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3 Helpful Tips for Decorating a Large Event Venue

A blank canvas the size of a ballroom or a convention center can be both an event planner’s dream and their most daunting challenge. How you transform that vast, unadorned space into the perfect setting for a magical evening, a professional conference, or another spectacular event is a measure of your skill. Check out the helpful tips for decorating a large event venue to ensure you’re ready to utilize every inch of the space you have available.

Utilizing Vertical Space

Harnessing the vertical space in a large venue can add a new level of grandeur and intensity to your event décor. Considering the venue size is one of the essential tips for choosing the right backdrop for an event because having too little and too much fabric are both issues. The right-sized backdrop ensures the venue complements the massive scale of the event space.

Suspended chandeliers and floral canopies have the power to awe as they hover over the heads of your attendees. They demand attention and create a focal point while freeing up valuable floor space.

Plus, in a room with high ceilings, the space can easily swallow traditionally-scaled centerpieces. Opt for taller arrangements—whether they’re floral with high-reaching branches or abstract shapes that draw eyes upward and fill the room with a sense of presence.

Strategic Lighting Techniques

When it comes to creating atmosphere, lighting is your most powerful tool. The right lighting can make a space seem intimate, expansive, extravagant, or minimal.

With modern LED technology, it’s never been easier to bathe a room in any color of light imaginable. You can match your corporate branding, evoke a seasonal mood, or even change the entire aesthetic mid-event to match the program.

Got a grand piano for a live act or a podium for a keynote speaker? Use spotlights to pull full focus to them when the time comes. Subtle uplighting can make a statement, drawing everyone’s attention to where it needs to be.

Don’t forget that color theory isn’t just for paintings; it’s for events, too. A blue room feels colder; a yellow room seems warmer. Choose the right color scheme for your event objective and stick with it to create a harmonious environment that speaks to your guests emotionally.

Designing With Direction

In expansive venues, it helps to create an interior design plan that helps direct visitors to important areas. Simply put, use your décor to create natural pathways.

Place tall, attention-grabbing pipe and drape displays along the flow of traffic to subtly steer guests. The beauty of pipe and drape is that it serves as a visual queue and doubles as an elegant décor element. Visual focal points guide guests effortlessly, encouraging them to follow the rhythm of the room’s design.

Utilizing faux stone can also be an effective way to create the specific atmosphere you’re looking for; with all the look and beauty of stone, but far more convenient to utilize.

Integrating signage into your overall theme turns a necessity into an aesthetic highlight. With careful design, directional indicators become pieces of art that speak to your event’s character, making it easy for guests to find their way without a second thought.

Addressing navigation isn’t just about practicality—it’s an extension of the hospitality you’re extending to your guests. Anytime you need tips for decorating a large event venue, consider the essentials of good lighting, signage, and vertical space usage to guide your stylish strategy.

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