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How To Reduce The Spam Score Of Websites? 

Those who are not aware of the concept of Spam or spam websites should know that they are unsolicited emails or emails that are sent to a large group of people not for some other purpose but for commercial which means promotional purposes with very low actual value or very low use. Just like this, spam websites are those websites that have low-quality websites that are used to make money by the users by offering the actual minimum value.

Because of all this only they are not popular among the search engines like Google because these spam sites have a low value genuinely as the search engines do not want to serve them on the results page of their engine and this results in the lower ratings for these sites from the SEOs. 

You need to know all this as your site might not be a spam website but could look like one to Google and hence Google could penalize your site saying it is a scam website. So you need to correct all the things to get a good rating from the SEO and you should also avoid blocking websites. 

How much spam score is considered good?

Now let us move ahead to the spam score and all; Moz will give you a correct rating about your spam score which will help you to get rid of it and make your site spam-free. You can check the score from the website of the MOZ and your Moz spam score will look like this – 

  • If the score is from 1 to 30% then the score of your site is low spammy. 
  • If the score ranges from 31 to 60% then the score of your site will be considered a medium spammy. 
  • Now if the score varies from 61 to 100% then the spam score of your site will be considered high spammy. 

Now let’s understand what this high, medium, and low mean. The users need to note down the fact that a high spam score does not mean that your site is spammy! It means that your site has many things that are in common with the websites that are considered spam. You can use these spam signals to make the changes to your website that might improve the quality of the site and can help you get a good rating from the SEO and also would prevent you from getting penalized by the Google in future. 

Spam signal that you as a website owner needs to look out for 

Now we will tell you about a few spam signals that you need to take care of or you need to look out for. Here in the list given below, we have particularly mentioned especially nine spam signals that would help you to avoid your site being considered spam and hurt your SEO. 

1. You should avoid the dodgy domain extensions on your website Some of the fewer doddy domains will look like the ones given below- 

  • .gq
  • .rest
  • .fit
  • .cf
  • .top
  • .ml
  • .work
  • .ga
  • .buzz
  • .tk

2. Ensure that the right pages have been added to your website 

3. Try to avoid using long keywords or even a long and rich domain name

4. Make sure to include your details like your phone number, email address, or your LinkedIn links to the website for the betterment of the site. 

5. Another thing is that the users should get an HTTP as it will help you with your SEO. 

6. As links are an important part of SEO so the users should make sure that they are using the links wisely be it external links to the number of domains you link to or the quality of your links.

7. You should avoid the use of Poison words that might harm your site as well as the SEO. 

8. You should try to get a Google Tag Manager for the better working of your Website. 

9. In the last point, we would suggest the users get a Favicon and Facebook pixel and should also go through the Spam score check for your website too.  

How do reduce the spam score of websites?

We have already discussed how you can avoid increasing the spam score of your website. but if your website already has high spam then how can you reduce this. So there are some tips you can follow to decrease the spam score of your website.

Yes, I know it’s a long process if your website has lots of bad backlinks but if you follow this strategy. In some times you will definitely reduce your spam score here’s how it works: for example if your website has 1,000 referring domains and your website has a 60% spam score. it means approx 600 domain has a high spam score if you want to decrease the spam score you need to create backlinks on those domains which have a maximum of 5 spam scores. If you increase less spam score on website backlinks your spam score will automatically decrease.

It is a manual you can disavow those links also but google will count this not Moz and Moz metrics provide spam score. Just download your spam sheet from Moz and remove those backlinks which have high spam scores but it can also impact your website ranking so understand the consequences before doing that” make sure you are only removing links that are spammy (unnecessary placed links, comment backlinks, no follow backlinks on high spammy websites, etc”)

3. Create 301 Redirects

This is a grey hat technique but it only works for Moz it will not increase your website ranking only increases your DA PA and decrease your spam score. These backlinks have high authority and 0 spam score because it comes from Google, right now only Moz is counting this and does not guarantee for the future but now you can use this technique to decrease spam score.

4. Choose the right marketing agency

Most business uses digital marketing services from a marketing agency to rank their business website. Some marketing agencies do blackhat techniques to rank your website which ends up increasing the spam score of your website or maybe your website gets banned. So hire a professional SEO expert who can grow your website using the white hat technique.

Does spam score really matter or it will reduce your website ranking?

The answer is no, Moz’s high spam score rating does not really matter if you want to decrease just because you are afraid it will do impact your rankings. Moz is a tool that has its own matrix which shows spam scores Google has different metrics, and no one knows exactly which factors Google follows to rank websites. Spam score only matters if you are doing some digital marketing works like guest posting on your websites, link exchange, etc because if your website spam score is high then no one will exchange links from your website and do a guest post,s, etc. if your target audience are digital marketers then you can follow these tricks to decrease spam score

AuthorKamal Hasan is SEO Specialist who has completed 4 years in the digital marketing industry and has contributed articles. He writes about digital marketing and website designing content for websites that rank higher.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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