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15 Must-Have Features for Your eCommerce Mobile Application

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce apps have been becoming popular. Do you want to develop an eCommerce app that increases your conversions and builds customer loyalty? If your answer is in affirmation, go for an eCommerce app with the best user-centric features. eCommerce apps are becoming more and more common. 

They are evolving like a lifestyle choice in our daily routine. From shopping for daily essentials to searching for luxury fashion, eCommerce apps are fast becoming an integral part of our lives. And with the increasing proliferation of internet services and the popularity of mobile devices, eCommerce apps are omnipresent. 

Nowadays, big retailers are leveraging eCommerce apps to build their brand’s visibility. Mobile commerce sales are surging at the moment and these sales figures will only go up from here. People worldwide have realized the need for eCommerce apps in their daily life. 

To ensure that your customers have a great user experience, integrate the must-have features on an eCommerce app. These features will make the shopping experience intuitive for users. The key features of a successful eCommerce app are important in making it relevant nowadays.

Here are some must-have features that every eCommerce app should possess

1. Proper Customizations

Every e-commerce mobile app should contain an outstanding user experience for the promotion of the brand. Customers should find it easy to interact with the app. Moreover, the app should feature flawless navigation along with a smooth UI. Proper customization focuses exclusively on the preferences of the users.

2. Simple Log-In and Registration

Easy log-in and registration are one of the most important features that every eCommerce app should possess. Note that modern-day users don’t have much time to register themselves in the app. They look forward to a simple log-in and registration process to derive the maximum benefits. Furthermore, the app should be responsive even with fluctuating data connections. You should let users log in and register via Google and social media accounts. 

3. Integration of Social Media

You should integrate the social media platform into the app to make it more interesting for the users. With the help of social media integration, users can easily share the app on various social platforms. In this manner, the overall visibility of the app will increase. Furthermore, users can be able to recommend the app to their family members and friends which is always a great thing.

4. User-Friendly Product Filtering

If your app lists a wide variety of products, then it should have the product filtering feature. By decreasing the number of steps a customer requires, you will be able to boost the overall UX of the app. It helps in building a positive notion about your app among your serious users. With this feature, customers no longer have to scroll through long product lists.

5. Extensive Descriptions of Products

Always add extensive and detailed product descriptions below the products. In eCommerce apps, your customers will usually try to find all the right details about a particular product before buying it. With detailed product descriptions, you can decrease the risk of product returns and rash buying decisions.

6. Product Gallery

Always remember that a product page is incomplete without a proper product gallery. In other words, the product gallery should contain several images of the item from various angles. By adding a wide variety of product images, you can allow the users to check a product properly. The product gallery also allows the users to have an enjoyable shopping experience.

7. Importance of a Shopping Cart

The presence of a shopping cart is imperative to your eCommerce app’s success. This feature is a must-have in any eCommerce app. By adding a shopping cart, you can boost the UX of the app. A shopping cart allows your users to realize their purchases in various stages. For instance, a customer can add a product to the cart. If they don’t want to proceed, they can return easily. 

8. Push Notifications

With the help of push notifications, you can easily send personalized reminders and updates to customers. In this manner, you can influence the buying decisions of the users. With the push notification feature integrated, the app user feels much more important. You will be able to empower your buyers with the help of push notifications.

9. Versatile Shipping Options

Every eCommerce should come with a wide variety of shipping options. A variety of shipping options allows you to develop a positive user experience. Shipping options inform the user about the available shipping options. Your users would be able to know how much time it would take to get the product. It is an important feature and you should never undermine its importance. 

10. Shipping Status Check

It is important to integrate a feature that would let your customers check the shipping status. By offering this feature, you can boost the transparency of the app. Furthermore, the users can have an effective interaction with your app via this feature. This feature also helps in estimating the arrival date of the items purchased by the user.

11. Order Summary

Nowadays, it is a trend among eCommerce stores to provide users with the order summary feature. This feature is pretty useful for the customers. By offering an order summary, your customers can verify before payment. Moreover, you can eliminate the risk of product returns order errors.

12. Secure In-App Payments

In-app payments are a common sight in eCommerce apps these days! Frequent redirects can result in a negative user experience. By providing the users with a wide variety of payment options, you can boost the UX of your eCommerce app. Note that the payment gateway should be secure and have encryption standards. This feature is ideal for streamlining the entire buying experience of the customers.

13. Loading Speed

Irrespective of the type of eCommerce app you have, it is important to optimize its overall loading speed. Nowadays, customers will immediately uninstall the eCommerce app if it loads slowly. It is crucial to ensure that all the elements in the app fit correctly to safeguard against any type of customer displeasure.

14. Reviews and Ratings

Another important feature to add to an eCommerce app is reviews and ratings. You should always allow the users to review and rate your app in the app store. As users, they should have the freedom to rate the app. The customers should be allowed to offer negative feedback about your app. Note that if your app only shows positive reviews, then its popularity will decrease. Customers will be apprehensive about using your app by seeing only positive reviews.

15. Presence of Proper and Relevant Content

The app’s content should be optimized properly to drive the maximum number of conversions. Moreover, the content of the app should be concise as users don’t like content too pushy in nature. You can gain the trust of the users by posting relevant content. It is also crucial to include the content’s USP within the app. In this manner, you can boost the UX and popularity of your eCommerce app. 

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