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Ways To Use Stencil Art To Enhance Your Home

If you are planning to add certain artistic elements to your home, art is the go-for-choice. There are many forms of artwork, among which stencils are very popular. As every home has a different interior, you can customize the stunning designs according to the style of your space. 

Just choose the theme and color of your choice and get the stenciling painting done on the walls. Wondering how you can proceed with it? Check out the best stencil art designs which recommended by experts who offer services in designing stencils in Brisbane, and consider the one which suits your home. 

Tips To Enhance Your Home With Stencil Painting

1. Stair Riser Stencils

Add some dynamic energy to the most ignored and undoubtedly the overstepped area of the house which is the “stairs”. The “stair risers” provide the unused and broad surface. Take advantage of those blank spaces by designing the stencil art and upgrading the appeal of the staircase.

Although you will need only an hour or two to accomplish the whole stenciling process, it will provide years of charm to your living room. 

2. Leafy Stencils

Build a good atmosphere in your bathroom space with huge and leafy stencils. Use the white wall surface to provide the perfect canvas for the green leaves. Start the stencil painting with green paint by sketching the multiple-sized leaves.

Such a greenery art piece will create a perfect background to relax in your bathing tub and feel calm and relaxed. Whether you want to continue this leafy stencil pattern all over the space or on one wall, it’s likely to give a natural and classy look.

3. Geometric Stencils 

Enhance your kitchen with effortless stencils using which you can design backsplash in a cost-effective way. No need for more expenses for the installation of expensive tiles. These geometric triangles and square designs give a stenciled look to the space.

Moreover, this complicated stencil design suits the contemporary and modern interior space of the home very well. It adds depth to the space, small in area. This pattern is one of the best decor ideas which can bring color to the blank and white walls of the kitchen. 

4. StarBurst Stencil Flooring

The worn wood tile, tired tile, or plain concrete kitchen flooring can make the space dull and unappealing. You can give them life by introducing stencil art into the space. The gray color designs will work well on the white floor when you incorporate the idea of a starburst stencil in your kitchen flooring. 

Not only will it enhance the beauty but also the lighting of the space as the white surface always shines luminously. Hence, this stencil design is very popular in residential areas. Generally, people install it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and entryways, where more light is required for more brightness.

5. Hexagon Stencil Curtain

Add a delightful color and pattern to your curtains using double hexagon stencils. Use white canvas and design the pattern with the help of paint brushes. This stencil painting consists of several small hexagons which are surrounded by larger ones. 

The whole stencil design almost looks like a blooming flower that truly makes an outstanding pattern. You can choose any two color combinations like white and black or blue and white as they are always in trend. However, you can prefer any pair of shades according to your window paints. 

6. Soft Palm Branch Stencils

Introduce the hunter green and black color to your living room or hallways by sketching the palm branches. This stencil painting uses soft brushes for designing and creating an airy feel to the depth of the walls. 

For painting the designs, set the white wall to add contrast. Use the two-color combination to draw the branches. 

7. Ferny Fronds Stencils

This oversized and rectangular-shaped stencil is a perfect masterpiece to add to your display. Arrange the fern fronds one under the other with one piece being highlighted using a different or contrasting color. It looks really appealing above the side or corner table while resting against the wall. 

This easy way of stenciling to create amazing designs does not require much effort or time. Such simple, yet elegant art is wonderful for various spaces like bedrooms, entryways, and home offices. 

8. Stenciled Floor Tiles

Design some huge patterns in a small space by utilizing stenciled tiles in the laundry room. This stencil will brighten up the floor surface by giving comfort and making the heap of clothes a little tolerable. With the use of paints of your preferences, stencil the tiles and add spark to the area. 

Engaging effectiveness of this stenciled floor pattern provides charms to the blank floor while maintaining elegance and simplicity. 

9. Black And White Moroccan Stencil Wall Mural

Do you want a relaxing space to spend your spare time in? Prefer the black and white Moroccan wall murals in any small area of your home. It will liven up the boring concrete walls of the place. 

These graffiti murals will bring fresh air to your soul when you will enjoy the serenity of the black and white Moroccan pattern. In fact, this stencil art is simply a door to peace and calm. 

10. White Intricate Stenciled Storage Closet

Make your simple storage closet, a unique organizational space with the help of stencil designs and colors. This stencil offers varieties of options in similar sizes and shapes so that they match well with any material. Give different patterns to each drawer according to your choice. 

This type of stencil art is affordable as using it, you can change the entire look of boring, ordinary, and oversized furniture. There is no need for new purchases. Now, you can easily manage all your stuff covered in an adorable space.

11. Alcove Stencils

Typically, alcoves are dark spaces that usually collect dust and dirt fast and are often overlooked, especially when they are on the side of staircases. However, multicolored stencil art can transform the whole area more appealing and encourage people to pause and admire the artistic ambiance.

12. Stenciled Accent Rugs

Add the stenciled accent rugs to any space and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home. You can design the simple and classic pattern of stencil art, for instance, the chevron marks and polka dots.

Both the prints will match well with any of the existing decors of the home. By using light brown to gray colors, you can easily incorporate these amazing accent rugs in your rooms while staying trendy.

13. Stenciled Geometric Black And White Flowered Exterior Tiles

Besides the interior look, keep the exterior area of your home appealing with the help of stenciled geometric black and white flowered exterior tiles. Settled in a classic way, these large-shaped tiles maintain the outer space fused and leveled, making the floor surface smooth to walk on. 

The geometric lines in these tiles add extra charm that is enough to provide the flooring with the attractive impact it needs.

Summing Up

Everyone wants to relax at the end of the day when they get back home. The better way to make your house a home is by including some unique stencils. Choose different styles and enhance your space more beautiful. 

We hope you will consider all the stencil designs mentioned above when planning to upgrade the interior look of your place. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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