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Why Android App Development Is Preferred By Enterprises For The Business Growth?

When it comes to building an app and launching it in a desired platform, Android app development is the ideal option to incline to! Nowadays, most of the enterprises regardless of the industry and business type follow the android app development trends for its numerous benefits and hassle-free launch.

It accelerates the development process of the application with libraries of code and easy usability nature. By hiring developers you will be able to focus on outsource developmental services while considering imperative aspects. In this blog you can go through the reasons of its wide preference among organizations for developing their business application. So, read on to know.

1. Software Development Kit

Generally, SDK (Software Development Kit) comprises of elements of executable program to develop the software. It includes profilers, documentation, debuggers, emulators and much more. An Android Studio is also included in the kit for your assistance. In case you want another IDE to use for your Android app development then it has to be downloaded specifically.

2. IDEs and Editors

Any app can be easily developed by making use of command line or text editor. Only you are advised to choose the Integrated Development Environment for proper development of the application.  Any tools can be easily integrated to the availed SDK tools as there is no hassle in the entire procedure.

Besides Android Studio, Eclipse can be used as well as it is equipped with multiple plugins for the code expansion. You can request your Android app development company to make use of the IntelliJ IDEA’s paid version for customizing the apps according to its requirements.

3. Programming Languages

Although there are several programming languages for the mobile application development yet Kotlin and Java are the most reputed ones to get worldwide acceptance. If you want, you can make use of other substitutes for developing an Android app. These two allow coding with the help of C++ and C.

Android Native Development Kit can be another companion as it assists in changing the early as well as already written codes. Mobile application can be tailored with the incorporation of third-party tools by choosing Python and Ruby. Irrespective of the selected programming languages for your app development make sure that official mobility solution has been used so that it can receive periodical updates.

4. Libraries

Due to the record of previously written snippets code libraries are highly preferred. It makes the job of the developers much easier than it was before. By saving plenty of time it ensures the development of mobile application with available reliable solutions. GSON is the ideal one to use in this prospect as it incorporates in the perfect Java objects serialization.

Event Bus and Retrofit are other popular options to use for boosting the communication among multiple application elements. External libraries organize the entire development procedure for apt configuration settings. Gradle is another tool for developing mobile applications which can be chosen by the developers too.

5. Plugins

Mostly developers make use of libraries due to its facility of automated tasks. Furthermore, software tool augmentation leads to the creation of the plugin. IDE can be used as well. Several famous development tools are there to use in the building of the app.

These are reliable for enhancing the coding experience along with achieving complex solutions of the app development simultaneously. Generally, ChatBot app development companies prefer to use plugins for enhancing the rate of mobile app productivity.

Benefits can be obtained with Android Development

Let’s have a look at some amazing benefits of the Android app development from below:

1. Easy acceptance procedure of the app

To publish the developed apps Apple store is preferred worldwide. Despite of possessing common publishing guidelines; both Apple and Google have unique approach as well. You have to get the approval of publishing an app on the Apple store while there is no such approval requirement on Google. In fact, much complexity is there to get your app published on the Apple store.

It is all about solving the inconsistencies of UI (user interface) and fixing the bugs for launching your apps through Apple Store (if any). Hence, business enterprises have to devote much time, investment and effort for making their own position in the App store of iOS.

On the other hand, such minute issues get fixed naturally while you publish the app of Google thereby eliminating you from giving additional effort and time.

2. Hardware independence

No concern regarding hardware is needed during the application development procedure. As most of the time development is being processed on Java a number of features can be obtained easily. It is the widely accepted cross-platform application development programming language allowing seamless compatibility in varied devices. Other reliable tools are also there for developing mobile application at free of cost.

3. Kotlin and Java languages

Being the most reputed programming languages, both Kotlin and Java are greatly supported by Android app development. Kotlin is quite popular and much identical to Java. It has combined the complexity of Java for ensuring efficient and fast developmental procedure. Only the person expertise in Java can work perfectly on Kotlin at the same time.

On the other hand, Java is ideal to use in finance and data analytics-oriented organizations for their developmental work of efficient applications. Interestingly, the applications made with the help of Java possess high utility as well.


1. What is meant by on-demand mobile application?

On-demand mobile apps allow its users to obtain quick and instant access of specific services offered by a particular enterprise or organization. Mainly, it assists the enterprises to fulfil the demands of their clients by offering amazing services.

2. What are impeccable advantages of on-demand mobile application?

Some outstanding advantages of the on-demand mobile application are mentioned as:

  • Liquid cashless payment facility
  • Tracking feature
  • Facility to select the provider as per your preference
  • Endless business opportunities can be obtained
  • Scalability and Security
  • Affordable
  • Efficiency and Satisfaction of the employees

3. How on-demand mobile application can be created?

On-demand mobile application can be created by following the given steps:

  • Firstly, an enticing layout of the application must be selected. Then it has to be personalized to attain unique as well as better user experience
  • Then, Drag and Drop the desirable features and specifications which you want to possess via the app
  • At last, the application is ready to get published in the App Store and Play Store

Every enterprise despite of the business size chooses Android app development platform for their every day trade just to obtain its convenience and easy use. For this reason, you can notice huge investment is made to the Android app development framework by a large number of organizations to achieve new heights in their respective business operation.

By opting to this much better interactive approach can be obtained for reaching to the targeted potential customers. Just make sure that your selected android app development company in India makes the app efficient as per your business requirement and demand!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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