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Top 10 Cities In Florida That Are Best for Families

Individuals looking to start a family are always looking for a place that will be favorable for all their needs. Several factors will constantly be in play when selecting a suitable area. That said if you have a new family, you shouldn’t overlook the potential benefits that come with being a Florida resident. The factors that are considered essential to the survival of the family within any area might include, quality of education, the transportation system, cost of housing, health facilities,  safety, the culture, job market, and the quality of education. 

To that end, here are a couple of cities that are family-friendly in Florida 

1. Oviedo

Oviedo is just the perfect location to settle with your family. The cost of renting and owning a home in Oviedo is very affordable. It comes with no shock finding a family that has stayed in one house for more than ten years. In addition to that, families live in high numbers due to not only the affordable housing but also the availability of spacious living spaces. The system of education is also on the upper level as a big percentage of the population boast of a high level of literacy. 

2. Port Orange

The city comes with several recreation areas that have the family’s fun times at the heart of the city’s framework. Daytona Beach is very close to the city and offers the family a chance to enjoy the salty waters. The best part is the quality of transportation within the city. With easy maneuvering capabilities through the city, the commute time allows a timely execution of activities. Most of the locals are holders of highschool degrees making an assurance that your kid’s education will be in safe hands.

3. Boca Raton 

From quality education to great security, affordable housing, great neighborhoods, just to mention a few, Boca Raton has it all. The city has several routes which reduces the commute time from point A to point B, which in most cases is usually under 25 minutes. Most of the families that have kids that have surpassed their teenage years and have enjoyed a high-quality education. When you want to take time off work and have fun with the family, there are several leisure activities you can indulge in during the weekends and other holidays. For instance, the Mizner and Red Reef Park offer an assortment of experiences for the family’s memory books. The housing cost is not as low as the previous cities but it averages at a lower amount when compared to other cities within the Floridian borders. You can see more boca raton real estate on Chance Realty.

4. Miami Lakes

For a city that has a great sense of communal togetherness, Miami Lake is the place to be. Most of its residents tend to enjoy living in the same area for a long period, enough time to nurture neighborhood bonds. In as much as it is a city outside Miami, it still has the access to the glorious Miami culture. Things like the beach and numerous eateries bring the family members together as they enjoy the outdoors. 

Due to the proximity to the famous beach city of Miami, the road network tends to be quite busy and that makes the commute time on the upper side on the scale. What Miami Lakes lacks in commute, it compensates with the high quality of education. Most of the residents have cleared their high school level.

5. Palm Beach Gardens 

Some of the things that stand out the most in Palm Beach Gardens include housing, rent, mortgage, and leases that are on the low allowing the monthly family budget channeled towards other expenses. The sun-kissed city of Palm Beach hosts beautiful sceneries that can be easily accessed on foot. There is great ease in finding your way through the city streets as most of the roads are always in constant homogeneous flow.

6. Jupiter

The city has a beautiful combination of the factors that makes any area as family-friendly as can be. Starting, the area has great activities that will allow you and your family to connect. The car races in the neighboring city of Palm Beach and the natural coastline are just several places to visit. When it comes to making a yearly family budget, a quarter of the budget goes to housing expenses. Quite a small price to pay considering that you get value for your money and more.

7. Jacksonville 

Jacksonville comes to the list with a great advantage of both great education and affordability. The area is the home for two educational institutions namely North Florida University and Florida State College. The big employers of this city include the bank and health industries. The family budget enjoys low expenditure on housing as the city has quite a low cost on both housing and living.

8. Clearwater

If you are the head of any household then you are likely always looking for a place that is safe for your family. Clearwater has high levels of security due to high employment and literacy. Most of the family income comes from numerous companies situated in this city. Also, the beautiful sandy beaches and the ocean allows the residents to enjoy a culture of family weekends at the beach. 

9. Orlando

Famous for being the home of the greatest amusement park, Disney World, Orlando is favorable when it comes to the availability of employment and entertainment. Apart from Disney, there are a couple of other recreational facilities for the entire family set up. Shopping hubs, theme parks, and restaurants to mention but a few. The residents have easy access to institutions such as the University of Central Florida and boast having a large number of young minds enrolled.

10. Port St. Lucie 

The area is an easy-going city with a low number of people crowding at the beach. It is also home to wholesome outdoor experiences like great hiking trails and golf courses that make it a hub for the exchange of cultures and wellness. Access to such recreational amenities makes the city great for the family. As an added advantage the safety levels are always improving in direct proportion to the increase in population. Compared to the adjacent city of Miami, the cost of living is quite low and makes the city suitable for most family sizes.

If you have been considering moving to Florida with your family or to start one, then you are spoilt for choice because there many favorable options for any family setting. The above list shows some of the best locations in Florida that you might be interested in. 

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