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11 Most Famous Lakes in Rajasthan You Simply Can’t Miss

Rajasthan is a geographically diverse state. From desert to hilly regions, it has got all the stuff for travelers. Lakes in Rajasthan have their own desirability and beauty. Surrounded by beautiful forts and hills, these lakes have a different charm. Let’s go and together learn about the famous lakes in Rajasthan. 

1. Lake Pichola, Udaipur

Udaipur is famous for its hospitality and lakes. The city is commonly known as the city of lakes. Among all lakes, lake Pichola has the most alluring sight. 

The beautiful Aravali mountain range surrounds the lake. You must see the city through the lake at night; Rajasthan’s best scenic view. 

The lake was built in 1362 by a gypsy of a nearby village. Maharaja Jagat Singh built a beautiful lake palace at the lake’s center. This lake is the most preferred tourist attraction in the city. 

Nearby attractions– Jagmandir, Jagdish Temple, and City Palace

2. Pushkar Lake, Pushkar (Ajmer)

The city is known for its spiritual influence. Pushkar is home to the only known Lord Bramha temple in the world and is situated on the banks of Pushkar lake. 

Rocky mountains surround the lake, and the lake plays a very significant role in the Hindu religion. There are around 500 temples that surround the lake in Pushkar city. As per religious beliefs taking a bath in the lake can wash off your sins. 

Nearby places– Brahma Temple, Savitri Maa Temple, and Desert camp

3. Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Nakki lake is a prominent tourist attraction in Mount Abu. The lake is surrounded by hilly terrain and has a beautiful sight in the lap of the mountain. 

According to religious beliefs, the lake was built by gods to serve the people of this region. It is a great picnic spot, and the market around it adds to the value. 

You can explore the forest region near the lake. The forests are filled with plenty of admirable fauna and flora. 

Nearby places– Toad Rock, Bharat Mata temple, and mountain treks

4. Rajsamand Lake, Udaipur

It is the largest lake in Rajasthan and is situated in Udaipur. Among the 4 lakes in Udaipur, this lake has the most historic value. It is the largest lake in Rajasthan and is situated in Udaipur. 

Gomti river is the source of water for Rajsamand lake. It is a beautiful location for picnics and leisure time. The lake’s size is ideal for water sports and makes it the best lake for boating in Udaipur. The marble path near the lake is another major tourist attraction famous for its largest hand-carved writings. 

Nearby places– Dayal Shah Fort and Ruthi Rani Mahal

5. Kaylana Lake, Jodhpur

It is a beautiful water body located in the sun city of Jodhpur. The lake is around 11 kilometers away from the central city. An arid forest region surrounds the lake. The silent environment around the lake makes it the perfect destination to relax after a tiring day

The drive to the lake is also amazing; the serpent zig-zag road leading the way to the lake will create some of the most beautiful memories for the tourists. The best way to reach this lake is by booking a taxi in Jodhpur or by going in your own vehicle. 

You can do trekking in the mountains around the lake. There is a sunset point near Kalyana lake. The sunset through these points looks astounding. 

Nearby places– Bhim Bhadak Cave, Machiya BIological Park, Siddhanath Temple, and Neelkant Mahadev Temple

6. Sambhar Salt Lake, Jaipur

It is the largest saltwater lake in Rajasthan and the city’s largest salt source. The lake is vast and spreads through a large area. It is 80 kilometers away from Jaipur. It is said that Jodha and Akbar got married near this lake. 

Many resorts around this lake provide good living space for tourists. The resorts also offer jeep safari and other adventure activities in the area. 

The place is currently famous for photography and photoshoots. People from distinctive parts frequently visit the area for camping. 

Nearby places– Sakahmbhari Devi temple, Nalisar archeological sight, Circuit house, and Banjaron Ki Chattriyan. 

7. Balsamand Lake, Jodhpur

The lake is situated in the lush green outskirt forest area of Jodhpur. Gurjara-Pratihara founded this artificial lake in the 11th century. 

The place is next to a beautiful garden, making it the most liked picnic spot in the city. The beautiful Balsamand lake palace is built on the lake. The beautiful architecture of the palace is an add-on to the tourists visiting the lake. It is also one of the best places to visit in Jodhpur.  

Nearby places– Madore Garden and Santoshi Mata Mandir

8. Fateh Sagar Lake, Udaipur

Another jewel in the crown of the city of lakes in Rajasthan. This lake is located in the northern part of the city and is the second largest artificial lake in Udaipur. 

The lake is spread across 3 kilometers and is surrounded by a big mountain on three sides and a garden on one side. A restaurant in the boat shape around the lake is the most attractive picnic spot in the city. 

Lake has a system to regulate the overflow of water to avoid flood situations in the area. It is one of the most exciting places to see while traveling to Udaipur. 

Nearby places– Saheliyon ki Badi, Fateh Sagar, Nehru museum, and Ambrai Ghat. 

9. Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer

What could be better than watching a big lake in the desert? It was the only waterbody of Jaisalmer and the major source of water in the city. 

Surrounded by the desert, it gives a beautiful scenic view. Today the lake is a major tourist destination in the city. The place is great for bird watching and experiencing the environment.

Nearby places– Badal Mahal, Salim Singh ki Haveli, Baisakhi, and Ram Kund. 

10. Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer

Maharaj Anaji Tomar directed his ministers to build a lake to support the city’s water demands. Spread across a huge area of 13 square kilometers, it is a staggering lake surrounded by beautiful rocky mountains from 2 sides. 

The lake is the center of attraction in Ajmer because it is located in the central part of the city. Boating and other amusement activities are other additions to the place. 

In the evening, many people from the city and their families come to view the beautiful sunset scene from the lake. The sunset from this point looks like the lake is engulfing the sun, making it the delightful lake of state. 

The Ana Sagar park has multiple food stalls and ice cream parlors, making it the best picnic spot in the city. The lake has a proper parking facility for visitors and tourists. 

Nearby places– Nasiyan Jain temple, Victoria clock tower, Durga bagh, and Taragarh fort.

11. Mansagar Lake, Jaipur

This beautiful lake is located in central Jaipur and is surrounded by the beautiful pink historical architecture of the city. Visitors will be amazed to see the Jal Mahal Palace, which has been standing at the lake’s center for a long time. 

The lake is very close to the major tourist attraction of the city. Aside from the lake, birdwatching is a great experience for people. 

Nearby places– Nahargarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, City palace, and Albert hall. 


If you aspire to visit Rajasthan, you must visit these lakes. Looking at lakes on dry land is a great experience. Every lake in Rajasthan has a story and history. The forts and palaces around these lakes add to the beauty and scenery. The mesmerizing flora and fauna would not fail to amuse you.  

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