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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science of producing smarter and intelligent human-like machines that work on the instructions that humans feed on them.

With the advancement in technology, many robots, humanoids, and digital humans have created that coordinate with us in specific ways. These AI machines have a higher speed of execution, exceptional accuracy, and high operational abilities. However, they are void of creativity and innovation, but still, it is a confusion can artificial intelligence replace humans in the next decade.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?

AI is already serving in:

  • Artificial Intelligence robots are taking over monotonous tasks.
  • Artificial intelligence-based humanoids are implying the best investment strategies.
  • They are enforcing laws to protect and serve citizens.
  • AI is also good at handling repetitive tasks.

Now the question is, can artificial intelligence replace humans? This is a very complicated question. In one way, the claim is yes, like humans, these plastic machines can work remotely and with more accuracy than humans.

The answer is no because artificial intelligence can change our jobs but can never take the place of original thinking and creativity that a human has blessed with. Human information relates to adaptive learning and decision making that a machine can not do.

Let’s have a glance at how AI differs from humans?

There are many positive sides to this AI revolution in this digitalized era, and it will be a more popular plot point in the next decade. But, these so-called robots and AI revolution are just based on the date human brain feeds and works only on limited functions.

1. AI free of creativity

Emotional intelligence is the feature of human brains. Artificial intelligence can plow through millions of psychology books and can tell all signs and symptoms of a psychological disorder. The human head can read the face and eyes of the person and can surely predict the problem more creatively.

Similarly, the human brain works on art, music, and literature to create innovative content, but it will fail a robot to do so. It can help you convey your message by predicting original words but cannot transfer your emotions and feeling that you can shade my face.

AI only work and learn in the set of given data and under particular parameters that human have set in them. This is the reason they cannot replace human brains.

2. AI Takeover

The artificial intelligence devices work on many tasks that range from trivial to monumental. As the applications are increasing day by day, masses wonder that AI is replacing the need of human beings. But it is not valid in some respects.

AI has taken over the world with its diversity of operations in almost every field of life. For example, you open google maps; an operator is there to guide you. You go to buy food; the machine is there to the make bill, calculate, and receiving money.

It is all the workforce that is a blend of technology and the human brain. This blend cannot identify by the user’s end, whether it is a human communicating or a machine.

If these robots have brought so much change and served humans to make their existence smarter, it is nothing to be objectable.

While artificial intelligence is taking over the world, there are still many limitations that prevent its dominance or replacement on human beings.

3. AI & Healthcare

Healthcare is the profession left where AI won’t replace doctors for some basic reasons. Although, in the US, a robot welled surgery and in less time than a human doctor.

Healthcare will need humans in the form of physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals because healthcare is a sensitive field that cannot rely on computational work only.

We can assign many jobs to machines like medical transcriptions, medical record keeping, and health information, etc. but still can artificial intelligence replace humans in the medical field? NO. It’s a harmful activity to put millions of lives on risk by the treatment from an AI system.

4. Skill, Innovation & Developments

Aside from all the automation of artificial intelligence, these machines can not take the creative, social, and negotiation skills from humanity. AI systems were made to ease the cores for humans not to replace them. AI can perform the tasks in an occupation, but still, the need for a professional will be at its place.

Nothing is lost. With the advancement and involvement of AI in human areas of work, new job opportunities are also developed.

Social media marketing jobs were non-existent a few years ago. But today, social media marketers are earning substantial income through the use of the latest technology and techniques.

In conclusion, we have only observations that artificial intelligence is replacing human beings in various industries, but it is the result of social innovation and will not replace human beings. Rapid expansion needs constant regulations and laws to guards the effects of AI technology.

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