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10 Essential Travel Tips to Make You the Savviest Traveler

Travel comes with a lot of baggage, literally and metaphorically.

You have to deal with many logistical issues before, during, and after your travel. If you don’t manage them, you’re going to have a hard time traveling. 

Through the frequency of travel alone, the savviest traveler knows the most efficient way to travel so that they have fun. However, with this article’s help, you don’t need to rack up experience to learn these travel tips to make your trip a lot easier.

On that note, here are a few essential travel tips that will make traveling a smooth ride:

1. Always pack a towel

The towels that we used to dry ourselves off after bathing occupy quite a bit of space in our bag. Even if you only bring one with you and fold the towel, it’s still quite thick.

Therefore, you should get yourself a fast-drying towel instead of your usual towel when you’re traveling. 

The great thing about these towels is that they’re pretty compact so that they won’t occupy a lot of space in your luggage. Aside from being compact, they also dry quickly, so if you’re moving from location to location, they’re going to be very convenient. 

2. Use a small luggage

When traveling, often, the biggest gripe people have is the limit set on the baggage weight.

Instead of worrying about whether you’ve gone over the limit, you should plan for that ahead by bringing a small backpack or suitcase with you. 

If you only plan to bring carry-on luggage with you, you should be even more deliberate with the small backpack or suitcase you’re carrying.

You want it to be small enough that you aren’t tempted to fill the space with other items that you probably don’t need. You also want it to be big enough to put your essentials in with extra space for anything you might want to bring back with you.

3. Pack light

If you genuinely want to be a savvy traveler, the part you have to optimize the most in traveling would be your packing technique. It would be best if you were more efficient with how you pack. Don’t bring any items that you don’t need.

Also, you might be able to get away with buying some essentials at your destination instead of packing them with you.

For example, there indeed are toiletries that you can buy at your destination. Instead of worrying about fluid ounces, you can opt to buy once you land instead.

4. Bring extra socks

If you’re going to pack any extras, pack extra socks and underwear, but you probably already know that, so let’s focus on why you need to bring extra socks.

If you’re wearing the same pair of shoes, the sweat from your feet in that enclosed space is going to fester. It’s going to start accumulating all sorts of bacteria, and that’s what makes your feet stink.

That’s why you should air out your shoes and feet more. Bringing extra socks will help you by allowing your feet not to soak in its sweat.

5. Take an extra bank card

When traveling anywhere, cash is the safest way to transact. You won’t have to worry about whether they accept cards or not.

However, you should bring your debit and credit cards with you when traveling.

You never know when you need to withdraw more funds. Plus, sometimes, your card might get declined.

Having an extra will allow you to have more chances in case that does happen.

6. Use no-fee bank cards

Speaking of bringing your debit and credit cards with you, make sure you’re using no-fee bank cards when traveling. The transaction fee can rack up without you noticing.

Therefore, you should try and get yourself a no-fee bank card before you leave for your trip.

7. Travel alone at least once

If you’ve been traveling everywhere, you should consider traveling by yourself at least once in your life.

Traveling by yourself is a different experience. It doesn’t only allow you to travel based on your whims alone, but it lets you get to know another side of yourself.

It can be an eye-opener for people, and it will help you discover more things that you won’t be able to try because of the preference of other people.

8. Use a map

If you’re going on a hike anywhere around the world, make sure you get yourself a map of the local terrain. As a casual tourist, though, you might not need to get yourself a map.

However, if you’re going on a long outdoorsy trip, you should not be afraid to use a map to understand the area.

9. Always carry a lock

When traveling, you should bring some locks with you, even if you’re traveling with other people.

Some baggage handlers might root through your luggage. If you want to protect your items, you can use a lock to prevent them from doing whatever they want with your items.

10. Learn basic phrases

When traveling somewhere English is not the first language, try and learn basic foreign phrases.

From haggling to asking for the bathroom, learning essential foreign words will get you so far in your journey. Brush up on them so that you can navigate your trip without much hassle.

Knowing these tips will improve your quality of travel a lot. However, as you continue to travel, you’re going to rack up more and more tricks up your sleeve that will make your travels even better. For now, you should be able to have a relatively enjoyable time with the help of these foundational travel tips.

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