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5 Dating Tips for Millennials

Generation Y is the one born between the baby boomers and Generation X. It is usually understood that those are people born between the early 80s and mid-90s, which makes their age span between 25-40 years approximately. It is important to understand that this generation has grown up with older generations but lives with modern ones today as well. If you are an 80s kid, you probably had to get the phone number of your crush and talk to them. Nowadays it’s enough to follow them on Instagram and they will probably notice you. Lets’ see some useful advice for Millennials when it comes to flirting and dating. 

1. Don’t rush to be in a relationship

Many millennials have postponed marriages and having kids to pursue careers, stable incomes, getting their own apartment, car, or just because they haven’t found the right person. All this is perfectly fine and you shouldn’t feel pressured to jump into a relationship just because you have a certain age. Relax, nurture relationships you already have in your life, like the ones with your family and friends and nurture your hobbies. Who knows, the right person might show up spontaneously. 

2. Be honest and keep it simple

With so many dating options these days, when you finally get to a date, you might be confused and thinking about how to behave. The truth is you should be genuine to yourself. Don’t try to impress anyone because that could be a waste of time. If you think that someone might not like the real you, then that person might not be the adequate one for any relationship. Keep it simple and casual at the beginning. See the vibes you get from another person and act accordingly. If you two click, then things will develop spontaneously. If not, you will know it fast. 

3. Matchmaking

Many people avoid this option because they might have had bad experiences. Sometimes your friends try to fix you up with somebody who is not a good match. You can take the initiative and ask to be introduced to a person you like, if it’s a friend of your friend or your colleague, brother, neighbor, etc. Matchmaking can be fun even when it’s not that spontaneous. They are places where you can meet people and the percentage of success is pretty good since people tend to go there and are open to new friendships and relationships. Don’t feel embarrassed to use this resource as well. Think of it as a dating app but in person. It can be interesting and more personal. 

4. Dating apps

Dating apps provide you with a variety of options to pick when it comes to modern dating. Some people prefer it while others are not fans of online dating. However, leave prejudice behind and try something new, especially if you´re a busy person or a loner who doesn’t meet a lot of people in person. Make a great profile on some of the popular dating apps and find out how it works for you. You can always delete it if, in the end, it’s not your thing. In case you prefer it to be in person, the aforementioned matchmaking is an option. 

5. Good communication

This is a key to any good relationship, be it friendly or romantic. You should communicate well with your partner or your partner-to-be from the very start. Don’t be obsessed with your cell phone and be a good listener. Communication is not only about talking but a huge part goes about listening as well. If both you and your partner communicate clearly and openly, there are fewer chances to have any misunderstanding regarding the potential relationship between the two. 

It might be difficult for some millennials to start relationships these days. Their parents had already had kids at that age and their younger siblings prefer no commitment as it happens in modern dating. They might feel unadapted sometimes. The key to everything is to be true to yourself, open to new experiences, and not too obsessed with meeting someone. Good things usually happen when you don’t expect them. 

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