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Use Wall Decor To Make Your Home More Artistic

After being indoors for so long in 2020, we can’t underestimate the importance of living in a place we love! Whether it’s an apartment or a house, you can use wall decor to make your home more artistic and unique. But how? Well, keep on reading to find out! 

Wall decor is a great way to turn a house into a home that is a visual representation of your style. You could get a steer skull for a rustic vibe, or, for a vintage look, you could buy retro wall art. Aesthetics aside, wall decor can help make rooms look bigger or create a focal point in an area.

But what kind of wall decor goes better with your personality? And how can you use wall decor to turn your house or apartment into a piece of art? Keep scrolling to discover it!

How to Use Wall Decor to Make Your Home More Artistic

There are many ways to take your home to the next level with wall decor. With the right products and items, you can turn a plain area into a room full of art and personality.

That said, before you buy wall decor online, you need to figure out what style you would like your home to have.

That said, before you buy wall decor online, you need to figure out what style you would like your home to have. Although you can break some rules now and then, it’s rarely a good idea to mix too many themes. Why? Because you’re risking turning your house into a theme park with no cohesion.

So, let’s say you’re a fan of old western movies. You may want to settle on a country, rustic style for your living room. 

You could get handmade wall decor that resembles hunting trophies. The best part? No animals get hurt to make these products since they come in stone and other materials.

You could complement this style with wall arts that combine wood and steel or silver. If you love to travel, you could arrange your pictures of the countryside in wooden frames and hang them on the wall. This method will allow you to put a personal spin on your decoration that is always welcome!

If you aim for a minimalistic, industrial look, you could buy wall decor that looks like old machinery. Think of metal or wooden gears that seem like they belong in an antique engine! 

These pieces will look even more striking if the wall is in concrete. And, if you love art nouveau or art deco architecture, this style will be right up your alley! You’ll feel like you’re living in the Metropolis film or a Great Gatsby party.

If you’re an antique collector, you could display your precious items on shelves on any wall. 

But please make sure the shelves are high enough. You don’t want any visitor’s kids to “play” with (destroy) your old cameras or typewriters, right? We didn’t think so!

If you’re always reading, you could put bookshelves in any room too. Books are great icebreakers when you have visitors, and they are timeless. 

You could also pick quotes from your favorite books or writers, frame them, or get them on vinyl. Trust us; good literature never goes out of style! 

If books aren’t your thing but music is, you could frame or place your favorite records on shelves for the world to see.

A popular thing to do nowadays is to create a gallery wall. 

This type of wall consists of several (sometimes too many) pictures arranged together. The fun part is that the frames don’t even have to be in the same style, color, or size. So, if you own many posters, you could try this and think of it as a puzzle or collage. 

The posters or prints can also be as different as you want, but you may need a large space for it to look good. 

Still, if you prefer it, you can also stick to a theme, color, or style. You can even buy a wall art series for an extra cohesive vibe.

But wall decor is not only for your living room. You can make any part of your house more charming, with the right products.

If you love coffee (who doesn’t!?), you could get retro wall art with old coffee machines in it. This type of wall art will look great in your kitchen, no matter its size. 

Benefits of Wall Decor

One of the main benefits of buying wall decor is that you’ll be saving floor space. So, if you live in a tiny place, you can think vertically and leave horizontal space for furniture.

Another benefit of wall decor is that you can use it to make your rooms look bigger. How? The best way is with mirrors, which are common in bathrooms and bedrooms. That said, depending on its size and shape, a mirror can look good anywhere in your house!

You can also use wall decor to create focal points anywhere in your home. Think of a focal point as that wall you want your guests and visitors to stare at the most!

So, if you have a window with tons of light, you could surround it with wall art or a big, striking vinyl. The vinyl’s design is up to you and could be anything from quotes to characters or patterns. Yet, you may want to avoid city landscapes since they’re not the most original!

Last but not least, depending on the item, you can reuse wall art most of the time. If you take care of your frames, you can take them with you if you move to another house or city. So, wall decor is a smart investment in the majority of cases!

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