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4 Historical Romance Novels You Should Read Now While Under Lockdown

The lockdown has certainly got us all trapped inside our houses. While the un-lockdown phase has begun in many places, it is easy to say that lockdown still prevails as the norm. Working from home, working for home, working about home, all this has certainly brought us a lot of frustration. Romance seems to have been almost vanished from our lives with nowhere to go out with our partners. And if you are in a similar situation, here is what you can do.

Read. If you want to rekindle the spark of romance in you, read. If you want to bring back the strength of love which you felt while holding hands with your loved one, read. When you are stuck at a depressing situation with no hope, reading can help you to get transferred to a realm of hope and dreams. Here we have 4 very popular historical romance novels that will be perfect to read during lockdown and get lost in the love filled with romance and coziness.  

Here are 4 great historical romance novels you should read while under lockdown:

Written by Lisa Kleypas, famous author of The Devil In Winter, brings you yet another captivating story of love set in the upper-class society. Determined to posses her, wealthy and successful business tycoonRhys Winter zborne brings home the shy and sheltered Helen Ravenel. However, as expected, business enemies conspire against them but Helen has to trust Rhys with her very darkest secret. The risks are unimaginable but the reward is a lifetime of bliss. Wouldn’t you want to know what it is Helen’s secret? Then, look up various book promotion sites that offer ebooks and get going. This one is a must in all historical romance novels’ lists.

Eoin Dempsey brings you a romance set against the backdrop of the World War II. What better way to show the strength of love is there? Christopher and Rebecca are separated when Rebecca is captured and shipped to Europe in Hitler’s concentration camps. His love for Rebecca makes Christopher volunteer for the Nazi SS itself. He gets posted in Auschwitz, Germany and begins his search. He has to make sure that his cover is not blown. His job provides him money along with opportunities, but will it give him the strength to face a brave new fate? Experience the stakes of love raised in Finding Rebecca, one of the best historical romance novels of all times.

Written by Gwen Bristow, Jubilee Trail tells the story of newly graduated 18 year old Garnet Cameron. Due to her liking for the restrictive manners of the upper classes, she is drawn to a frontier trader from the West by the name of Oliver Hale. Both like each other and a marriage follows. However, Garnet slowly realizes that the upper class is not how she thought it is and she has to face some harsh realities. Will she be able to cope up with it all while keeping her marriage intact? Certainly an intriguing read if you are looking for one of the best romance novels of all time.

Nationally acclaimed author Laura Kinsale brings you a bold, original and unforgettable tale of love, honor and adventure. The Shadow is a wealthy handsome man, master of an ancient form of Martial Arts, but scarred by a degraded childhood. On the other hand, the Star is a nearly destitute innocent woman who is drawn to him by an undeniable yearning and follows him into a dark world of deemed retribution and desire. If you are more of an adventurous type of a person, this is surely your choice among the best historical romance novels ever.

Other than these 4, there are thousands of romance novels available in various book promotion sites. All you have to do is decide upon your genre and the bookstore where you will find them. Swim deep andre discover the romance that seems almost drowned in this Lockdown flood.

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