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7 couple costume ideas for Halloween

So, Halloween is close, and you still haven’t decided on a coordinated look for your couple’s costume party. Most couples usually find it difficult to Choose an ideal costume for Halloween. But fret not! That’s why we’re here to help. No matter what you and your significant other want to pursue, choosing a Halloween costume shouldn’t be stressful.

Check out our top 7 couple costume ideas for Halloween that are creative enough to make you the talk of any festive or party this coming Halloween. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll be delighted with the greatest iconic costumes of all time.

1. Robin Hood and Maid Marion

The narrative of the fabled English outlaw Robin hood has persisted in English Folklore. The adept robber and archer made it his common practice to rob the wealthy and give to the needy, aiding locals and making life difficult for the sheriff of Nottingham. Many people are familiar with Hood’s heroic tale, and more contemporary TV shows and films have adapted it.

Become the renowned outlaw yourself with this Robin hood costume. There is also a magnificent selection of Robin Hood’s elegant lover, Maid Marion. Dressing both as Maid Marion and Robin Hood makes a fantastic couple dress idea for a Halloween festive or party.

2. The Incredibles Costume

The incredible is a fan favorite movie among almost everyone. The movie follows Bob and Helen Parr, superheroes known as Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible, as they try to live a quiet suburban life with their three children while adhering to a government mandate that requires them to conceal their superpowers.

Become the next kickass Mr. and Mrs. incredible by rocking this couple’s costume idea for Halloween. The costume features a black and red stretchy jumpsuit with muscle padding and attached black booth covers. It also has the signature symbol “I” printed on it.

The super suit also comes with a black eye mask, a gold belt detail, a solid red bodice, and elbow-length gloves. The incredible women’s suit is, in fact, one of the best women’s costumes to wear this coming Halloween.

3. Captain America and Black Widow

Marvel has spent ten years telling the story of Natasha Romanoff. However, this has primarily been mumbled and put into films about the men standing on either side of her. In order to connect the monologues and one-off lines scattered throughout the stories of Captain America: Civil War and the Winter Soldier, and the stories of Iron Man 2, audiences have had to follow the Black Widow’s web through the big team-up Avengers films.

Marvel continues to churn out movies of the fast-paced Avengers action. Any pair of the Avengers costumes would be an ideal fit for valiant-minded people, but Captain America and Black Widow are undoubtedly the couple duo that would kick the most butt!

With that said, any couple can become a superhero of their own choosing by connecting with their inner super soldier! Become Steve Rogers himself with the assistance of one of Captain America’s costumes and get ready to save the world.

4. Joker and Harley Quinn

When it comes to turning your bae into your ride-or-die, we couldn’t think of any matching costume than that of Joker and Harley Quinn in the suicide squad.

Harley Quinn and his former partner in crime, Joker, stole the show with their stunning makeup and outfit, which makes Suicide Squad worth revisiting.

Dress up to your next Halloween party or festival like the villain Joker and challenge Quin to a fight since these suicidal costumes will most likely get you straight into character. Or maybe you’re looking for a fancy dress that’s low-key than the main character. There is quite a number to choose from, coupled with recognizable masks. Just make sure not to recreate the well-known film.

5. Egyptian King and Queen

Though you’ll likely come across Egyptian costumes in a variety of instances decorated with printed or woven patterns, the main costumes were limited to accessories like the girdle, collar, and headdress.

The costume was mainly made of linen. In many ancient types, it was a rather thick, coarse weave. But in the recent ones, fine thin linen was loosely woven to appear nearly transparent. Usually, the linen has a stiffened appearance and showcases the idea of having been pleated or offered.

Become a historical ruler of the Nile by gracing this costume for a Halloween party. It has everything you need to transform into Ancient Egyptian royalty.

6. Squid Game

By now, I presume you are familiar with the Squid game. The movie debuted on September 17 and centers on a group of South Koreans who are deeply in debt. Many of them volunteer to come back after being tricked into participating in a dangerous children’s gameplay, only to realize the games may be their final opportunity to win the money they need to survive.

The show is based on various kid-friendly games, such as “Tug of War” or “Green Light, Red Light,” where losers are ousted and ultimately killed. As soon as a player loses the game, they are shot. Conversely, winners of all 6 games get to the part with a whopping $45.6 billion.

While the series is fascinating enough on its own, fans are mesmerized by the costumes worn by the guards and contestants. The attire is quite laidback and casual, yet the color has a deeper significance that alludes to the plot’s twists and turns.

Contestants wore green and white tracksuits with casual slip-on sneakers during the competitions. If this is the same vibe you want to serve this Halloween, there are numerous recreations you can choose from that will be immediately recognizable and much more comfortable.

7. Superman and Wonder Woman

Superman/wonder woman is a comic book series released from October 2013 to May 2016. It examines the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman, two of DC comics’ most renowned characters.

Superman is considered among the greatest heroes, and his recognizable outfit proves it. The iconic blue and red outfit worn by the man of steel hasn’t seen many significant alterations throughout the years and has remained a steady representation of the character.

Wonder woman has persisted in her decades-long pursuit of justice, although her attire varied from a skirt and golden eagle to leggings and a W logo breastplate. The costume is cute, and the fabric is comfy. The boot sleeve covers almost any shoe from the ankle down. It comes with a narrow velcro strap that goes beneath the shoe to hold it in place. The best option is a shoe with at least a gap between the foot’s ball and the heel or one with a little heel.

Fly through the Halloween festival or party with this fantastic outfit.


There’s nothing more thrilling than choosing what to wear for Halloween as a couple. If you love dressing up, the above well-rounded selection of costumes is fantastic to put on with your partner during Halloween. You can easily pull off the best performance even at the last minute because most of them are pretty simple to copy. Now let us abstain from being judgmental and focus on the critical part of Halloween- costume.

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