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What to Keep in Mind When Renovating an Older House?

If you are knowledgeable and can do much of the work yourself, it normally pays off to buy an older house and renovate it – even if the situation of course affects the increase in value.

An important thing to keep in mind when you decide to renovate your older house is to try to keep the older charm and the time-typical details from the year the house was built. You can do this by producing nice wooden floors, and retaining tiled stoves and windows.

Feel free to highlight the typical elements of that time without compromising on the style and standard. In other words, do not ruin the older charm with too modern material choices. In older houses, it is currently popular with chest moldings and site-built furniture, such as bookshelves, kitchen sofas, and pantries.

Improving Heating Systems – A Long-Term Investment

It is often said that there is one key thing that affects the price of your house, namely location, location. If you live in a less attractive area, you renovate mainly so that you can live there yourself.

Drainage, improvements to the heating system, and replacement of roofs are obviously good and necessary investments if you think you will live in the house for a longer period of time.

We cannot emphasize the importance of taking care of your house in the form of continuous maintenance and long-term renovations enough.

Installation of a heat pump may seem like a big investment, but the fact is that an efficient heat pump pays well over time. It is also good for the climate.

Painting Work Is Often Worth The Effort

It almost always pays before a sale to paint both outside and inside – and this applies both if the house is located in an attractive or a less attractive area.

It is the cheapest measure that can have a major impact on the final price. A very worn children’s room is definitely worth putting some energy into. Painting is actually something most people can do themselves as well.

Keep A Common Theme And Avoid Bright Colors

You should be careful with extreme color choices in kitchens, bathrooms, and on the façade before a house sale.

Very screaming and bright colors are not good. Having to pay to renovate a recently completed renovation is not very popular.

On the other hand, it almost always pays to renovate to get a common theme.

For example, it may be worth changing the fridge and freezer to get a feeling that everything is connected if you have renovated the rest of the kitchen.

Renovating The Exterior Of Older Houses Is More Important 

For older houses, renovating the exterior is more important before a house sale than if you have a newer house. It is about giving a good overall impression by preserving and highlighting the older charm.

If you have a typical house where all the houses look the same, it is not as crucial to renovate the exterior. But for older houses, appearance is important. If you have an older house, it is definitely worth repainting the façade and renovating the windscreens up at the eaves before a sale.

The Maintenance Gives The First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is the expression, which may not always have to be true. But this is especially true at the first sight of a house on display.

It is important to complete the work that may not be completed or if there are things that need to be maintained, such as painting work. The speculators should not get a feeling that the house is poorly maintained. Then they can get the impression that you are a careless person who does not take care of your house and that it is in generally poor condition, says Alexander Bergh.

Hire craftsmen or fix it yourself?

Certain services are not suitable to carry out yourself without prior knowledge.

This applies, for example, to permanent electrical installations where only authorized and experienced craftsmen should perform this type of work.

Plumbing work, for example renovating a bathroom, should also be carried out by a qualified craftsman in the area.

You can do other work yourself if you consider yourself to have the knowledge for it. But if you’re not very handy, you should preferably avoid it. Otherwise, you risk lowering the value of the home instead of the other way around.

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