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All you need to know about task dependencies

Projects are important for every business, and we know every project is a set of tasks that must be completed effectively and on time for better delivery. 

Do you have the best way of handling the projects? 

Driven by the task dependencies, it requires a small set of actions like proper segregation of tasks, prioritization, and execution to ensure you complete the project in time. It can even feel very daunting if you are not doing it the right way. 

Through this blog, let us help you drill down: 

  • prioritization of tasks 
  • handle projects with ease 
  • streamline and automate your process of project management. 

What does task dependency ideally mean? 

It means completing the tasks in a specific order to complete your project. It is where a task solely depends on another task to be completed. It helps your team decide how to approach a project in less time. These dependencies can be of four different types: 

  • Mandatory
  • Discretionary
  • External
  • Internal

We will discuss each of these in detail. 

Mandatory task dependency 

It is that dependency legally required to define the statement of work. The real-life example just means the following: you can initiate the ceiling only after building the walls. It becomes mandatory to complete one process if you need to initiate the next one.  

Discretionary task dependency 

These are not mandatory but can be side aligned. It refers to scheduling activities that are influenced by best practices, team references, and more. You can book an air ticket before you claim insurance

External task dependency 

It refers to that task sequence that needs to be filled with an external influence. It can proceed to the next levels only with proper approvals. Let us take an example: If you want a new hire in your team, you must wait for approval from Human Resources to complete the onboarding process.  

Internal task dependency 

It refers to the tasks that are related to each other and responsible for the project’s completion. The complete authority of these kinds of task dependencies would be within the project team. 

That is one part of it. Additionally, there are four more in the task dependencies: 

  • Finish-to-start (FS): This is a common task dependency where one task is initiated only after the ongoing task is completed. It is purely dependent on the other task and needs a structured completion.  
  • Finish-to-finish (FF): This is the next common. They are interrelated to each other, where one task will be finished only if the proceeding task is also finished. Simultaneous execution of tasks is required to close the project sequence. 
  • Start-to-start (SS): The task cannot start unless the other related task starts. Once the first task starts, only the second one can start, and both can be executed simultaneously. 
  • Start-to-finish (SF): This is not so common. However, it occurs when the task needs its related task to start before the task is completed. 

Why are these task dependencies important for your business? 

If you are looking for efficient project management, then there is nothing else you would be concerned about. All you need is the best project dependencies and the ultimate ways to deal with them. 

1. Handle the on-time project delivery 

Every business needs to deliver projects on time. And on-time project delivery is something that every business is concerned about. So, with a proper project management tool, everything becomes simpler now. It becomes easier to keep track of the task dependencies and then effectively manage the project. Once you find a critical task that needs to be completed soon, you have to break it down into simpler tasks and start executing it to clear off the project. 

2. Efficiently Handle your Project Resources 

Your team is your greatest wealth. If you have a strong project team, then your business is lucky. So, handling the efficiency of the project is crucial, and that is what you enjoy with a project management tool like Yoroproject. It helps you to clear off the project dependencies in a very effective way.   

3. Risk management 

Every business has to keep an eye on the risk factors that are integrated with the nature of the business. Luckily, not all risk factors are uncontrollable. Some can be controlled effectively with reliable task management software. Sometimes, risks may even cut off your resource capabilities or may cause concern for your time management. With proper tools in place, you can handle them with ease. 

How can a reliable project management tool help you manage your task dependencies effectively? 

As we are gearing up for the new year with new resolutions and updates, it’s time for your business to take a big step in elevating your business to new heights. 

Travel with the technology innovations and embrace the changes. With advanced project management tools, you can simplify the process of projects with automation. It also helps you to set the dependencies so that once the assigned tasks are completed, you can immediately initiate the next with minimum time lapse. 

In several cases, it also helps you to understand the impact of the most complicated task and adjust your resource bandwidth according to the need. When you are concerned about the platform’s effectiveness, multitasking is a noteworthy feature. 

So, as you gear up to take your business to new peaks, it is recommended to try out a reliable Project Management software that helps you with several aspects of Analysis and reporting with the help of Gantt chart, kanban board, and more, making your project complexities much simpler. The simpler your task management is, the less complicated your tasks will be. You will never have to look back! 

It is a big step that you would take for your business to feel the change in the way it functions. The timely project deliveries will yield better outcomes, and the inbuilt project management templates in the platform make everything easily accessible. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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