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13 Ways to Take Care of Your Guests at a Wedding Party

Your wedding day will certainly be a day you’ll never forget. However, how do you ensure that your guests will remember this important event just as fondly? A few extra considerations can go a long way in making sure they have a good time and that the party goes as planned. Here are a few tips on hosting a wedding party your guests will love.

1. Don’t keep them in the dark

A wedding day is no doubt hectic. You too have probably been to reception or two where you just simply never knew what was going on. Having only a vague idea about the event schedule can make your guests feel frustrated. Therefore, the first piece of advice that will boost their experience is to never keep them in the dark. Go beyond the usual timetables and provide your guests with all the information they could possibly need. From the location of the event all the way to the wedding registry, you can put all the info on a handy website and share the link with your guests.

2. Welcome them with gifts

You want to make the best impression on your guests as soon as they arrive. Make sure their excitement is boosted by handing out well-thought-out wedding favors. Sure, memorabilia are nice and have a sentimental value, but useful gifts might win this round. If it’s a summer wedding, a bottle of water, for instance, will be more than welcome. If you have out-of-town guests, preparing welcome bags for them with a few necessities and local snacks is also very thoughtful.

3. Mind the seating

A poor seating arrangement is a sure way to make your guests have an awful time. This is not just about placing people who are not on speaking terms far from each other; this is also about ensuring that everyone feels comfortable around the people they are seated with. This is especially important for guests arriving without a plus one. Figuring out the best way to go about this will be highly individual, but there are a few tips that won’t hurt. Instead of seating all your single guests together, consider seating each of them near people they know. However, the best idea is still to ask them about their preference.

4. Devote time to them

As said, a wedding day can go by in the blink of an eye. In the end, you realize you haven’t even spoken to some of your guests! That doesn’t exactly make them feel welcomed. Instead of attendees, treat them as true guests and devote some time to each of them. Greet them personally as they arrive and be sure to make conversation with everyone throughout the reception instead of getting swept away by checking everything off the schedule. This is what’s going to make the event more meaningful for both parties involved.

7. Ensure they are not too hot…

No matter how great a host you are, you cannot control the weather. But what you can control is how you react to it. A good host doesn’t let their guests suffer in the sweltering heat. Prepare appropriately for the summer heat if you are to have a lovely outdoor wedding during the warmer part of the year. We already mentioned providing your guests with plenty of water. In addition to that, preparing little stations with necessities everyone will appreciate is also a thoughtful gesture. Small packages of sunscreen, parasols guests can use, and personalized fans are all great ideas. Make sure there is enough shade at your venue and provide cooling ice stations with cold drinks.

8. …or too cold

Compared to summer weddings, weddings held during the colder part of the year will require different preparations. But what universally applies is that you don’t want your guests feeling uncomfortable and remembering your wedding as the day they caught a cold. An outdoor spring or fall wedding can meet unexpectedly cool temperatures once the sun sets, and what you need to do in that case is hire heat lamps, provide blankets for guests to use, and prepare warm, cozy drinks to warm everyone up.

9. Keep them entertained

Not every moment of the reception has to be planned and scheduled for it to be fun for the guests. However, you do have to provide them with entertainment options that will keep them engaged throughout the day. Consider a photo booth hire where guests will be able to play around with different props, taking memorable pictures that will also serve as a souvenir they can take home. Come up with a wedding hashtag for the big day and see everyone getting excited about posting about your wedding. For a more playful bunch, you can even consider providing games. Lawn games like ring toss and corn hole are perfect for weddings, but you can even provide table games.

10. Make the dance floor lively

Dancing is a big part of any wedding reception. Making sure that your guests will actually feel compelled to get up is what will make your party fun and memorable, both for you and them. Creating the right playlist is half the work. You don’t have to do it all alone. In fact, you can involve your guests in the process and ask for song recommendations in advance. This is a great way to ensure everyone will hear their favorite song. In addition, you might also want to consider taking a few dance classes with your partner before the big day. The wedding dance is an important moment and dancing with confidence will encourage others to join in.

11. Consider their budget 

A sensitive topic that must be discussed is being considerate of your guests’ budgets while planning your reception. You don’t want your happy event to be a burden for some of your guests. Therefore, be sure to add a wide variety of options to your wedding registry so everyone can find something suitable without having to stretch their budget. There are also certain things that your guests shouldn’t be the ones to shoulder. Such are, for example, drinks. A free bar is thus a must. When it comes to destination weddings and transportation in general, a lot of careful consideration is necessary so you don’t put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.

12. Offer more meal options

Another way to be a good host is by considering your guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences when coming up with your menu. While it’s impossible to appease all, it is more than possible to include several options and let guests pick according to their preHostference. Providing detailed information about the food that is served is also highly recommended if there are people with food sensitivities or allergies at your wedding. Save them from worrying and request your caterer to provide this information.

13. Thank them for being there

Finally, a good host shows their guests their appreciation after the wedding. Don’t skip this if you want to close everything on a positive note. Hand-written “Thank You” letters are the most thoughtful way to do this. Don’t wait too long with sending these notes out. You’re probably tired after all the excitement, but don’t forget about who made the day so meaningful. In addition, give special thanks to the people who helped you make this event possible and worked hard for its success. A little thank you goes a long way.

While this day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, keeping the guests in mind every step of the way while organizing your reception is paramount. Make sure they have a good time and you too will!

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