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10 Signs of a Highly Qualified Dentist

People should pay a visit to their dentist every six months. They will assess your current oral health and compare any changes to your previous visit and assessment. If there’s anything that has to be done, they will advise you on the best dental procedures. Sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many people have serious dental anxiety associated with going to the dentist. This results in avoiding going to a dentist until they have a serious dental issue. That’s why it’s essential to find a dentist you can trust who’s qualified to take care of your dental health and your smile. If you need help in assessing a dentist, look for the following ten qualities and you’ll know you’ve found the one.

1. Attentive

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to the dentist, sitting in a dentist’s chair can be uneasy. You fear what the dentist might say or whether you need a simple dental procedure like a filling or a dental surgery like a wisdom tooth removal. Whatever the reason behind your dental anxiety may be, the qualified dentist will make you feel safe by being attentive, responsive, nurturing, and kind. They should ask all the right questions and pay attention to high you react during the checkup. This will show you they care and that they understand you might feel uncomfortable. This feeling is subjective and a highly qualified dentist will honor your feelings.

2. Makes you feel comfortable

Sometimes a few friendly questions can help you relax and relieve any tension caused by a dental appointment. Nonetheless, if the dentist is in the middle of a procedure, they should guide you through each step of the process. This way you’ll know when to expect any discomfort and prepare mentally for it. If your comfort level is their priority, they’ll ask you if you need a break. They will also provide any reassurance you might need if you’re too tense or even scared. These procedures are a routine for skilled dentists, but a highly qualified one will ensure you’re comfortable and safe.

3. Their office makes a positive first impression

A highly qualified dentist pays attention to their representation. Their dental office is clean, tidy, and makes a good impression. The staff is qualified, and friendly and is characterized by good customer service. Hygiene has to be at a high level because all dental procedures are at risk of infection if they are not completed under sterile conditions. They are kind over the phone and they call you back if they had a missed call from you. Basically, look at every corner upon entering the dental office. Also, pay attention to the dental procedures and how they’re done.

4. A qualified dentist can answer all your questions

A qualified dentist will have no problem regarding your questions and inquiries. Quite the contrary, they will encourage you to inquire about the procedure because your understanding of it ensures you’ll feel safe and comfortable during the procedure. They will be patient during this process and understand your need to know everything. Their goal is to help you with your problem, patiently answer all your question and provide reassurance that you’re in good hands. If a few questions will make you feel at ease, then a qualified dentist will have no problem answering them.

5. They educate you

Now, just as they will welcome all your questions and inquiries, they will use this time to educate you. It’s actually the dentist’s responsibility to discuss the best dental practices with you and encourage you to adopt them. Especially if you’re getting a procedure that has to be done during several dentist’s appointments, they have to educate you. You have to know how to behave, and what steps to take between the appointments. You can’t be expected to know these on your own, nor should you have any dental or medical knowledge. It’s their job to educate you and ensure you’re familiar with all available dental procedures that will fix your problem. If you decide to do some googling on your own, it’s just your choice, it shouldn’t be a requirement.

6. They use state of the art technology

A highly qualified dentist continually invests in their education and invests in new dental technology. The dental industry evolves constantly, and a qualified dentist will continually invest in having the right tools and state-of-the-art tech. Pay attention to details and whether your dental clinic of choice has evolved enough to adopt new digital trends in dentistry, as well as Oceanic Dental Lab, does. These dental clinics have recognized the benefits of using advanced technology because they only want to provide the best to their dental patients. 

7. They are open about their qualifications

If you want to know whether your dentist is qualified to perform a procedure, you should feel free to ask. Dentists just like any other medical professionals love to display their diplomas in the office. If you can’t see them, you should ask. Even though these aren’t a confirmation that they have the required experience, it’s reassuring to know you’re in hands of a qualified dentist. The word of mouth is also helpful in such situations because no one will refer you to a dentist who didn’t solve their dental problem. They will refer you to someone who has the skills and expertise to fix and heal your problem.

8. Has a good relationship with the staff

Just like you’d expect your dentist to be kind, patient, reassuring, and attentive, you expect the dentist to treat their staff the same way. In other words, pay attention to how they converse, treat, and interact with their staff members. It doesn’t member if the person is high in the hierarchy or low, they should treat each staff member in the same manner. If they are being rude, unprofessional, dismissive, or even mean then that can be a sign of poor management and lack of basic empathy. 

9. They suggest only the necessary treatment

Every dentist is in part a salesperson because when they suggest a treatment, they are actually selling it to you as a solution. Pay attention to this because you should only sign up for the necessary treatment. If a dentist is trying to sell several treatments, make sure to ask the right questions. Don’t be afraid of getting a second opinion if you feel like the dentist is offering unnecessary dental treatments.

10. A dedicated dentist follows up with you

It might not be the dentist in person, but if a staff member follows up on you after the procedure, they should be considered a keeper. This means they are interested in building a long-term relationship with you and that your health matters to them. They should also follow up with you to remind you to schedule your six-month checkup. People tend to forget about these, so having someone remind you, who cares about your health is definitely a sign of a qualified dentist. A dental office that pays attention to their patients shows that they value their relationship and want to keep it long-term.

In conclusion, prioritize your oral health as high as you would anything else. It can affect your health in general, and it isn’t something you should neglect. Find a dentist that possesses all of these traits and you’ll know that you’re in the right hands.

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