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8 Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas For Your Next Party 

Are you thinking of hosting a party at your place but have no idea how to decorate your home? Then you have come to the right place! While hosting a party is super fun, it can be super stressful too, especially when decorating your home. 

You need just the right props to make your home look fun and inviting, but you don’t wish to splurge a lot for one party.

So today, we have come up with a bunch of budget-friendly decorating ideas for the party to ensure you and your home look ready for it. So let’s get started!

1. No-Sew Table Runner

If you are hosting the party in your backyard, then you will love the idea of a no-sew table runner. You can use a color-coordinated bandana, throw blanket, scarf, or more over your buffet table. Just make sure one end is cascading off the front of the table to allow your guests to see the cloth. It would help if you stuck the cloth to the table to ensure it doesn’t blow off even on the windiest days. 

2. Embellished Balloons

We all love balloons at a party, but at times, the embellished balloons can be too expensive to splurge on. So instead, you can do a simple hack and get pretty embellished balloons at home! Just get hold of cute stickers and regular giant balloons from your local store or home decor online store. Put these stickers on your balloons, and now you have the cutest, most affordable embellished balloons right at home.

3. Statement Backdrops

If you wish to go full out on your party without too many expenses, you have to get a statement backdrop at your house! Just choose one wall you wish to decorate wildly and set to work. We suggest getting cheap huge flowers and similar home decor products from your nearest store – fake or fresh. Next, pile them up with faux greenery and create a vast statement backdrop wall! You can either use it as a photo booth background or keep it in the party’s focal point and set up the cake table in front of it.

4. Monochrome Decor

If you are not the too-many colors kind of person, then the monochrome-themed party is your thing. It is one of the cheapest themes and will look incredibly neat and inviting. You can rent linens or even buy muslin or burlap – both very inexpensive fabrics. In addition, you can get cheap table runners, tablecloths, and napkins at very affordable prices.  

5. Photo-Op Prop

Now, if you are looking for something simpler than our statement backdrop idea, here’s something you can do. Create a cute photo-op prop that gives you and your friends the perfect backdrops to click unforgettable pictures. Use a simple hula hoop, garnish it with balloons, giant flowers, and a few streamers, and that’s it! Your simple photo-op prop is now ready. 

6. DIY Donut Board

Who doesn’t want to enter a party and see a whole board of donuts, right? Well, you can do the same for your guests as well! First, get yourself a simple board and decorate it with subtle yet cute colors. And then, place your donuts on top of the board to allow your guests to choose them when they are craving something sweet. Then, you can keep it right beside your mimosa bar during the summer or beside the Irish coffee bar during winter. Isn’t that the perfect combo!

7. DIY Drink Bucket

Of course, you need a place to keep your drinks cool before your guests consume them. But you cannot always keep bringing them from your freezer. So we suggest taking an old bucket and turning it into your drink bucket! First, spray paint the old thing with your favorite color and let it air dry. Then put on as many stickers as you want to make the bucket look fun and chic. And that’s it! Load it up with ice, keep the drinks in it, and your DIY drink bucket is ready. 

8. Dollar Store Candlestick Upgrade

Lastly, if you want your party to look more sophisticated, we suggest getting some candlesticks. And not the expensive kind – just the simple ones from your local dollar store. You can upgrade them by spray painting them with matte black, silver, or metallic gold. Next, intertwine them with fresh or fake plants and set them on your dining table. These will look simply elegant and give your guests a delicate dining vibe at your party. 


And those are some of the best, most affordable decorating ideas you can consider for your next party! They will help your home look beautiful, earn compliments from your friends, and won’t even cost too much. So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest home decor store and get the decorating items today!

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