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3 Tips for an Unforgettable Safari by Scott Dunn’s Travel Experts

1. The best time of the day to go on a safari trip

Taking into account the different schedules wild animals have, we asked Scott Dunn safari travel expert Andres Arriaga to share his tips for picking the best time of the day for an unforgettable safari. Arriaga said:

“If you’re looking to see an animal in action, you will want to catch them while they’re on a hunt or looking for food. This usually means getting up before the sun. 5 AM is a common start in the bush because animals are trying to beat the heat and get something in their stomachs before it gets too hot. As the afternoon begins to hit its peak, the animals will begin to slink into the shrubs looking to keep themselves cool while they digest their breakfast. You can do the same and return to your accommodation to enjoy an afternoon at leisure until the heat begins to die down and animals go on the prowl once again – this time looking for dinner. 4 PM is usually when your guide will call you back to the safari vehicle. Most carnivores you may want to see are nocturnal, but it is important to know that in most national parks you cannot stay out past dark. However, at Scott Dunn, we like to send guests to private concessions which allow guides to keep you in the vehicle well into the night if you are following a hunt.”

2. Where to go on a safari to see the most animals

With so many great places to head to for your safari trip, it might be a tough choice to pick only one destination. Our safari travel expert, Andres Arriaga, reveals his best destinations:

“Seeing a specific animal is not always guaranteed, but for first-timers, South Africa is a fantastic place to start. You don’t deal with as many migratory patterns in the national parks and the concentration of a wide variety of animals is significantly greater in this area. The Sabi Sands Game Reserve is one of my favorite places for sightings, and there are some exceptional lodges there. If you can go during peak flood season, Botswana is also fantastic. There are tons of water crossings and opportunities to see all kinds of birds.”

3. The unwritten rules of a safari trip

To make sure you make the most of the safari experience while being respectful to the animals, Arriaga says to keep in mind the animals’ typical environment: peace and tranquility.

“Don’t make a ruckus while you’re in the safari vehicle, and as you begin to approach an animal, turn your voice to a whisper. Remember that these animals are wild and if you rile them up and bring attention to the vehicle, you could be compromising the safety of everyone in the vehicle and that could also lead to harm to the animal.”

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