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Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring Bintan Island with Sindo Ferry

Bintan Island is a popular destination for tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore. With pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery, Bintan is the perfect getaway for those seeking a relaxing vacation. One of the best ways to reach Bintan Island is via Sindo Ferry, which offers comfortable and convenient ferry rides from Singapore to Bintan. This beginner’s guide will provide all information about Sindo Ferry to Bintan Island, ferry ticket prices, and more. Let’s get started! 

About Sindo Ferry

Sindo Ferry is a leading ferry operator that connects Singapore and Bintan Island. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Sindo Ferry provides safe, reliable, and affordable ferry services to its passengers. The company has a modern fleet of vessels equipped with comfortable seats, air-conditioning, and other amenities to ensure a pleasant journey for its passengers.

Sindo Ferry serves the following routes – 

  • Singapore to Batam – The drop-off points are Sekupang, Batam Centre
  • Singapore to Bintan – The drop-off points are Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Balai

The boarding points in Singapore are Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and HarbourFront Terminal

Sindo Ferry Schedule

Sindo Ferry operates daily trips between Singapore and Bintan Island. The ferry schedule is subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. It is advisable to check the Sindo Ferry website for the latest schedule. 

The ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan Island takes approximately 55 minutes. 

  • TANAH MERAH to TANJUNG PINANG (Singapore Time) – 11:00, 13:20, 18:20 hrs 
  • HARBOURFRONT to TANJUNG BALAI (Singapore Time) – 11:40, 18:20 hrs 

Sindo Ferry offers flexible timings for passengers, making it convenient for them to plan their trips. It is essential to arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before departure to ensure smooth boarding.

Sindo Ferry Booking

Booking a ferry ticket with Sindo Ferry is easy and convenient. You can book your tickets online through their website or mobile app. You can also book your tickets at their ticketing counters at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Bintan Island Ferry Terminal. It is advisable to book your tickets in advance to avoid last-minute rush and disappointment.

Singapore to Bintan Ferry Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for Sindo Ferry from Singapore to Bintan Island vary based on the type of ticket, the age of the passenger, and other factors. The ticket prices for adults start from SGD 31 per person, while the prices for children and seniors start from SGD 24 per person. You can also avail of discounts and promotional offers by booking your tickets in advance or using certain credit cards.

Onboard Amenities

Sindo Ferry offers various amenities on board to ensure a comfortable journey for its passengers. The ferry is equipped with air-conditioning, comfortable seats, and clean washrooms. You can also purchase snacks, drinks, and souvenirs from the onboard retail store. Additionally, you can enjoy the scenic view of the sea and capture some beautiful memories on your camera.

Things to Do on Bintan Island

Bintan Island is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The island boasts of stunning beaches, scenic hiking trails, world-class golf courses, and luxurious resorts. You can indulge in various water sports activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and jet skiing. You can also explore the local villages and interact with the friendly locals to learn about their culture and traditions.

Make sure you fulfill all Bintan Entry travel requirements before planning your trip. 

Final Word

With its comfortable ferry rides and numerous attractions, Bintan Island is the perfect destination for your next vacation. Sindo Ferry makes your journey to Bintan Island hassle-free and enjoyable. So, pack your bags, book your ferry tickets, and get ready to experience the beauty of Bintan Island with Sindo Ferry.

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