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5 Great Tips to Make Your Home Washing Machine Energy Efficient

Don’t you think that it is the high time to lower your utility bills?

With the heads of various countries from the world stressing on different strategies to maximize the efficiency of the appliances by minimizing the power usage; we, as responsible species on earth, too have a huge role to play.

What to do for Energy Efficiency?

Go through the different appliances installed in your house. Right from washing machine to stove oven; look out for the possible ways by which energy can be saved.

According to the experts, approximately 20% of the expense of the utility bills is surplus. Therefore, these households must make these appliances efficient. The following are some of the useful tips on making home appliances energy efficient–

1. By using the Right Size of Burner

It is often seen that people turn on the burner of any size irrespective of the dimension of the pot. Any mismatch of this is always going to be the wastage of energy. Therefore, as per the current awareness program from the service providers, the right size of the burner is always going to be helpful in saving energy by up to 40%. Thus, it is needed to make a conscious decision while lighting on the burner.

2. Setting the Right Load for the Washing Machine

Do you know that imperfect setting of the load on the washing machine adds up to the costing? Apart from this, it can also lead to the breakdown of the machine/system. According to the professionals associated with Samsung Washing Machine service center in Delhi, a machine should always be operated within its rated loaded as it will prevent the motor or rotor from getting damaged.

3. Installing Star Rated Appliances

It is often seen that the older model of a machine consumes too much power or energy. Therefore, it is always suggested to have them replaced after every fixed interval of time. However, contrary to the older versions, modern technology has bestowed the star rated devices upon us to conserve energy at its best. We have in the market; star rated washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioning units, etc. The people using these devices/appliances at their houses have noticed a huge difference in their utility bill. Home appliance service center in Gurgaon & Delhi serves thousands of appliances during the hottest summer months.

4. Unnecessary Plugged-in Appliances

Did you know that even the appliances that are used once in every month like toaster or coffee maker could consume electricity even when they are plugged-in? Well, it is always advised to unplug the appliance as soon as its use is over. Many of the Washing machine repair center are studded with the request for washing machine repair only because of the reckless usage.

5. Insulating the Water Pipes and Heater

Majority of the energy is lost during the operation of the appliances because of the improper insulation. This is why modern houses are always stressing on insulating the water pipes and heater. This insulation protects the heat or cold from getting out and hence, conserves a larger part of energy.

Efforts should always be made on ensuring that the appliances are well set and properly installed. This will ascertain that they consume the least energy without affecting the performance.

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