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Classifying Shirts in a Variety of Ways [Concise Guide]

The basic design of the t-shirts is still the same, and it is very unlikely that it will change in the coming year. The changes that you see on the t-shirts nowadays are minor. There are various methods to classify shirts. Two common methods are mentioned below:

Method #1: Casual vs. Formal 

Orthodoxly, men’s shirts are classified as formal and casual. Formal shirts, as the name indicates, are meant for formal occasions, such as going to the office, attending official functions, and visiting places where you need to appear good with dignity. Formal colors are normally dark colors. Subtle light colors also count as formal colors. The design of formal shirts is not elegant, and usually, they are available in a single color. For a checked shirt, the lines are created with another matching color. Now: What about the casual shirts? 

If men are into fun and entertainment, then the right shirts for them are casual. Casual shirts have vibrant and extravagant designs. Bright colors and fun patterns are used in casual shirts to attract attention; however, they are not any rules to dressing up casually. If you are not dressing up formally, then it means you have dressed up casually. Casual shirts may be weird, funny, or revolutionary, depending on the type of event that you are in. Casual t-shirts are a symbol of freedom. Camp shirts and sports shirts are some good examples of casual shirts.

Method #2: Shirts Are Also Classified as T-Shirts

Another way to classify the men’s shirts is through t-shirts. Normally, t-shirts fall in casual wear; however, there also exist formal t-shirts like polo shirts. Let us dip into the world of t-shirts:

Conventionally, t-shirts can be defined as: “collar-less and button-less shirts.” However, you may even find the t-shirts in the market with both collars and buttons. T-shirts have a huge market for shirts. To meet the novel requirements for the t-shirts: Designers have adopted many innovations, such as collars and buttons. One good example of a collared t-shirt is a ringer t-shirt.

One of the oldest categories of t-shirts is a crewneck t-shirt; however, there still exist some of the best-selling crewneck t-shirts. One good example is Gildan Men’s Softstyle Double-Needle T-Shirt.

T-shirts are probably the most sought-after item in the category of men’s shirts. They are informal, and they are easy for the body to carry. These days, t-shirts have become a medium to express one’s ideology and spirit for sports. Sportsman jersey is the most popular sports t-shirt, as jerseys of famous sports clubs and stars are sold in millions. If you are a fan of sports, then you should give it a try to sports t-shirts.

T-shirts may also be used to express your views about world affairs, as a man. There are people who protest against governments through printed messages on their t-shirts. If you own a blank t-shirt, then you can also get it screen-printed from an online apparel store to portray the message that you want to convey to your government. Both cheeky and lighthearted messages can be screen-printed on men’s t-shirts.

To Sum Up…

Shirts are classified in three different ways that include formal, casual, and t-shirts. Last but not least, the most popular type of shirt is T-shirt.

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