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5 Technologies That Will Revolutionize the Workplace

How technologies can revolutionize the workplace?

Technology can either help us innovate and adapt to the future by bringing change or it can hold back and constrain us with limitations. In the words of Amory Lovins, “Technology in one form or another doesn’t create economic growth; it simply changes how the economy is organized.”

Fortunately, when the barriers of economic barriers are broken, we have the potential for truly huge, impactful changes in both the economy and the workplace. In the case of technological advancements in the workplace, the author suggests that a few key developments lie ahead.

How is this going to impact the workplace?

Simply put, smart machines and their application in our daily lives will change almost everything. These machines will help us with our jobs by automating parts of them or by working alongside us and enhancing our effectiveness. Already, robots are helping to manufacture goods in factories and warehouses and drones are replacing some of our work-related tasks as they take over the arduous task of aerial work. The work machines do and their uses are only going to become more sophisticated and they will be working alongside us doing things such as locating objects or making sure all areas of an office or building are clear.

5 Technologies That Will Revolutionize the Workplace

1. Artificial Intelligence.

The fact that AI is advancing and becoming more accessible in every way is creating an interesting phenomenon, much like what happened when television and computers became readily accessible. Will our abilities to leverage this technology and create new applications and solutions keep up with it? Will our use of it limit us? Will we, as a society, choose to or be forced to use it in more ways and in new ways?

2. Hyper-Connectivity.

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate. We are all connected now more than ever, and with this connectivity, we can communicate with just about anyone, anytime, and in just about any way we want. Yet, this connectivity can also cause major issues for us as individuals. Are we communicating in ways that help us or hurt us? Are we posting information that is accurate or not? Are we sending messages or images that might not be safe? Are we trusting enough of others? These are questions we are beginning to ask ourselves, and these questions are only going to grow with the advancement of technology.

3. 3D Printing.

Many of us are looking at this technology in the same way we are looking at others. The question is, are we ready to embrace it and go with the flow? Can we manage our expectations of what we can or will be able to create? Will it be used in ways that bring progress or will it create problems? Are we okay with printing our own organs? These are questions that will continue to swirl as we and our society explore this technology.

4. Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality, in this case, refers to the addition of computer technology to the real world. Technology can be added to our world as a new way for us to create and share what we create. This technology can give us the ability to add additional levels to our lives or allow us to share parts of our lives with others.

5. 3D printing and laser cutting.

Yes, these are two different things, but they both fall into the same category. Technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting, and many others are becoming available in much greater numbers, much quicker, and with much more ease.

To me, this seems like a perfect time to ask, are we ready to embrace these new technologies and the new ways in which we can enhance our lives? Are we ready to work and create solutions together and determine which is the best way to enhance our society? Or are we going to get caught up in the excitement and excitement of the newest toy or product and miss the opportunity to work together and make our society better?

The five technologies listed here will be affecting our world in the years to come, and with them, we will need to choose to use them in ways that benefit us and improve the world around us. We will have the opportunity to create completely new ways of interacting with others, using our new technology. These technologies offer opportunities to improve our work and can improve our everyday lives as we realize our own power to create. In our next article, we will discuss some more possibilities for the future.

Why technology is important in the workplace?

Our world is filled with technology, and these technologies are quickly changing how we live, work, and play. Technology is a fantastic way to help us connect with each other, and there are many ways in which it has been used to improve our world.


When it comes to the workplace, technology has played an integral part in helping businesses improve productivity, boost customer service, and provide more efficient management. It has even helped to alleviate some issues with paperwork and lower costs. Let’s take a look at five ways in which technology has been a force for good in the workplace:

1. Mobile Solutions

Workers at businesses around the world are mobile and, for the most part, can reach clients in places where they are not physically present. With the continued advancements in technology, businesses can now reach these workers in ways that were impossible a few years ago. This means that a business can provide remote work, giving its employees the flexibility to work anywhere at any time.

Mobile solutions, as this technology is called, have been a major force in the workplace for some time, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. With the help of apps like SwiftKey Keyboard and Amazon Alexa, workers can get work done without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

2. Web Tools

Web tools are fantastic for small businesses, and they have become an integral part of today’s office. Having the ability to get everything done from the comfort of your own home has been huge for small businesses. Apps like To-Do List and Wunderlist can help workers to keep track of everything that needs to be done and organized for them. Web tools are becoming a staple of the modern workplace.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots can be a great way for businesses to provide customer service to clients. Companies like Chatmate are doing amazing things with these chatbots, bringing smiles to people who use their apps, and helping those companies make themselves more relevant to customers.

Using this technology, chatbots can provide quick, friendly customer service when it is needed. Chatmate works great with both existing customer bases as well as potential new customers.

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology is becoming more popular, and with good reason. It brings an experience to customers that they can’t get when they are using a traditional computer or television. The possibilities that are being explored are seemingly endless, and VR has huge potential to improve how we work, create, and communicate.

5. Augmented Reality

Finally, we have Augmented Reality. This technology is perhaps the most intriguing, and for many, the most important. As mentioned above, technologies like SwiftKey Keyboard and Amazon Alexa can be utilized to provide real-time information to workers.


We’ve seen a huge push in the area of technology in the workplace, and it is incredible to see how quickly it is developing. Using this technology, workers can connect with their colleagues and provide feedback, plus they can keep themselves entertained and make their work more productive. It’s fair to say that technology in the workplace has been a force for good for a while now. It is safe to say that it is only going to get better, and this article highlights just some of the ways in which this is the case.

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