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10 tips to dress with style in winter to keep you warm

Even if the temperature drops, style, and elegance must be up to par. Here are some tips for dressing in the winter season. 

Although it is cold, that is not a reason to put on a onesie and not leave the house. Winter, on the other hand, is the perfect time of year to create the best outfit combinations possible. In this post by Anvisha, I give you 10 tricks to express your style—even in the cold!

1. Warm inside

You won’t feel cold if you wear thick tights and heaters in shades of black and skin. The fabric is so thin that you can wear anything on top and these clothes will still keep you warm. Keep in mind that you should purchase five or more pairs because they are similar to underwear.

2. Dress like an onion: layered!

No matter how cold it is from dawn to dusk, don’t just wear a thick sweater and nothing else, or a thick jacket over a thin T-shirt. Contrarily, layering your clothing will give you many more possible combination options. Additionally, by putting away extra items, tying a sweater around your waist, hanging a sweater around your neck, and other similar actions, you will be ready for sudden changes in the weather.

3. Let your boots steal the show

This is the perfect opportunity to don your favorite ankle boots in red, white, or a print, as well as knee-high or over-the-knee styles. To show them off, wear them with a short dress, a skirt, a look that is entirely black, or even loose shorts and tights. Make them sparkle at this moment!

4. Opt for a faux fur coat to go all out in fashion

Wearing a fur coat is the coolest thing to do in the winter. This might have long hair, stuffed animals, or balls in the pompom style. Whatever texture you choose will look fantastic as long as it is fake. It will look even cooler if you pair it with ripped jeans. 

5. If not, bring an extra-large bag

If you are not one of those who would wear a JLo fur coat, you can opt for an oversized blazer or oversized jacket, which is the must of the season when it comes to jackets. Adding a waist belt or fanny pack will make you photo ready!

6. Put color in your accessories

Who says winter colors have to be dark? Usually, we tend to use black, grey, blue, or wine red in the winter, leaving the most striking colors for summer; However, one trick to not forget these colorful shades is to use them in palettes. In this way, you will look sober and not overloaded, but with a fashionista and fresh touch. You can opt for a bennie (knitted hat), a baker boy hat that has become very fashionable (see examples here), colored scarves or pashminas, or gloves to keep your hands warm.

7. Don’t run to the skirt! Give it a new style

Instead of the typical blouse, combine that cute skirt with a very warm or light sweater, but with a heater underneath, so you won’t be cold anymore. If you are short, I recommend wearing a light sweater with a t-shirt underneath so you don’t look so overloaded with textures. If you have more centimeters, you can play more with heavy knitted garments, for example, and thick textures.  

8. Hat with everything and at all times

This garment is chic, practical, and necessary. You can ward off the cold and stop your body from losing heat by donning a hat. Additionally, a hat can keep your head and ears warm, which is beneficial for avoiding frostbite. They come in all types and colors. The best thing is that they are cheap and you can even make them yourself. 

9. Silk is not only for summer

Silk is an extremely warm material, and because it is very thin it is easy to wear under winter clothing. Silk regulates body temperature naturally and keeps it steady throughout the night. Due to the air trapped between the silk strands, heat is held inside during cold weather.

10. Feathers never fail

And I’m not talking about putting some feathers on your head, but about a feather jacket that you can find in many department stores. It should be of high quality, not too thick (since you’re not going to climb Everest) or too thin (because that would look silly). Pick a color that goes with everything, because you’ll literally be wearing it more than just a school uniform.

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