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Your customer retention rate is low? Know the reason why?

One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is customer retention. It is an act of retaining existing customers to continue buying products and services in the long run. 

The customer base plays a vital role in the growth of the business. Every business spends a lot of money to attract new customers to avail of products and services. To grow your business, you need to invest time and money in retaining existing customers more than attracting new ones.

Many businesses fail to retain customers due to various reasons such as bad customer experience, ignoring customer feedback, failing loyalty programs, the product is too expensive, competitors giving better value, etc. To cope with low customer retention, you can ensure better customer satisfaction, show more appreciation, and actively ask for reviews to make consumers feel valued. Remember strong customer retention builds the brand reputation and also enhances profitability. 

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why the customer retention rate is low. So, you can focus on which areas need improvement.

Reasons that break your customer retention 

1. Poor customer experience

There is a big ‘No’ from the customers when they have a bad experience. The reasons for customer dissatisfaction can be poor customer support, quality concerns, etc.

Poor customer experience breaks the relationship and loses existing customers as well as new customers. It also harms overall business growth, revenue, and profitability. Businesses can make the customer experience better by addressing the issues with the services on time and taking the responsibility for an improved experience.

2. Slow service than expectation

When customers buy any product or service, it’s obvious they expect fast delivery of service. But, when they have to wait in long queues, the chances are customers feel disheartened and stay away from buying again. The queue system is the solution to resolve the problem of standing in a long queue and faster service time. Well-managed queues can reduce customer anxiety and build a positive brand experience.

3. Customers’ preferences are being neglected

Sometimes, after availing of products and services, customers realize it’s not what they expected or really preferred. So, it’s the responsibility of the business to prevent this from happening and make sure the promotion of the product has been done to the right customers. Thus, they don’t build false hopes regarding the product and services. And, also take feedback from the customers on what they want and fulfill their needs accordingly.

4. Transparency in business

Transparent businesses share information regarding their values, mission, performance, pricing, revenue, etc. In the world of advanced technology, every person is using smartphones. This made the businesses more transparent. Before purchasing any product customers use mobile phones to compare the price with other competitors to avail the best deals. In any case, customers find out the difference in the prices of the same product they shift in seconds. So, businesses need to ensure this will not happen again in the future.

5. The negative attitude of employees

When employees have a negative attitude their work quality will be drastically lower than the required standards. A negative attitude can be an employee consistently coming late, rudeness to other employees or customers and carelessly performing tasks, etc. With this kind of attitude, customers are not willing to take services in the future at all. So, employees need to change their behavior by being polite, honest, and professional at their work. 

6. Focus on attracting new customers rather than existing ones

Many businesses concentrate on acquiring new customers rather than focusing on customer retention. They think getting new customers is an essential key to increasing the market share. Thus, they neglect the existing customer base. Businesses need to give attention to the existing customers who are already willing to avail of the services giving much more chance of making revenue rather than new customers.

7. Lack of customer appreciation

Many businesses give the hope to provide the best services and make customers feel appreciated. But, they forget to appreciate and take them for granted. Thus, the customer feels ignored. In order to retain customers, businesses need to be thankful and make the customers feel special. So, they will remember it in the long run and also recommend the services to their social circle.

8. Ignore customers reviews

Many businesses didn’t bother to keep track of the feedback from the customers. In that case, business owners are not able to understand the needs and preferences of the customers and fail to retain the customers in the future. Collecting feedback from all the customers helps to improve the product and services. Thus, it leads to the overall success of the business and also builds trust with the customers.

9. Customers prefer to buy from competitors 

In this digital era, customers are smart enough to switch to buying products and services from competitors if they get the same service at the best price. As competition always rises, businesses need to bring different services at lower prices from competitors to survive in the market. They need to understand the customer’s preferences and introduce new products and services. This will help businesses not only retain existing customers but also attract new ones.

The bottom line

Customer retention is a crucial aspect for businesses to survive in the long run. After all, loyal customers are much more worthwhile than new customers. But as a business mind, they make a lot of mistakes to gain revenue and profits such as selling expensive products and forcing the customers to buy the product whether it meets customers’ needs or not.

Another major reason for the low customer retention is when they have to wait in long queues for the product and services. To make the customer experience better, businesses can integrate the queue management system into the premises. It helps to manage the long queues by reducing the wait times. Also, appreciate the customer’s needs.

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