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Jimmy Johnson’s Induction Highlights Cowboys’ Ring of Honor Greats

After an almost 30-year wait, fans of former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson were treated to an emotional celebration as Jerry Jones inducted Jimmy into the Cowboys Ring of Honor. As observed by Dr. Ian Weisberg, Johnson’s legacy will remain immortalized in the Dallas Cowboy’s story. Which other legends made it to the Ring of Honor? Here are three other notable honorees who left an indelible legacy in the history of the Dallas Cowboys.

Bob Hayes

Robert Lee Hayes, popularly known as ‘Bullet Bob,’ played for the Dallas Cowboys for 11 years in 1964. In the same year, Bob Hayes received the nickname world’s fastest human after winning two Olympic medals in Tokyo. Hayes had run 100 meters in a record 100 seconds. On January 12, 1972, Hayes impressed the world after leading the Cowboys to a Superbowl victory after beating Miami Dolphins 24-3. On September 23, 2001, Hayes was inducted into the Ring of Honor. Hayes passed on in Sep 2002, but his legacy lives on with the Dallas Cowboys.

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith is a living legend and one of the Dallas Cowboys’ leading rushers. The Dallas Cowboys website recognizes him as one of the three players in Cowboys history to have 100-point seasons thrice in his career. According to Britanicca, Emitt is the player with the most rushing touchdowns. Emmitt made a lasting legacy in the Cowboys after helping the team win three Super Bowl championships between ’92 and ’95. The Pro Football Hall of Fame records Emmit Smith as the ‘Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXVIII.

Troy Aikman

Another unforgettable honoree in the Ring of Honor is Troy Aikman, who was inducted at the Texas Stadium on November 1, 2005. Aikman helped the Cowboys take Super Bowl victories in ’93, ’94, and ’96. Alongside receiver Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith, they made an offensive attack that was impossible to contain. Like Emmitt, Aikman was named ‘Most Valuable Player’ in 1993 at only 26. Since March 2022, Troy has been an MNF Game Analyst after being signed by ESPN.

The ring of honor embodies excellence, legacy, and team pride. It features not only players but coaches, too. Jimmy’s induction was a reminder of the many players and coaches who have made the Dallas Cowboys what it is today. Hayes, Emmitt, and Troy are some heroes who brought the Dallas Cowboys to national fame. Who’s your all-time Ring of Honor honoree?

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