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What Women Should Wear At A Rave

So you have purchased a ticket to your first rave and you cannot wait for the day to get here! Now is time for the hard but fun part – what to wear. As you consider various rave outfits, we thought we would give you some tips for your first experience with rave. 

Below are several things that you should bring and wear at your first rave: 

First, you definitely need some Kandi, bracelets. This is one of the huge staples at raves. Use Kandi to express yourself, connect with others, accessorize, and spread that ever-so-important Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. 

Get together with your friends before the rave and make enough Kandi for everyone. Trading and collecting these trinkets is fun and will give you the chance to meet new friends that can last forever. 

Second, it is critical to wear comfy shoes at your rave. Closed-toe shoes are highly recommended as you will probably bump others while you are going crazy on the dance floor. There are many stylish types of rare shoes that make you both cute and comfortable all night long. 

Third, you need to wear clothes that breathe. Rave fashion is stylish but also functional. When you are dancing for hours, being comfortable is every bit as important as how you look. Make sure your rave gear is durable and lightweight so that you do not overheat from hours of jumping around. 

Also, when so many people are there, it can be hard to stand out and be stylish at the same time. We say you can never beat wild colors and trippy patterns. There are many colorful and wild styles of rave wear available, so be sure to check them out. 

Fourth, earplugs are important if you want to maintain your hearing for later in life. Noise-reducing earplugs will protect your delicate ears from damage without compromising your enjoyment of the music. If you go to a camping festival, you may want to have foam earplugs, too. They can help you sleep while everyone is going wild outside. 

Fifth, a fanny pack or backpack is vital to keep your valuables safe. That way, you can enjoy your rave without any worries. We recommend that you accessorize your rave outfit with a stylish fanny pack and enjoy dancing hands-free. 

Sixth, when you are dancing the night away at a music festival, it is necessary to stay hydrated. Water bottles always cost a lot at these events, so a hydration pack is a smart and economical choice so you can fill up whenever you need it. Plus, it is on your back so your hands are free to have fun. 

Seventh, it is wise to protect your lungs from all the dust that can be kicked up from hundreds of people dancing and walking around. You do not want to get sick the next day coughing your lungs out, so bring a stylish mask with you. You also can also buy a cool face mask bandana in wild colors to go with your crazy style. 

Eighth, sunglasses are a must at a rave no matter if it is day or night. Stage production at most raves is intense, so you can protect your eyes from strobe lights, lasers and other visuals.

There are lots of stylish sunglasses you can buy to top off your cute rave wear. 

Last, do not forget the essential face glitter and jewels to make you stand out at your first rave. Chunky glitter and face jewels will make you look the part and complete your look. 

So that’s all you need to have at your first rave. Have a blast! 

Best Face Mask to Wear Amidst the COVID19 Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has hit the world in a massive, unprecedented scale. Several protocols are implemented by governments all around the world to avoid further viral transmission. These safety protocols include social distancing, community quarantines, and, last but not least, the use of PPEs, particularly face masks.

Along with maintaining proper hygiene, face coverings such as face mask are essential. They act as barriers that prevent bodily fluids from the face from getting projected to other people. COVID19 carriers are known to be asymptomatic; that’s why extra carefulness must be kept in mind.

Health experts encourage the public to wear face coverings to provide another layer of protection, along with other applied protocols. Outdoors activities can be decreased, but not removed. That’s why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention highly encourages the public to wear their best quality face masks when going to such activities.

In light of all of these, what are the types of face masks to wear amidst the COVID19 pandemic?


Respirators are tried-and-tested face mask types that filter a lot of particulates such as dust, smoke, and pathogens. Before getting out on the market, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) makes sure that all kinds of respirators adhere to their standards first.

All kinds of respirators are under strict compliance set by the 

They are tightly fit-and-sealed to ensure respiratory health.

  • There are three common types of respirators:
  • N95 Respirators – it can filter at least 95% of airborne particulates. 
  • N99 Respirators – it can filter 99% of airborne particulates.
  • N100 Respirators – filters 99.97% of airborne particulates.
  • Be sure to keep in mind that respirators don’t go well with oil.

Surgical Face Masks

These are the disposable type of face masks generally used by health practitioners. Surgical masks have pleats to allow the hood to cover your nose, jawline, and the mouth.

This mask doesn’t need to meet NIOSH standards and can filter pathogens with a 10% to 90% success rate. Surgical face masks are synthetic fibers manufactured to make quality masks.

Cloth Face Mask

Cloth face masks are CDC approved, as long as you make it correctly. They are less effective against their counterparts, but wearing a mask is better than wearing no face covering at all. Cloth face masks exist to provide a certain level of protection to the public, especially now that N95 respirators and surgical masks shelved for the use of front liners. 

Protecting yourself doesn’t just mean practicing social distancing and self-quarantine. It also involves the use of rave face coverings for an additional level of protection against the COVID19.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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