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10 Proven Methods for Creating High-Converting Email 

Digital marketing has a number of important channels for promoting your content. But emails are by far one of the most effective ones. Not only is digital marketing through emails cost-effective, but it is also efficient. 

But sending out promotional emails is easy. Even a kid with basic knowledge of emails and the internet can do it. What sets apart a successful online business and a less successful business are high conversion emails. 

These emails are quite different and allow a lot of room for growth. With the 10 proven methods given below, you too will be able to create these high converting emails.  

1. Having an appealing Subject Line

The Internet is a tough place to make impressions. People remember a lot of your mistakes while you get only a few chances of redemption. Thus, it is important to cease your chances and make a first good impression. 

When it comes to emails, the first impression starts from the subject line, which is visible even before your emails are opened. It is quite important to have an appealing subject line that will prompt people to open your emails. 

There are quite a lot of ways in which you can do this. Creating a FOMO (Fear of Missing out) in that subject line will help you in a lot of ways. Do not try and bait people, it will create a wrong idea about your emails. Always test these subject lines and choose the best one for your emails. 

2. Have a strong Call to Action

A call to action or CTA is like an instruction. This instruction is usually utilized by your audience, who receive an email to complete a certain task. On social media sites, a CTA could mean subscribing, following, or sharing. 

A good CTA will prompt readers of your email to take the action you want them to take. If your CTA prompts the user to buy a product, make sure your email is straightforward in doing so. CTA is how you will actually manage your conversion rates. Having a good CTA is necessary for a high conversion rate. 

3. Know your Customers

This goes without saying but sending your emails to a community that falls outside your target audience is not a smart move. Doing this will make you unpopular and have lower conversion rates. 

To avoid this and have a good conversion rate, simply assess the people you send your emails to. Once you do this, you will be able to create personalized emails that your target audience will have a higher chance of using your CTA’s. 

You can get data from a number of social media sites about your audience, which will help you in creating personalized emails. 

4. Have a creative preview line

A preview text is the one that will generally appear below/after the subject line in an inbox. It isn’t something very extensive, but it still affects your conversion rates. This is because your audience will be able to read some information from such previews. 

Before you create a string of emails, you need to look at the preview. Some tips to make a creative preview are to create honest and innovative text lines or CTA to attract the attention of your audience. keep these lines short for maximum effect. Keeping them as short as 100 characters is more than enough; however, use the full length of 140 characters. 

5. Digital Tools are of Great help

Digital Tools Like Mailchimp will allow you to automate and follow up on your leads successfully. Automation has become a standard in the industry. 

With many businesses getting more and more leads, sending out emails to each and every person manually becomes a tedious job. Mail automation allows for cutting costs and time. It also provides additional benefits such as analysis of conversion rates and much more.  

There are quite a lot of such digital tools available for your needs. You can experiment and choose the best one for you. 

6. Create Visually Appealing Emails

If you run a business, you are bound to have some sort of identity. For example, most escape room companies are fun and innovative, thus most of their email templates reflect their business.  

Creating a visually appealing email is not an easy task since you want to stand out from the rest but in a good way. There are multiple template creators to choose from. Depending on the kind of business or profession you are in, it is important to choose something that contrasts your product and service. 

7. Utilize Reviews for your emails

One of the growing trends nowadays is that people depend a lot on reviews. This means that a lot of people are providing incentives to other people to avail of your product or service.  

This is why a lot of company depends on user reviews and feedback. This feedback can be incorporated into your emails to create an appeal to your potential customers. 

Incorporating reviews in your emails also allows you to create a sort of scenario where your audience can trust your products and services. This will help in increasing your conversion rates for your emails as well. 

8. Personalize your emails

Emails might seem very professional and something that is far from something personal. However, with little tweaks and changes, you can create personalized emails for your audience which attract them.  

Personalizing is important as people are more likely to assist you in converting emails if you are able to create content that is simple and relatable.  Your email body is reflective of this, and thus it is important to pay a good amount of attention to what you include in your email body. 

If your content in the email is obnoxious and cringes even for your friends and well-wishers, it is important to write a more personalized email for your audience. 

9. Don’t use complicated language

Again, your audience, at an average of 100 emails per day, will not spend a lot of time trying to decipher your emails. It is thus important to use simple and easy-to-understand emails for them to have a higher conversion rate. 

If your aim is to have a higher conversion rate, you cannot let people spend a lot of time figuring out your emails. Instead, your emails should be direct and should leave scope for much interpretation. 

10. Incentivize clicking through referrals or FOMO 

This is a great way to prompt people to take a quick CTA. This works by having your emails reflect a timer, or countdown of any sale, product, or people. This appeals to the human psyche whereby such emails prompt people to take a certain action just because there’s less timeless and a lot of people are doing it. 

This fear of missing out creates a lot of high conversion emails. Be sure to include such factors in your emails for maximum effect.  


Emails are one of the most important sources of digital marketing. With these 10 amazing proven methods, you will be able to attract a lot of customers and have high conversion rate emails.  

Of course, some methods might give varying results depending on your business and the audience you target. It is important to keep experimenting with this stuff to get the maximum benefits.  

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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