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Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics Job Opportunity

Digital technology is ruling the world in a greater way and every career-oriented individual is much focused towards establishing their career path in the digital transformation. There are various branches of career opportunities found in the digital technology e and one of the key designations is Google analytics specialist. If you have decided to set your career path in the Google analytics zone then this article will throw some highlights related to the designation. Everyone witnesses in this world the digital transformation which creates an inevitable need for the organization to adapt them to this technology.

Massive increasing demand for this career found and mostly the metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities are ready to intake individuals who are excellent in this Google analytics Technology.

Google analytics

Before understanding the job opportunities available for this position, it is important that we understand what this platform is all about and voice search importance or curiosity is associated whenever we hear the term Google analytics. This especially helps in the organizations to measure the behaviour of the users on their respective websites for stock tracking and measuring the customers’ attitude and behaviours with website reaction is what you called as Google analytics. This tool is prosperously accepted due to its excellent features helping in measuring the performances of the advertisements, camp fines and other platforms.

Competitive edge is neck to neck for this Google analytics position like the other related platforms for stop it is said that almost 10000 websites have been found using this Google analytics tool in order to complete their market and this particular Technology surpasses the Adobe analytics tool.

Google analytics job profiles

It is significant that people who as fire to occupy any of the Google analytics positions should be processing the necessary skills required and the matching expectations of the organizations. Your below we are going to have a view of major job profiles found in this Google analytics zone.

Google analytics manager

One of the topmost profiles found in this zone and it is responsible for creating, building and planning the organizations account structure, requirement strategies, goal finalization matching the campaign managers inputs, tracking mechanism implementation, creating reporting structure for different teams and designations who work associated with the Google analytics analyst. This entire concept will fetch out the actionable points and changes to be made while we collect the data for the business implementation. This particular role demands that end to end function happens very smoothly with the Google analytics teams.


  • Google analytics basic and fundamental knowledge, experience in handling end to end process of Google analytics.
  • Extensive knowledge in data analysis
  • Google tag manager knowledge and experience
  • Effective management of digital marketing campaigns

Google analytics implementer

Various responsibilities are attached to this position yet we can find below some of the major contributions and holdings of a Google analytics implementer.

  • Google analytics manager shall provide inputs to the implementer to create Google analytics account
  • Implementation of Google analytics tracking with respective to the website. Alongside the implementer should also ensure the metrics tracking are appropriate
  • According to the requirements the implementer should create property and filter application views
  • Considering the requirements goals need to be created. Destination goals in Google analytics account, events in GTM account. Shouldn’t forget to track the goals.
  • Integration of Google accounts like Google AdWords, Google webmaster Google AdSense and others
  • Tracking code implementation for third party platforms like Facebook pixel, LinkedIn tracking code and others
  • Offline platform integrations like CRM with Google analytics. This is definitely helpful and customizing the metric and dimensions for the Google analytics reporters.

Entire job requires only minimum time and responsibilities. Especially the small and medium sized companies would definitely go for outsourcing this job or try to integrate with the other roles named as job enrichment or job enlargement. In the marketing agency this plays a critical role because it completely depends on the measuring tracking of the advertisement related areas.


  • The aspirant of the candidate should possess the decent knowledge in the Google analytics zone
  • Understanding and expertise in the field of Google tag manager
  • Fundamentals of HTML and JavaScript knowledge

Google analytics reporter

  • The responsibilities of the Google analytics reporter are few yet they play a significant role.
  • Google analytics report needs to be prepared on a daily basis, weekly, monthly quarterly as well as annually and to be shared to respective people.
  • According to the Google analytics analyse the data needs to be fetched and match to the requirement by processing and preparing in the Excel format
  • Customer is metric and dimensions in the Google analytic has to be created according to the requirement prescribed and the Google analytics implementers assistance need to be sought


  • Aspirants or the individual who is interested to pursue this career should have the family are it in the Google analytics user interface
  • Expertise in the field of Microsoft Excel is needed

Google analytics analyst

Find below the major tasks and responsibilities of the Google analytics analyst

Google tricks reporter train needs to be checked with the help of periodic reports and data analysis with statistical tools like scatter diagram, Pareto chart hypothesis testing and any other programming languages included also to be followed. Actionable strategies and insights need to be shared with the team members.

In order to statistical analysis results conducting a/b testing for various campaigns is needed

Noting down every minute details associated with the campaign change in order to measure the effectiveness and to report whether the change made is applicable or not.


  • The candidate who aims to be acquiring this position should have a perfect knowledge on data handling and who is passionate towards statistical package is appreciated
  • Preference for six sigma certified professionals are given

Industries Google analytics job profiles

It is an evident statement that Google analytics experts are demanded in every industry whoever is focused on website development for the branding or marketing purpose. Find below the requirement and the industries that are very much particular about the following Google analytics professionals.

    • E-Commerce industry
    • Lead generation industry
    • Marketing agency

Google analytics professional remuneration

One of the highly paid and demanded professionals is obviously a Google analytic professional. Supply to the demand is very low yet the attractive salary is captivating the individuals who have fire to establish their career in the digital line. Salary changes from location to location.


Opportunities are plenty in the analytics industry. If you are really strong on numbers and data then this is the best job and career line suiting you. To create a strong career, join the web analytics certification course.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.

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