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Austin Immigration Lawyer Helps You Move To The United States

An Austin immigration lawyer has a crucial role in your U.S. visa processing. Read on to find out how this fellow can assist your move to the United States. 

Moving to the United States is part of the American Dream of having a better life. But the main reason may be to enjoy freedom and opportunities. As a result, millions have been trying to reach that dream yearly for good reasons.

Unfortunately, many also failed. So how to make your plan of becoming a U.S. immigrant successful? First and foremost, you need an Austin immigration lawyer to help you with the process. It involves the law of the land, so naturally, you need a professional in that field. 

How Can An Austin Immigration Lawyer Help You?

It makes a difference if you hire an Austin immigration lawyer to guide you in understanding the complexity of the U.S. immigration system. This fellow has the skills and training in the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the law governing immigration policy. 

What other areas can an Austin immigration lawyer help you with your U.S. visa? They can help you with the application, interview, approval, employment authorization, and changing your immigration status until you become a bonafide citizen of the country.

Explain The Visa Process

Visa processing is complex, requiring years of study to gain skills and knowledge to understand how immigration law works. So you need a legal mind to explain the process to you so you can embrace it fully. 

Then, armed with the required information and tips, you gain confidence in your journey to becoming a U.S. resident. If you know what you are doing, there is a greater possibility of success in your endeavor. 

Having the proper knowledge and information gives your visa processing direction and guidance. Thus, you can better achieve your dream of moving to the United States.

Check Completeness Of Visa Applications

An Austin TX immigration lawyer can help check the completeness of your application, including the requirements and their details, the authenticity of the documents, and the supporting evidence.

You can accomplish all these and ensure accurate and correct data when filling out your application. For example, your lawyer can check if your visa will not expire while your application is under assessment.

In addition, the team of Lincoln-Goldfinch Immigration in Austin TX works together to help you organize your documents. For example, they can assist you in making a checklist. This way, the immigration officer can immediately see you have prepared all the requirements and supporting documents.

Help Prepare For An Interview

You must put your best foot forward when you go to the embassy. Prepare ahead of time. Review the details so you can answer correctly. Also, be mindful of the dress code. If the embassy requires business attire, then dress accordingly.

You can have a practice interview with your Austin immigration lawyer to build your confidence. However, try not to memorize your answer. When answering questions, your immigration attorney can provide tips, such as being truthful and precise. There’s no need to launch on the storytelling of your life and why you must go to the United States. They have no relevance whatsoever to your visa application. 

Your immigration attorney in Austin TX will tell you to answer only the question and don’t give unnecessary information because the more you talk, the more mistakes you commit. Be confident and natural. Arrive early so you won’t be stressed out, and it makes a good impression.

Assist In Employment Authorization Application

When you get visa approval, it’s not the end of your journey. Certain visas need employment authorizations or work permits so immigrants can work in the United States upon arrival. Examples of these visas are the following:

  • K-1 Fiance Visa holders.
  • Immigrants with pending applications for adjustment of immigration status.
  • Spouses of visa holders.
  • Immigrants with extraordinary ability or achievement.

Since you must wait a period for your green card, employment authorization is required to get a job in the interim. Having an immigration lawyer in Austin TX is advantageous in applying for a work permit to ensure you comply with the mandated requirements of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

Adjust Immigration Status

An Austin immigration lawyer can help adjust your immigration status by determining if you are eligible for a green card. You need again to fill out paperwork using Form I-485 and file it to USCIS. Also, your attorney can check the status of your application.

You must undergo another interview to get a green card which means another preparation with your lawyer. So it’s not only helping you enter the United States but also to settle in your new home. 

This part of the process is crucial because if your green card is disapproved, you will be subject to deportation. When it happens, your legal counsel can represent you in the proceedings. 

It’s advantageous to have someone who knows your case from the start because your Austin immigration lawyer knows what to do to get you out of that situation. Hiring one is a wise move to protect you from issues that may come up later.

The Lincoln-Goldfinch Immigration

This law firm has the mission of fighting for immigrants to secure their future and have a better life. Lincoln-Goldfinch Immigration is a top-rated and award-winning law firm. 

They have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, Rated 10 By Avvo, Rated 5 stars by clients, and 4.9 (988 Reviews) Google’s Highest Rated In Central Texas. 

In addition, the founding attorney and CEO, Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, is an experienced immigration lawyer with several awards and recognitions under her name.

It is best to contact them for your immigration application. Their lawyers have the skills and abilities to help you and the heart to guide you. So give them a call today and have a free evaluation. 

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