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What is Landing Page? 10 Types of Landing Page

A landing page is a single web page that’s designed to convert visitors into customers. 

These websites can serve as an email capture or lead generation tool, depending on the type of content you offer and how it’s presented in order for users/potential leads to get what they came looking for when arriving at your site from another source like social media ads or organic search engine results pages (SERP).

They’re called landing pages because visitors land on them after clicking links in your ad or campaign, so you can use these destination websites to target specific audiences with ads. 

You may also want to share content from the dashboard of this landing site across social media platforms like Facebook where it’s easy-to-spot; include hyperlinks within email newsletters that direct people directly back into their inboxes if they open at least one other time while signed up under an active subscription elsewhere online – you get more chances than ever before of getting someone’s attention!

10 Different Types of Landing Page

1. Splash Landing Pages

Splash pages are a great way to confirm the legal age of your users before they can access the content. 

In this example, Budweiser shows their confirmation screen by asking questions about how old you think someone should be and what language preference they would like from among many options. 

It’s important that splash page messages include very little copy so as not only to promote our product but also to maintain user privacy!

Splash pages are the perfect way to announce your site and get visitors interested in what you have. 

They should be used at any point during a marketing funnel, not just for lead generation or getting people onto forms – they’re there so that when someone views them on their computer screen instead of opening through other channels like social media sites we can still capture as much information about them such as name/email address!

The splash page might also present an ad, which benefits the publisher. If a user clicks on this advertisement and visits your website or application’s landing page then you will make money off of it!

2. Squeeze Landing Pages

Squeeze pages are one type of landing page, but with a single goal. They typically have fewer images and simpler content than other types of sites do. 

Other kinds can be longer as they provide education or illustrations for users looking over the site – in order to keep them interested longer before asking them to input their information.

Squeeze pages come into play when it’s time to capture visitors’ contact info like names & phone numbers so that agencies may then get back out there more efficiently!

3. Lead Generation Landing Pages

One of the most popular types of landing pages in marketing is Lead Capture Pages. 

This type can be used at different stages throughout your funnel and it does not always have to be a sales page since they’re longer than squeeze pages, but shorter than other lead capture options such as informational or product tours with videos. 

They’re versatile enough that marketers use them for collecting leads from forms too!

4. Sales Landing Pages

The tone of voice should be professional, and it is important to have both short sales pages (as few words as possible) that can go into detail about the product or service when necessary.

The shorter a page design, the fewer time readers will spend reading them because they don’t want their attention wasted by text on an empty screen; however, a longer copy provides enough information for potential clients who are interested in what you’re offering without boring them with too much talk!

5. Thank You Landing Pages

Your thank-you pages have the opportunity to either move a lead further down your funnel or set up for another purchase. Consider it as an extension of your marketing team, instead! 

There are many ways that can help convert visitors into leads and potential customers: providing content options so they may consume at their leisure; listing other products/services available in case something else is needed; or even using Segment’s social proof feature by sharing what happy users already bought- just remember this will only work if there was some sort of engagement beforehand like filling out forms or completing transactions.

6. Unsubscribe Landing Pages

The unsubscribe page offers a unique opportunity to make your customer feel special. It is an open, wide-open space that you can infuse with more personality and granularity options for those who want it extra specific in preventing general removals from happening; not just one simple “Unsubscribe” button like other companies may have on there!

7. Referral Landing Pages

Having a customer or client loyal enough to recommend you but where they send those friends after the referral can help take their win up to another level. 

A good landing page confirmation of all praises from potential clients’ friend about how great we are makes they feel confident in purchasing as well!

8. 404 Landing Page (Error Page)

The 404 page is an opportunity to take a potential customer from lost, and loyal. 

A strong error page doesn’t need elaborate graphics or animation; it can simply be helpful with humor in the voice of professionalism tone that reflects your brand’s personality best!

9. Click-Through Landing Page

Click-through landing pages provide a customer with value before asking them for money. 

They allow you to show your potential clients what they will get if they buy from you, and make it easier for those who want more information without being pestered by a “buy now” button.

10. Pricing Landing Page

Pricing is a sensitive subject for many businesses, especially if you’re just beginning. 

But it’s important to be transparent with your customers about how much things cost or what kind of plans they offer so that there are no surprises when the time comes to make purchases and leave reviews online like this one from Hubspot which includes an informative pricing page as well as two boxes after each listed feature; before any carousel full o testimonials (which we all know can sometimes end up being more influential than real life examples).

Landing pages are a vital component of any digital marketing strategy. They allow you the opportunity to capture and convert customers that have previously interacted with your brand but may not yet be ready to buy or sign up for your email list. 

It’s important to determine what type of landing page will best fit your company’s needs, as well as figure out how many different types of landing pages is enough for your particular goals. If this sounds like something you need help with (or if it sounds like an awesome task), we can make sure you get all the information and resources needed through our free website audit service! If you are planning to have a landing page, then you can consult experts for the same, so they can start brainstorming together how best to grow your business with customized digital marketing strategies.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for general education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose. It is not intended to be and does not constitute financial, legal, tax or any other advice specific to you the user or anyone else. TurtleVerse does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.



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