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Office Design: Key Elements for Restroom Spaces

There is no doubt that the design of an office space can have a notable impact on employee morale, comfort, and productivity. One often overlooked area where design can affect these aspects is the office restroom. A well-designed restroom can positively impact both employees and building occupants—read on to learn more about proper office design and the key elements for your restroom spaces.

Adequate Space

One of the most important elements of a well-designed restroom is adequate space. Restrooms should offer plenty of space to move around to avoid any cramped feeling. This means stalls should be wide enough to accommodate all body sizes, with plenty of space between the toilet, sink, and other fixtures to allow for easy movement. Additional space is especially important—and often legally required—for accessible restroom facilities.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is another key component of a well-designed restroom. A restroom with inadequate lighting can appear uninviting or even eerie to occupants. On the other hand, a restroom with the right lighting can help occupants feel more relaxed. To achieve this, you should incorporate natural light whenever possible. You can maximize natural light coverage by placing mirrors in specific areas to reflect the light throughout the entire space. If natural light isn’t available, consider energy-efficient LEDs and accent wall lights to create the ideal bathroom environment.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are also critical elements of a well-designed restroom. This means choosing sturdy stall dividers, installing high-quality doors that can be locked for privacy, and adding features like privacy screens around urinals. Occupants should feel completely secure and safe while using the restroom. For a more luxurious feel and maximum privacy, consider fully enclosed bathroom stalls with wall-to-ceiling doors—many high-end commercial spaces utilize this design choice to create a more peaceful, productive environment.

Routine Maintenance

No matter how nicely designed your restroom is, it will not be effective if it is not maintained regularly. It is important to prioritize daily cleaning to keep the space clean and hygienic, and to invest in proactive maintenance to keep fixtures, equipment, and materials looking good. Hire an effective custodial workforce and ensure they always have the right cleaning products available for urgent maintenance tasks. You can support these maintenance efforts by installing automatic air fresheners to improve indoor air quality and maintain pleasant scents within the restroom space.

Follow these office design tips to ensure your restroom spaces have these key elements. By focusing on areas such as adequate space, proper lighting, privacy, security, and regular maintenance, you can create a restroom that meets functional needs and contributes positively to employee morale, comfort, and productivity.

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