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What is the Impacts of the Entertainment Industry in India?

The Indian Media and Entertainment (M & E) industry is one of the major contributors to the Indian Economy. And, even now, this sector is going through significant changes to expand its boundaries. In terms of the world entertainment sector, the Indian Entertainment Industry is still in an ongoing process of growth, that depends entirely on the rising consumer demand and the enchanted advertising revenue. 

There are mainly two driving factors that have largely influenced the rapid growth of this high-scale industry in Dubai- One is the rapid implementation of digitalization and, on the other hand, high internet usage has made a significant contribution to the Entertainment Industry over the last few decades. Moreover, people across the globe consume the sources of mainstream entertainment, over the Internet, more than watching it in cinema halls. Several forms of entertainment are consumed by the audience across the various regions of India. 

And, this starts with common media platforms like television, radio, digital advertising, and much more. Even, the Indian Advertising industry is considered to be the second-largest and fastest-growing advertising market in Asia over the years. Go through Awaze-Uttar Pradesh News to stay up-to-date about what’s going on in the entertainment sector. 

Remarkable Contribution of Entertainment Industry 

As per the documentation shown in Awaze-Uttar Pradesh News Channel, it can be exemplified that, till now, the Advertising industry has contributed almost 0.38 per cent of the overall revenue in India’s gross domestic product (GDP). And, by 2021, this calculation will be somewhat different and it will increase. So, it can be assumed that, by the next year, India can get 2.35 trillion only through Media and Entertainment. 

And, there is also one more interesting fact about this Entertainment industry, that you must know- India has got the 15th position across the world for its incredible music Industry. Moreover, by 2022, the Media and Entertainment industry will accumulate a high budget ($34 bn) at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 10%. 

Different Sources of Indian Entertainment 

There are certainly multiple sources of Entertainment that are created for adults and kids. Starting from movies to sports, there is a wide range of available choices for the people in India to meet their regular entertainment needs. 

After a long tiring day, everybody looks for something enjoyable and worth watching or playing to relieve the overburdened stress. Moreover, television shows and online games have been a constant source of entertainment for decades. The easy access of the Internet has paved more ways to reach out to these sources of Entertainment.

You can not only watch enormous series or movies, but you can also even read multiple books online. Besides, a large number of Indians prefer watching live sport streams on their smartphone than watching it on the TV. Awaze-Uttar Pradesh News also provides a vivid insight upon the facts and incidents happening around you.

Here are some of the leading entertainment choices of Indians:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Films
  • Puppetry/Puppet Shows
  • Radio
  • Television
  • And, Sports 

Now, we will directly move to the positive and negative impacts of the Entertainment Industry that we mostly overlook. 

Entertainment Industry: What are the Positive and Negative Outcomes?

You must be astonished after knowing that India’s Film industry has been declared as the World’s latest film industry for selling a maximum number of tickets. And, the ratings are also based on the overall number of films that are made. 

Moreover, we all know how much the Indian relies on the newspaper to acknowledge the daily events, sports, news, and entertainment. For this, India has been declared as the largest newspaper circulation market across the globe. 

There are thousands of other positive instances that we get from this Entertainment industry. Although, there are some negative aspects as well, that most of the Indians fail to acknowledge. Read to know more.

Positive Sides

First, we will discuss the positive impacts that are massively generated by the Indian Entertainment Industry. 

  • Since the origin of Television, radio, and other media platforms, people at large have gained extensive knowledge about current and previous events. They get to know what is going on all over the world, by simply sitting in their home.
  • Additionally, getting a job in the Entertainment industry is quite an easy task for highly talented Indians. This glamorous field attracts more than half of the population in India. 
  • There are several job roles with high wages that one can opt for, to enhance artistic skills and experience. Flexibility is one of the best things that you will get in this sector. 
  • You get the privilege to travel regionally or internationally to cover the latest news or events if you choose the job role of a broadcaster, reporter, director, or news writer. 

Negative Consequences

The requirements of this industry are rapidly changing. So, one needs to adapt to the environment and work with great enthusiasm while stepping into a media and entertainment company. And, if he fails to do so, he will not get a second chance to prove himself. 

Moreover, you have to spend days to fulfil the challenging requirements provided by the company. Sometimes, you have to take a late-night shift or early-morning shifts as per the requirement and schedules. This will create a hindrance to getting adequate sleep, which will ultimately degrade your health condition. 

Furthermore, some of the series, movies and TV shows providers a negative impact on the adults and even on the children. So, you have to be extremely careful about choosing the appropriate source of entertainment.

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