural beauty. There are many water pools in Sahastradhara which are great to have fun with friends and family, it will also help you to get refreshed.

5. Lachhiwala

Lachhiwala is one of the most sought places of Dehradun for tourists. It is an ideal place to spend time and have fun with family and friends. Lachhiwala is located at a distance of 17 KM from Dehradun on the way to Doiwala.

Lacchiwala is surrounded by forest and mesmerizing natural sceneries which make one’s experience memorable. There are many manmade water pools in Lacchiwala which are suitable for people of all age groups.

Bikers all across the city go to Lacchiwala for a ride. It is advisable to visit this place on a bike since there is a long distance between the main Lacchiwala and the entry gate.

6. Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple is one of the religious places of Uttarakhand. It is very popular among people who come to visit Dehradun. Shiva Temple is situated at a distance of 13 KM from Clock tower, Dehradun on the way to Mussoorie.

This is one of the holy places a person must visit at least once. If you travel by bike, you would enjoy the scenic beauty of this place which has surrounded Shiva Temple. The way to Shiva Temple is zigzag which offers an exciting experience to bikers.

7. Robbers Cave

When it comes to making a list of top tourist places in Dehradun, Robbers Cave would be on the top of that list. Robbers Cave, which used to be a hideout place for robbers in the British era, is one of the places which people like to visit a lot.

The distance between Robbers Cave and Clock tower Dehradun is 10 KM. Robbers Cave is situated in the Cantt area or GarhiCantt. People who want to explore the nearby place of Robbers cave must visit this place on a bike.

There are many places around here which have a narrow path through which you could explore new places.

Motorcycle Trip in Dehradun

Dehradun is one of the most popular places for Motorcycle tours. There are many places in Dehradun that have tranquil ambiance and scenic natural beauty which are breathtaking.

The atmosphere of Dehradun is ideal for riding a bike either a Motorcycle or Bicycle. Many people come to Dehradun for bike tours because of the sightseeing and mesmerizing views of this place.

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