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Top Must-Have SaaS Tools for Small Businesses

As businesses look to expand their horizons, they need to adapt to new technologies for speed & efficiency. Cloud computing has made a tremendous contribution in enhancing business capabilities and reach. SaaS (Software as a Service) is referred to as the cloud services assisting consumers to access tools online. It is a popular alternative to traditional installation systems and businesses can work remotely with help of relevant tools.

Small businesses eye for resources with maximum output and SaaS tools are ideal for accessing data remotely. The SaaS users can now subscribe to the tools on a monthly or annual basis! These are relevant tools used online by saving data on the cloud. The apps are available in a configured manner to small businesses & ready-to-use. But the list of tools is long and requires careful evaluation. This guest post highlights the most vital SaaS tools in use for small businesses & details related to them!

SaaS is referred to as the on-demand cloud-based solution that assists small businesses in running essential apps on the internet. Thus, there is hardly any need to procure or install expensive hardware and it also results in the decrease of maintenance fees. These are also rented tools that the businesses can opt for a thoroughly licensed subscription. Also, the app company hosts the software on the servers and grants paying users access via the internet. There are multiple benefits of using SaaS tools and one should know the tools they require.

 SMBs need to stay focused on business growth and always look to make the most of available resources. Thanks to the rising popularity of SaaS products, businesses can support their needs at cost-effective rates. The growth of SaaS has been tremendous in recent years and SMBs were able to get the best of the technology. Let us now look at some of the best SaaS tools meant to benefit small businesses.

1. Slack

It is one of the effective communication tools for internal business needs. The SaaS communication tool provides remote team access and brings all the communications needs to one location. Users can create a message group known as ‘Channel’ for a team or project. All the team members can communicate & collaborate in one place and share files easily. The software can also be easily integrated across 2000+ apps. Small businesses looking to enhance the communication channels within their teams can use the SaaS tools. It is easy to use and supports voice/video calls!

2. Hubspot

The software is meant for sales & marketing needs in the market! It is an inbound marketing platform for Customer Relationship Management and handling of sales. The SaaS tools are assisting the sales teams with assistance for target prospects, ensure productive interaction, conduct successful email campaigns, and measure the results. Hubspot is offering top-rated email marketing automation functionality to create its workflows & integrate the contact profiles. Some of the other features of the SaaS tool include lead generation, marketing automation, and cover multiple aspects of the sales cycle. 

3. Buffer

It is the SaaS tool for social media management! Businesses need to be active on social media these days and thus need to be using the right tools to manage the work. Buffer is a reputed social media management tool that allows the posting of multiple social media accounts from a single Buffer account. Other features of the SaaS tool include scheduling of posts, tracking of content performance, & management of profiles in one location. The software is also the best analytical tool and helps to determine top-performing content & appropriate strategies. 

4. Intercom

It is the customer support SaaS tool that is assisting businesses to personalize interactions. Intercom is also allowing companies to send a personalized message based on customer needs! The SaaS tool is assisting in examining problematic areas for the customer. Businesses are also able to strike the right conversation with customers through in-app messages based on customer behavior. The key features of the tool include in-app communication, tracking of customer behavior, and conversational messages.

5. elink

Businesses also need content for delivering the right message and also use the data correctly on online platforms. elink is the kind of content curation tool that helps marketers to publish accurate newsletters, web pages, & embedded web content with just the addition of links. It is easy to convert the weblink collections to email newsletters and can be exported to other tools like MailChimp, Gmail, & third-party email providers.

With the help of Elink, small businesses can track the content performance and also engage in multiple channels to share the content. The software offers pre-built layouts and thus the businesses can focus on the collection of relevant content.

6. Trello

Trello is the SaaS project management tool that helps the creation of boards, lists, & cards to ensure higher business productivity. It also assists the SMBs to collaborate with the projects flexibly and make the task of the team simple. You always need some assistance from technology to ensure effective completion of projects and Trello is one such tool that allows syncing across multiple devices.

Businesses looking to work on multiple tools at one time can use Trello to manage projects from one place. It provides the right kind of visual appeal with its Kanban-style boards and is easy to use. The software also ensures collaboration through notifications & comments.

7. Toggl

It is the productivity SaaS tool to assist businesses in the tracking of time for the completion of projects. Business officials tend to lose track of time with an increase in the number of screens. The tool is helping to keep track of all the employees and time spent on completion of allotted work. Toggl is a powerful time tracking product that provides an overview of the team’s workload & spots the potential issues in the workflow. The tool also helps businesses sync the desktop, Android, & iOS apps. It is an easy-to-learn SaaS product and ensures profitability analysis. It also has automated & manual tracking modes.

8. Freshbooks

It is the award-winning tool for generating the right kind of invoices & keeping track of accounting needs within the system. The reliable & agile accounting tool is helping small businesses keep a track of their finances. Freshbooks has the intuitive design & automated processes that ensure the creation of analytical reports instantly. The SaaS product has different functionalities to take care of the business accounting needs. Businesses can stay connected & take care of finances with help of the Freshbooks mobile app.

Final Thoughts!

Hope you now have the correct details of productive SaaS tools in the market! Small businesses should make an informed decision to run businesses smoothly. Do not fall behind by relying on traditional methods of project management & business operations. The SaaS products are changing the business landscape as it doesn’t require the need of tedious hardware investments. Rent the tool that promises swifter management of business operations within the committed time frame.

SaaS products are cloud-based and are easily scalable! Thus businesses don’t need to buy additional tools or servers. Select the reputed SaaS provider to be completely sure of the services & 24/7 technical assistance. Businesses should make smart decisions while selecting the technology for business operations & SaaS products have a lot of promise in today’s era. They are updated regularly to provide the right benefits to businesses in the management of operations.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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