9 must-watch inspirational movies!

Will Smith portrays a struggling single father who triumphs over adversity and homelessness to achieve success in this film based on a true story.

The iconic tale of an unlikely hero, Rocky Balboa, a humble boxer who seizes the opportunity to face the reigning heavyweight champion, capturing hearts with his unwavering resolve and resilience.

An inspiring story about a regular guy named Forrest, portrayed by Tom Hanks, who faces life's challenges with unwavering determination and a positive outlook.

A powerful film about hope, redemption, and friendship. It follows the journey of an innocent man imprisoned for murder, who maintains his dignity and finds solace in the bonds he forms.

The inspiring true story of NFL player Michael Oher, showcasing how love and support from a wealthy family can change the life of a homeless teenager and help him reach his full potential.

Portrays the courageous actions of a man who saved Jews during the Holocaust, emphasizing the significance of compassion, humanity, and fighting against injustice.

A cherished Disney film that delves into themes of bravery, strength, and the unity of all living creatures. It teaches valuable lessons about self-discovery, responsibility, and finding one's purpose.

Heartwarming film set in World War II, following a father's love and sacrifice to protect his son in a concentration camp, offering moments of humor and hope in a dark time."

The story of a brilliant janitor grappling with his troubled past, seeking solace and guidance through therapy and friendship.