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5 Great Exercises to Give Your Face a Natural Lift

Your face is the true mirror of your overall health and fitness. No matter how much you train your body or how much you work out if your facial skin is not healthy you will look old.

According to medical science, there is no way to stop the aging process, however, you can reduce the pace and decrease the signs of gaining with a healthy diet, good exercise, and some lifestyle changes. To avoid the hectic lifestyle and diet-based practices, most people switch to artificial methods, especially surgery.

However, in the long run, surgery can result in some major issues and it is not a permanent solution. After a few years, your skin will sag, and eventually, this will impact the quality of your skin and you will be required to go under the knife again. In most cases, surgery has horrible irreversible results and can be life-threatening as well. On the contrary, with just a few minutes of simple face yoga, you can naturally reduce the smile line, freckles, and saggy skin.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight some of the simple facial yoga exercises that you can try. 

Top Simple Facial Yoga Poses That Can Help With Face Lifting


Most people think that this is the same XOXO that we use in massaging language. However, this is a very good exercise that you can use for training your facial muscles as well. Within this exercise, you will mainly use exaggerated facial expressions to pronounce X and O. this will activate the language lines and all the related muscles and you will end up losing face fat.

2. Eyebrow Massage

This is another very simple yoga that you can perform. This will help you lift your brows and activate the skin around your template and eyes. For this exercise, you need to start by lifting your brows, and then with light oil, massage the corners. Hold it upwards during the massage and continue.

3. Chin Lift

For this facial yoga pose, you will be lifting your neck and dropping it down. Now as you drop your neck down you will use your index finger and curl your digits. With simple pressure, you will massage the chin upwards for one minute on each side. This exercise is good for double chin and well as deep necklines

4. Pouty Lips

This facial yoga pose will help you slim down your face and work on your chubby cheeks. Just like your use of contour to sharpen your bones and enhance them, this simple yoga pose will help you get rid of chubby cheeks. You need to suck in your cheeks and hold this pose for at least one minute. Once you feel the tension around your chin and upper lips, lose it for a few seconds and then continue again.

5. Balloon Face

This pose is also called air face or puffy face. You need to fill in the air in your cheeks and hold it. You can also move it around from one cheek to the next. This workout is very good for flexibility and getting rid of rigid skin that can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, facial yoga is a very ancient technique that works. According to experts facial yoga helps with blood circulation and improves the production of glycogen and melanin which helps in getting rid of saggy and uneven skin tone. However, you need to be very careful with the massage. Most people press too hard, others end up using their nails and some even end up doing dry massage. As a result, the contaminated fingers get in contact with the skin, and the skin gets irritated it is best to clean your hands thoroughly with alcohol and then use any oil to massage the skin lightly.


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